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One of the greatest parts of being a camper at Camp Timberlake is the opportunity to find out different possible arenas where you can learn to excel. We offer a very goal-oriented program where the boys are able to try out a bunch of possible activities to see which one might suit them. As they develop within these, they earn bronze, silver, or gold bars to recognize their growing proficiency. We are intentional to provide an extremely wide range of activities because we recognize that no two boys are alike, and we need a wide net in order to help nurture such a diverse range of personalities and abilities.

More than just Activities

As a camper I was enthralled by the Little Chiefs. As a counselor, I think the system is even more important. If just one boy in all my years at camp had come to me after a Little Chief ceremony, earnestly seeking to grow in the fruits of the spirit, it would be a good system. In truth, I speak to several a week. Little Chief brings children closer to God and teaches them more about what a strong leader should look like. Zach Washburn, counselor and Little Chief

But our Bar System isn’t the only way that we recognize personal growth. Our Little Chief program is where we recognize boys who are growing both in their leadership capacity, and in their ability to consider the needs of others. Our goal is to help boys see a need to propel the whole camp forward (not only themselves). This is also another opportunity for us to recognize and encourage their development as individuals. The counselors observe the way that the boys react to one another during the course of a camp session. When they see signs of patience and kindness in the boys toward their fellow campers and the ability to help lead the group toward success, then the boys are promoted to a higher rank. I must say that some of our greatest campers are never promoted. But this way we are able to recognize gifts besides the great athletes or bar achievers, while at the same time providing a more balanced program that fosters both internal and external growth.

Gathering Round the Ring

Our Little Chief Ceremony happens up at the Council Ring once a week around a fire. The experience is a brief change of pace from the regular evening activities, but it is wonderful and benefits all involved immensely.

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