Special Days

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When you are with your best friends every day is special. Some of our favorites are:

4th of July

We’re really good with special decorations and celebrations, and what’s better to celebrate than the fourth?

Cowboy Joe Day

Mud SplatterFootprintsFootprintsFlowersMud SplatterFootprints

How do I explain this? To start, Cowboy Joe and his band of backwards cowboys deliver doughnuts “nut doughs” and milk “cow juice” to the whole camp in the morning. Basically everything that happens at camp on this day is backwards. We wear our clothes backwards, our whole daily schedule is backwards. Why? Just because.


Every family celebrates birthdays a little differently, and so does every cabin. Of course there is always cake and singing with the whole camp, but then there’s almost always some other cabin-wide celebration. Every camper gets a year older every year, and we love it when that happens at camp.

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