Special Qualities

We are often asked what makes Timberlake different from other boy’s camps. There are a great number of qualities that make Timberlake outstanding, and one truth that is common to them all – we pay attention to details. A few details that are important to us include:



It is interesting to see how parents will speak to each of their children differently. Sometimes it is so subtle that we do not even notice when we do it. The reason we do this is that parents know their children well enough to communicate most effectively with each child. We want Timberlake to be a place where each camper is known, and known best for their best qualities.


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Spencer Boyd used to say that he could run a great camp in the desert, if he had the right staff. Campers come to camp to have fun, they come back because of the friends they make, and they send their own sons because of the growth they experienced. The person most responsible for each of these things is their cabin counselor.



It is more fun to do something well. It is also safer to learn a skill in an instruction based setting. As a result we place a premium on quality instruction. When a boy sees his own growth as an archer, or an artist, or a climber, or a wrestler, he begins to look for growth in other areas. We love seeing our boys grow.


When a boy arrives at camp he needs to look around and see that everything is perfect. The cabins should be comfortable and homelike; the camp should be beautiful and well maintained. These things are important because attention to detail shows, and that gives our boys confidence that this is the right place for them.

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