Tribal Events

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Boys like Indians; I don’t know why, they just do. They also like mountains, rocks and rivers, and for some reason Indians fit well in that company. Of course, the natural result is that Indians are quickly found at camp as on the first night our new campers are initiated into their tribes.

Part of the Tribe








Timberlake’s tribal system does several things for our campers. First, and perhaps most importantly, it gives them an immediate sense of belonging as from the first day they forge a strong association with the returning boys welcoming them to their tribe. The tribal system also allows the boys to develop a healthy sense of competition as they enjoy the camaraderie of playing their favorite games against and with their favorite friends. Finally, it gives us a great excuse to make an awful lot of noise, so much noise in fact that Timberlake tribal cheers have been heard high on the ridge of The Seven Sisters overlooking camp.


During their first “Little Chief” ceremony Timberlake campers are awarded “skins” embossed with their tribal shield. These skins will then be branded with symbols to represent each of their accomplishments and through the years their skin will become an important record of their summers at camp.

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