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Get Ready For Sleepover Camp Near South Carolina

Drop off day for our first session at Camp Timberlake is just a little over a month away! We are so excited and can’t wait to see all of our campers. Parents, we know this can be a super stressful time so we put together a few tips to help you get ready for our sleepover camp near South Carolina! Keep these tips in mind during these upcoming weeks & remember that your son is going to have the time of his life this summer!


  1. A weekend away

Do you think your son might need a little practice being away from home before he goes to sleepover camp? Ask a family member or close friend if they would be willing to host a “sleepover camp” weekend at their house. Pack a bag together, remind him that you’re a phone call away, and drop him off for a practice weekend away from home. After the weekend, ask how your son behaved and see if there is anything you need to work on before sleepover camp starts.


  1. Packing

See if there is sleepover camp packing list for the camp available. Pack all of the essentials and avoid packing anything with significant value. Sleepover camp requires your son to live without a lot of space. There are plenty of opportunities for items to get lost so leave the cell phone and tablet at home, they probably aren’t allowed at sleepover camp anyway!


  1. Dealing with homesickness

Homesickness at sleepover camp is inevitable. At some point during the summer, it is likely that your son will want to go home or will miss home. To lessen these feelings, pack items that will remind them of home, like photos or a stuffed animal. Also create a schedule of when they will receive letters at sleepover camp or if the camp allows it, care packages. If they’re anticipating something from home, it may take their mind off being upset.


  1. Labels

Please, label EVERY SINGLE THING that you send your son to sleepover camp with. This will avoid mix-ups as well as trips to the lost and found. Label everything from socks and shirts to toothbrushes and shampoo bottles. We recommend laundry markers for clothes and waterproof labels for everything else!


If you’re still looking for the perfect sleepover camp for your son near South Carolina, call Camp Timberlake at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

Reasons to Choose A Summer Camp near Virginia

As the school year begins to wind down and kids are getting ready to start their summer, what will your child be doing this summer? Summer camp offers benefits that will last a lifetime. Not to mention all of the amazing memories that your son will make at Camp Timberlake. Here are some reasons why to choose summer camp near Virginia for your son this summer:

• Safe & Supportive Community

Summer camp allows your son to be himself and participate in the activities that he is comfortable doing. He will be surrounded by people that have similar goals and interests thus creating a supportive and safe community for him to grow and learn.

• Builds Confidence & Independence

By attending summer camp, your son will gain confidence. Summer camp offers various activities and programs for your son to participate in and to become better at. Not to mention he will be spending his summer without his parents and life at home, allowing him to become more independent than he would spending his summer at home.

• Learn New Skills & Lessons Every Day

Explore the programs offered at summer camp and see all of the choices you and your son have. Nothing is better than the skills he will learn and hopefully use when he leaves camp. Every day is a new lesson that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

• Make New Friends

The number one reason kids look forward to summer camp is to see old friends and make new ones. It’s almost impossible to not make lifelong friends at summer camp. In fact, most campers meet some of their best friends during the first week of summer camp and continue to remain best friends for the summers to follow. They will make memories together and explore everything summer camp has to offer.

• Explore The Outdoors

Very often, kids will sit at home all summer playing video games and sitting on their computer rather than connecting with nature. At summer camp, we disconnect kids from electronics and reconnect them with the great outdoors.

To find out more about Camp Timberlake for boys in North Carolina, please contact us at (828) 669-8766.

Tips to Help Kids Who Are Anxious About Sleepaway Camp

As the school year comes to an end and the drop off date for sleepaway camp in North Carolina gets closer, many kids begin to feel anxious about leaving home. Whether its their first summer at camp or fifth, here are a few tips to ease the anxiety that may come along with sleepaway camp.

1) Make sure to involve your son in the process of selecting a summer camp in North Carolina. When they get to choose the camp, they know what to expect and will likely feel more positive and excited about going away.

2) Don’t ask questions that may make your son feel anxious or scared about camp. Instead of asking “Are you afraid to go canoeing?” ask, “So how do you feel about going canoeing at sleepaway camp?” These questions will still allow him to express how he feels without giving him the impression that he should be afraid of something.

3) Reassurance won’t help your child feel better. “You’re going to have a great time, don’t worry about it!” Phrases like this aren’t the right path, instead listen to your son’s feelings and concerns and try to give him positive tips to deal with them.

4) Practice being away from home before your child actually goes away to camp. Schedule a weekend sleepover at a family member or friend’s house so your son  is able to experience what its like to spend a couple of nights away from home.

5) Don’t linger around on drop off day at our boys summer camp in North Carolina, try to make your goodbyes as short as possible. The longer you stay, the harder it will be for your son to accept that you are leaving.

6) Remind your son that if necessary he can get in contact with you as soon as possible. Most camps allow campers to make phone calls home when necessary especially if you explain the situation to the camp’s director or staff.

7) Create a schedule for when your son or daughter will receive letters or emails at christian sleepaway camp from home. When your son is expecting something from home, it gives him something to look forward to and to be excited about.

8) Don’t let your child see how anxious or scared you are about them going away. If they sense your negative feelings, they will likely pick up on them.

9) If your child suffers from anxiety or any other conditions, make sure to let the camp staff know. There are likely to be services or support at sleepaway camp to help your son or daughter get through the summer and have an amazing summer at sleepaway camp.

To find out more about Camp Timberlake for boys in North Carolina, please call us at (828) 669-8766.

The Beauty of Routine








Yesterday, I went for a walk on the Tomahawk Trail at camp. Our campers know this trail very well—they go on runs, hike out of camp on backpacking adventures, and the brave few take their first solo campout on this trail. I’ve walked it many times after work. It’s my time to be in the woods for some reflection. I try to do it every day.

But sometimes I don’t feel much like “reflecting” and honestly, I feel I’m being silly to even call it that. Besides, it was chilly, gloomy, and foggy yesterday. I didn’t want to get caught in the rain or get lost in the woods in the dark. (Of course, I’ve never gotten lost on this trail, but any excuse was better than having to be wet and cold!) So it wasn’t until around 6:30 last night that I dragged myself off my comfy chair in my reading corner and told myself, You always enjoy your walks. Just go.

And I did. And it hit me. Rarely do I go on these walks unless it’s really beautiful outside. More often than not I give the excuse that it’s too cold, too dreary, too snowy…and soon it’ll probably be too hot, too buggy, too whatever-I-decide is the reason for not getting my blood pumping and spending time in the spectacular woods at camp.

As I walked last night, I realized what I might’ve missed had I opted for my comfy chair. Dusk rolling in was beautiful on the trail, the fog and misty rain made what usually felt familiar about it feel brand new. It felt like an adventure, and I anticipated what was ahead, as I waited till the last minute to head home before darkness engulfed me. I stood and watched light, drizzly rain dance on Lake Doris on my way back.


This is what we do well at Camp Merri-Mac and Timberlake. We teach campers the beauty in routine. Not always an easy routine, but a routine full of learning and growing with others. It’s really a wonderful model for how we should live throughout the year.

During the summer, it’s easy to fall into this routine and experience the joy that follows. But as summer ends and I’m still at camp, still getting to see Lake Doris and the Enchanted Barn everyday, I sometimes forget why daily routines are important. I tell myself it’s more important to go-with-the-flow, be spontaneous! Routines are restricting and habitual acts are boring!







But the reality is that with no routine, I choose to sit in my little reading chair, missing the changing seasons and beauty of nature happening right outside my door. And I find it hard to hold onto what camp teaches me, that in a daily routine, I am set free to learn and grow and learn and grow. Embracing the rhythm of times set aside for living actually allows me to live more fully.

What fun and adventure is experienced in a life lived this way! Life will always be full of spontaneous moments, and I’m going to miss them if I don’t set a routine to watch them and make a point to experience them.

Maybe our first day at camp feels unfamiliar, but soon daily life in camp strengthens those routine muscles, if you will, that we naturally possess. Soon it’s natural to wake up to a bugle early, to clean and organize your area, to sit and listen to a chapel, to learn a skill set during the day, to sing songs at every meal, to scream and shout for our friends in competition, to spend time together playing and winding down after a long day, to listen to our friends and respect their ideas and feelings, to fall asleep to cicadas and wind in the trees.

And along the way new lessons are learned, new discoveries are taking place, all with our friends and counselors experiencing life with each other.


Camp offers so much to those who work and play here. It’s easy to see new skills and new relationships being built, but camp also builds a foundation for living for those who enter it. This foundation isn’t limiting and stifling. It is a foundation to jump off of, to build upon, to come back to and to rest on.

Written by: Sadie Roebuck – Intern 


Summer Camp Fun for Florida Children

What’s great about going away to summer camp is experiencing something new and unknown. For Florida children who want to enjoy new surroundings, new people and a wide variety of fun activities and learning, Camp Timberlake has so much to offer. Here’s a few examples of summer camp fun for Florida Children offered at Camp Timberlake:

Being in Nature

Nowadays so many children limit their time to explore or enjoy the outdoors. At Camp Timberlake summer camp, boys have a chance to have fun while they become more aware of the world around them. Florida campers can spend the majority of their time outside in nature away from the heat from back home. Camp Timberlake summer camp offers different activities like swimming, archery, campfires, fencing, backpacking, rock climbing, water skiing, paintball, mountain biking, etc. to promote appreciation for the outdoors and nature.

Learning to Make Friends

At summer camp, children can learn to communicate more effectively through shared experiences. Campers participate in group activities, team sports and share bunks. Instead of staying home with the same friends, children who spend the summer at camp have many opportunities to meet new people and build unique bonds. At Camp Timberlake, campers can rediscover who they are and what they like with a fresh outlook, and branch out of their usual social groups.

Trying New Things

With so many activities and opportunities here at Camp Timberlake, campers can try something new that may be completely different than anything they’ve ever tried or thought of trying before.

Diversity and Camp Traditions

Because there are so many children and personality types that attend Camp Timberlake, who all come from far and wide, your Florida son can learn to appreciate diversity and how to be more accepting and supportive of others. We have camp traditions and practices designed to encourage group participation and encourage unity among our campers. Our traditions and practices promote equality, respect, self-confidence, trust, loyalty, responsibility and cooperation and create a sense of pride among campers.

Every summer there are new opportunities to learn and have fun at Camp Timberlake. Your son can enjoy coming to our summer camp to take a break from the Florida heat, and participate in exciting activities, make new friends, and discover more about himself, the world around him, and his Christian faith. Call Camp Timberlake at (828) 669-8766 and schedule a visit or get more information about our summer camp.

I think Clark Beckham really is gonna win this thing

There, I said it! Clark is gonna win. And don’t hear me saying I ever doubted the man’s abilities. I just worried that he would have nerves one night or something. I mean it’s American Idol for crying out loud! Nobody that you actually know is supposed to get this far let alone win the thing.

And yet…Clark continues to pick up more steam and seems to get more and more comfortable up there each week. I am saying it out loud. Won’t you join me? And while you do that, don’t forget to vote!


Why Send Your Son to Camp

If you’re contemplating summer camp for your son, here are a few things to consider, and reasons why you should send your son to camp.

– Other than summer camp, what other time in your son’s life would he get to spend a week or more, in natural surroundings with peers, experiencing new adventures?

– At summer camp, the electronics are put aside, friendships are formed and kids amazingly start becoming aware of their surroundings.

– Your son’s sense of responsibility and independence has a chance to grow when he’s away from home.

– Meeting so many new people will set aside his automatic or expected responses.

– Summer Camp will give him the opportunity to see who he is, in a new situation, on his own.

– Unique camp experiences, shared with their peers, can give a kid a sense of accomplishment, building their confidence.

– Sometimes kids will try an activity they would never try otherwise.

– At camp, praise is given for best efforts and true accomplishments, and helps to promote confidence and continued risk-taking. Compliments from coaches and counselors, and the unsolicited positive feedback from camp peers, work together to build self-esteem from independent, unconnected (unrelated) adults and friends. It can have a very powerful, positive impact, and make an impression for life.

Camp Timberlake in North Carolina is a safe and comfortable sleep away summer camp for boys, that is encouraging, challenging and rewarding as it will help to teach your son independence and build his self confidence over the summer.

Camp Timberlake Christian Summer Camp for Boys offers exciting activities, camp traditions, opportunities to meet new friends and time to enjoy the great outdoors.

To find out more about our summer camp for boys in North Carolina, please call us at (828) 669-8766.

Kids Need Outdoor Fun

It almost seems as if life keeps getting busier and busier. In the winter months, weeks can go by before we realize all our time has been spent indoors. But going outside isn’t just an option to consider if you have children. Here’s why kids need outdoor fun, and why parents should encourage it.

1. Kids Are Happier – Studies have found that kids who play and explore outside are less stressed. Being outside for more than just a few minutes, allows a child to slow down to a natural pace where time seems to disappear. A child isn’t necessarily waiting for anything to happen outside. They are able to notice other things besides the next text message, or to see if anyone responded to a post. They can take a break from the glowing screen. And when they do, there is a huge world out there. Outside, they can discover themselves as they decide what to do, what to pursue and what to look at. Outdoor experiences provide new options and challenges.

2. Kids Are Healthier – Outside, kids have no choice but to be active whether it’s just walking around or doing something fun like hiking or playing. As little as 30 minutes a day of activity can make a huge difference to your child’s health and help them to build a strong immune system and relieve pent up anxieties. Introducing a child to fun outdoor activities is a
positive thing that can become a good habit with the help of a parents influence. At Camp Timberlake summer camp our counselors are trained to help children enjoy the outdoors. Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to enjoy being outside in the fresh air with peers in carefully selected and developed outdoor programs.

Your child can enjoy the benefits of outdoor fun with friends at camp or with the family. Outside activities can help to strengthen self esteem, give kids a chance to interact with others socially and allow them to be part of a team. Children can gain a sense of accomplishment learning or enhancing their outdoor skills.

3. Helps kids to Focus – Nature is pretty amazing in all it’s
intricicies, patterns and interwoven parts. Being outside is unique in that all senses can be stimulated at the same time, and a child’s wonder can expand as they spend more time to notice their surroundings. There is no substitute for what
nature can contribute to a child’s development and learning.

4. It’s Easy and Fun – The benefits of being outdoors can be easily obtained by simply stepping outside, and can develop into more interesting choices that are endless in possibilities. Being outside together can build bonds with family and friends, and the more you make it a regular part of your life, the more you’ll realize there’s really nothing else quite like it.

Camp Timberlake in North Carolina is a safe and comfortable sleep away summer camp, that is encouraging, challenging and rewarding as it will help to teach your son independence and build his self confidence over the summer.

Camp Timberlake Christian Summer Camp for Boys offers exciting activities, camp traditions, opportunities to meet new friends and time to enjoy the great outdoors.

To find out more about our summer camp for boys in North Carolina, please call us at (828) 669-8766.

How To Get Your Camper Ready For Camp

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It’s March, you’re signed up for camp, you’ve completed your camper packet andnow you are waiting for the big trip to the mountains. But there may be somethingelse that has happened, you’ve started to have doubts. Fret not – you’re in great company. This happens to almost everyone! So here are five things you can do tohelp everyone be more comfortable.

  1. Take a vacation. Camps are in beautiful places, so take a family trip to visit your camp. You meet a camp director and you think he’s great (because we all are!). But then you go home and start to doubt your first impressions. So come back and meet him again. It will also give your camper a sneak peak at their cabin
  2. Demythologize homesickness. We’re all homesick sometimes; haven’t you ever missed home while you were on vacation? One of the best parts of growing up is loving a group so much that you are willing to miss home a little to enjoy them. That’s what happened when you went to college, that’s what happened when you got married, and that’s what happens at a great camp. One of the hardest parts of homesickness is being afraid you will be homesick. Go ahead and remove that by telling your camper that it’s okay to miss home.
  3. Make a friend. Call the director and ask if you can connect with a few campers in your child’s cabin. We also like to have our counselors contact first year campers so they will have someone to look out for when they arrive.
  4. Remember the big secret. Parents are every bit as nervous as their campers. Don’t let your camper know this, but do let the Camp Director know because we’re parents too. We get it, and we can tell you what worked when we sent our children to camp.
  5. And remember the other secret. Returning campers get nervous too. They start to worry that camp will not be as magical this year, or that their friends won’t be as welcoming as they remember. I think it is because they have been in school all year. But camp never changes – it’s always magic.

Here’s the best news of the day: the more nervous a camper is the more they will grow at camp. The more you invest the larger the reward, and the more nervous you are the more proud you will be when camp ends up being the best decision you ever made. That’s the way kids become curious; that’s they way they develop a sense of adventure.

Great Camping!


Iroquois soul music from Clark Beckham!

As you can see, we got another great dose of soul last night from Clark Beckham on American Idol!  In my humble opinion, it was his best performance yet and it really does seem like he is getting better and better every time he gets up there.  Frankly, I am not used to seeing people that I am friends with succeed like this on such a large stage (literally).  It is a bit shocking and so wonderful to get to participate in from afar.  We here at Camp Timberlake feel privileged to get to watch our boy do so well and have other people appreciate him the way that we have (for other reasons) for the past three years.  Go Iroquois!  Go Clark!