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Gold Bars and a Score of Ten


The sun arose on the beautiful Camp Timberlake today as campers awoke to the savory smell of breakfast pizza. Please note that breakfast pizza is no ordinary pizza. In fact, it is our kitchen staff’s own deliciously mind boggling creation that consists of pizza dough topped with cheese, eggs, and sausage.  After this scrumptious breakfast, campers gathered on the back lawn to perform one of Camp Timberlake’s most honored traditions: The Morning Yell. Counselors Max Hartman and Jackie Lin led the campers to louder than a thousand horses stampeding across the mesa. It was truly an awe-inspiring experience.

After The Morning Yell, campers enjoyed the true story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection told by Counselor Austin Snively. Then, cabin cleanup commenced where Tomahawk wowed the competition with a perfect 10! Stompers Knob was not too far behind though with a 9.75. The Golden Plunger is on the line tomorrow. Who will win the prestigious title for the best cabin cleaners? The plot will only thicken in tomorrow’s results.

Morning activities commenced as canoeing played an intense game of dodge ball to practice deep-water re-entry.  Grady R. and James D. ducked and dodged their way to success in this intense matchup on the open seas of Lake Doris. Meanwhile, the kayaking class worked on rolls and played kayaking water polo.  Team Aggressive Paddlers led by Khari D. crushed the opposition in a match of pure adrenaline.

Before anyone could blink their eyes twice. 11:30 arrived and thus time for another magnificent lunch in the Tucker Inn. Campers and counselors alike scarfed down mini corndogs galore while mac and cheese was used to wash it everything down. The finale to the epic meal was a delicious batch of rice krispies treats. Afterwards, the dining hall erupted in a resounding chant of “Thank you kitchen!”

After lunch came the best time, REST TIME. Rested and restored, campers set out to experience adventure for an hour and a half during free time. The Trading Post provided sweet and sour snacks for campers to enjoy. Also several activities opened for campers to earn their bronze, silver, and gold bars. Haze M. earned his gold bar in tennis while Alex P. expertly shot his way to a bronze bar in archery.

As the sun continued into the western half of the sky, daily activities resumed as Thompson Beavers would receive his gold bar in riflery during class. Meanwhile Thomas H. would host a fencing tournament attracting the best swordsmen that Camp Timberlake has to offer. During fencing class, Nolan R. and Mac K. would battle their way to bronze bars as well.

Soon dinner would commence, as it was Chinese night at Camp Timberlake. Teriyaki chicken, fortune cookies, and rice were savored. But then came the favorite part of everyone’s day, the evening activity that was… The Great Escape! Mystery and clues enveloped the search for the hidden flag.  Results of this epic quest will be released tomorrow.

Overall it was a fantastic day. Now the time has come to rest our heads. Goodnight Camp Timberlake.

Zach Taylor

Stompers Knob Counselor

Tennis Instructor   

It’s a Geometry breakfast Day

2P5A2924This morning, although overcast was undoubtedly the start to another beautiful day here at Camp Timberlake. The boys woke to the sound of a gentle rain pitter pattering outside their windows and a cool breeze silently creeping through the cabin. When the boys reluctantly ventured into the morning haze and sleepily stumbled their way down to the Big House, they found a camp favorite meal, Geometry breakfast! (For those who have never experienced the wonder of a “Geometry breakfast,” let me explain it to you really quick. It consists of biscuits,egg patties, hash browns, and sausage patties. All of these ingredients are combined into a breakfast sandwich and then enjoyed.)

Once all the Geometry had been consumed, Timberlake met on the back green for the morning yell and then went straight to Chapel given by the paintball counselor, Winston H, the camp director, John M and the cabin area director, Charlie R. Also The campers got a chance to enjoy another true story with Josiah S all about how everyone inherently sins but jesus is there to be our shepherd and savior.

Post Chapel, campers and staff went back to the cabins for cabin cleanup. Today Big Slaty once again had success and went home with another victory. However, the Little Slaty and GreyBeard had a different look in their eyes today both of those cabins were trying to close the gap between themselves and Big Slaty for the coveted golden plunger as well as the pizza party.

Soon, it was time for the morning’s activities, and Timberlake made their way out of the cabins. even though it was overcast and drizzling. There was no shortage of gifts and/or talents on display this morning, as Timberlake went full force in all of their activities. On the Traverse Wall, Climbing class made a lot of progress learning knots while Kayaking Swimming and Canoeing all had a free lake day to work on bars. In kayaking both Khari D. and Michael C. both mastered their roll and demonstrated numerous other skills that will be valuable if they take a river trip. Up on Spencer’s Green, Team sports played Ultimate Frisbee and soccer played an epic game of World cup. Almost too Soon, 11:30 rolled around, and with it, the conclusion of the morning’s activities.

Campers and staff once again made their way down to the dining hall and found themselves treated to another favorite meal, Taco in a Bag! The dining hall was nearly silent as everyone chowed down on their meals, replenishing their bodies for the events of the afternoon. As lunch began to draw to a close, the focus shifted from the meal to who won the previous evening’s evening activity. As the sultan of fun Brandon Chase sauntered up to the mike the anticipation grew. Each and every cabin was bouncing with anticipation. Brandon got up to the mike and announced that the winner of the evening activity was *plot twist* everyone!!!!! This was the only expected outcome because the evening activity was cabin night and in cabin night everyone is a winner.

After lunch came the best time, rest time, and once naps had been taken, Timberlake made their way to free time, where today, rockets were being launched on Spencer’s Green.Jim S launched a spare parts rocket and took another step toward earning his gold in rocketry today. Post rest time came free time and with free time came a break in the clouds and a plethora of activities for the boys to choose to participate in. They could do anything from thunderball to competing in Cameron S’s fencing tournament for his gold bar and as well as an elective mark. Further news during free time, Tommy B., Trey F., and Jesse C. shot multiple targets in Riflery in order to move one step closer to attaining a gold or silver bar. Once free time ended, Timberlake again went their separate ways to afternoon activities. On the lake, Henry B. got his silver in kayaking while up at paintball Jack E won a 1 v. 4 in airsoft. Throughout the day Lachlan W. earned 5 Bronze bars in Kayaking, Climbing, Riflery, Archery, and Backpacking.

Soon, dinner was upon us, and Timberlake once again met again at the dining hall for a delicious meal of Ravioli, garlic biscuits and seemed broccoli. It was a much needed energy boost for the rest of the night, which was soon to be announced. Dinner soon found itself reaching its end, and murmurs started spreading around the dining hall about the evening activity. Would it be Ninja Training? Juggernaut? Another round of the critically acclaimed new game, Mission Impossible? Despite all the guessing, no one really knew what the event would be and was left on the edge of their seat.It would be none of those, as we would soon find out, as Brandon C. announced that the evening activity would be Pirate Ball! It really is one of the best activities we play at camp, and it is sure to be a mega-hit.

All in all, it was a fantastic day at camp, both filled with old activities and new traditions. With only two full days left in the session, today will be a difficult day to top, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to make tomorrow better than today.

Harris Cannon

Big Piney counselor

Proud Iroquois

Together as One


Today was a wonderfully full day at Camp Timberlake. The boys woke up after a summer night’s rain and a cool breeze flowed through the cabins. Campers were (mostly) awake and alert by the time they reached the dining hall to enjoy some French toast and sausage. They walked up to chapel, and, after singing some fun worship songs, heard a message from our counselor Zach T. about our need for God’s grace and how He gives us new hearts. The campers cleaned their cabins until they looked neat and beautiful, and then headed off to their daily activities. 

The activities and trips today were full of both fun and great learning opportunities. A canoeing trip went out today, and Spencer M., Robert D., Alex A., Grady R., Davis O., and Larsen R. all crushed it paddling down the river. Up at Spencer’s Green, Henry M. made it one step closer to his gold bar in soccer by doing his 50 juggles. Down in the woods, airsoft battles were being dominated by John A. and Janek S., surely a force with which to be reckoned. Jacob A., Lachlan W., and Owen S. and Henry S. all returned in the afternoon having completed a two night, 16-mile backpacking trip through Linville Gorge. Needless to say they were exhausted, and after stuffing themselves with lunch they headed straight back to the cabins for a nap. Down in the cooking kitchen, the boys cooked some crepes, which apparently were quite amazing. (The evidence? Henry B. reportedly got excited and ate three entire crepes.)

After all of the activities were finished during the day, the boys enjoyed a BBQ chicken dinner and then came the evening activity announcement: Little Chief! After dinner was over, the Chiefs, Medicine Men, and Lookouts went to paint up in order to lead their tribes up to the Council Ring where the ceremony was held. There were many notable camper promotions and commendations tonight which deserve to be marked again here.

Counselor and camper commendations are important and honoring to receive, and they show campers who have been leaders in their cabins through selfless service towards others. The counselor and camper commendations for each cabin this week are as follows:


Counselor Commendations: Jackson I., James K.

Camper Commendations: James K., Mac K.

Little Piney

Counselor: Charlie H., Lucas O., Evan Y.

Camper: William B., Alejandro de S., Charlie H.

Big Piney

Counselor: Joseph D., Carter F.

Camper: Joseph D., Britt F., Thomas I., Hugh S.

Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Jack B., Thomas H., Jacob P.

Camper: Jacob A., Jack B., Thomas H.

Little Slaty

Counselor: Khari D., Morris D.

Camper: Henry B., Khari D.

Big Slaty

Counselor: Thomas B., Jesse C., David F.

Camper: Jack B., Ethan O., Owen S.


Counselor: Henry M., Sam P.

Camper: Henry M., Henry S.

Next, campers who earned promotions in the Little Chief system were called out and given the colored band according to their rank. Promotions from tonight are as follows:

Scout: Joseph D., Grady R.

Guide: Charlie H., James K.

Ranger: Britt F.

Tracker: Jacob A., Jack B., Khari D., Thomas H., Jacob P., Bryant W.

Hunter: Garrison B., Jake H., Owen S.

Warrior: Jesse C., David F., Spencer G.

Finally, we recognized those campers were who have invested a significant amount of time here at Camp Timberlake. The campers who have been coming here every summer for the past 6 years are as follows:

Michael C.

Morris D.

Jake H.

Ford L.

Leo R.

Cameron S.

Bryant W.

Our Little Chief ceremony is an important part of the Camp Timberlake brotherhood. Not only do individual campers get recognized for their work in activities and their help towards others, but the camp as a whole is able to come together in a time set apart specifically for that purpose. The camaraderie built from this collective ceremony is unlike anything else that the boys participate in here at camp.

Even after our Little Chief ceremony, the fun was not yet over. The lower cabins went and played the classic game Capture the Flag, while the upper cabins went and played the recently-invented Ultimate Basketball, a Camp Timberlake special. Finally, Taps played over the camp and the boys laid down on their bunks to rest up for an even fuller Sunday at Camp Timberlake.

Davis Bateman

Program Director


_46A4818Today is arguably the best day we have here at Camp Timberlake! It’s crazy, wacky, and different than any other day we’ve got and it really gets counselors and campers alike excited like few other things can. It’s Cowboy Joe Day and the theme of the day is backwards. The schedule is backwards, we wear our clothes backwards, we talk backwards, and we even drive our golf carts around backwards. It is organized chaos in the truest sense, and it is glorious.

The best part of the day is in the morning, where campers are treated to an extra hour of sleep. Little do they know, they are about to be woken up in a way they never have before. Myself, Director John M., Program Director Davis B., CIT Director Robbie E., and Cabin Area Directors Danny N. and Charlie R. begin our rampage through the cabins armed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, chocolate milk, and a megaphone. This is how it goes down: the five of us charge in blowing whistles, yelling out of the megaphone, and throwing doughnuts and milk cartons at each and every camper and counselor. In keeping with the backwards theme, we scream “DAY JOE BOY COW HAPPY!!!” It is truly a sight to behold and it is so fun to see the combination of excitement, bewilderment, and a tinge of fear on the campers faces as they realize what is happening.

Once the rampage is over, campers get to enjoy their nut doughs and milk chocolate (catch the backwards words there?) in peace before putting on their backwards clothes and heading down to the evening activity (in the morning).

Ford L, Jack B, Britt F, Charlie C and a host of others turned in extremely impressive performances in battle ball that we play down on the lower tennis courts. What a better way for boys to start the day then to get to throw some rubber balls as hard as they can??

After battleball, it was off to 2nd period, where campers were working hard towards bronze silver and gold bars in each and every one of their activities.

Once those activities had finished up, it was time for a great lunch of turkey and stuffing!! Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, and the day only got better (at least for the counselors) with the announcement of REST HOUR instead of the usual 30 minutes. Trust me, the extra 30 minutes makes all the difference, especially on Cowboy Joe Day. Some normalcy was restored after rest hour with the customary trading post and 3rd and 4th periods.

After activities, we all got to enjoy a delicious cookout of pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce. Truly one of the best meals of camp as everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful food. After dinner, we get to have the evening yell instead of the traditional morning yell and then head up to night chapel, which is always a great time full of energy. Once chapel was over, it was time for a crowd favorite: redneck games! There is lawn bowling, bucket tossing, seed spitting, potato sack racing, inner tube sumo wrestling and the always popular counselor skeet shoot. That is where we as counselors are moving human targets who run faster than we have ever run before as campers get the chance to pelt us with paintballs from a high-powered paintball gun. If that is not dedication from the staff, I do not know what is.

And as if the day couldn’t get any better from there, we ramped it up another notch and broke out 100 cans of shaving cream and an incredibly long and fast slip n’ slide so the boys could soak each other with shaving cream and then wash it off on a high-speed slip n’ slide. And then to top it all off, we all headed up to Spencer’s Green for an incredible fireworks display that got better with every blast. It is truly an unmatched day here at camp and everyone is now settling in for bed to dream about the unbelievable day it was. The fun never stops here, and we can’t wait for what tomorrow has in store.

Brandon Chase

Program Director

Proud Seminole

An Adventure-Filled Day!


Whispers and giggling filled the cabin of Little Piney as they anxiously awaited the ringing of the morning bell. Hardly a second after the first clanging of the bell, a hundred happy shoes went stampeding towards the dining hall. The welcoming smell of coffee cake, sausage, and homemade granola greeted us at the door, and another beautiful and adventure-filled day at Timberlake was inaugurated with the sweeping reverberations of our morning yell. Robbie Edmiston led our morning chapel, highlighting the faithfulness and courage of David as he bravely conquered the fears of a nation by defeating Goliath. Camp allows many campers to face new fears and take on new challenges whether it be jumping off of the blob for the first time or going on a whitewater-kayaking trip. While the morning yell allows us to playfully acknowledge our own presence to the world, our chapel service allows us to acknowledge the presence of the One who has made our daily adventures possible.

The sun was shining and activities were in full swing today. Backpacking carried the theme of David’s faithfulness into their activity this morning as campers were working together on their trust falls. They also learned how to set up tarps and choose campsites. Logan B. helped teach the backpacking class and showed excellent leadership. In kayaking, Teddy O. continues to valiantly work on his roll, and many others focused in on learning their T-rescues. Kayaking class finished with a big game of water polo, and Jim S. scored a hat trick! Across the pond, campers in canoeing worked on their deep-water position changes, allowing them to get one step closer to their bronze bar. Maxwell C. was able to skillfully manage a canoe solo, and Alex S. and Thomas H. were the champions of the daily race across Lake Doris. Trey F., Henry S., and Thompson B. are quickly approaching their gold bars in riflery. Alex P. reviewed his sprawl and shot positions in wrestling and won his match today. Jackson I. learned his figure 8 follow-through knot… knot an easy thing to do;) Henry B., Josef M., Zach R., Jonah O., and Miles B. learned how to rappel in climbing, but their descend down the rock face made for an ascendingly good time.  Leonardo R. went on his first climbing trip today to a three pitch route on Table Rock, NC.

During free time David F. took on the ‘Goliath’ of John Menendez in a fierce match of Tetherball. Meanwhile, many campers were working on their bars in kayaking and riflery or finishing up that last tasty sour straw from Trading Post.

Over in the Enchanted Barn this afternoon the campers in pottery finished up using wet clay and the bisque firing is in progress. Rocketry has come so close to launch day, and Hugh S. has advanced so much in Rocketry that he is now helping other campers create their rockets.

Our evening activity was Mission Impossible, a competition of endurance testing the mind and body. Seminoles and Iroquois were tracking across camp competing in different challenges such as trivia, canoeing, and thunder ball to try to secure the victory for their tribe. As campers return back to their cabins or grab their sleeping bags to go sleep under the stars, many are anxiously waiting to discover the results of Mission Impossible. But they will have to wait to find out tomorrow as we enter into another adventure-filled day at Camp Timberlake.

Houston Massey

United as One


Campers arose this morning to the sound of reveille echoing through the mountains.  Excitement immediately filled camp and the boys raced down to enjoy a breakfast of French toast sticks.  Following a hearty meal, it was outside for the morning yell.  The morning yell brings everyone together and lets us announce our presence here as one brotherhood even though we may be in different tribes.  Next it was up to chapel for a time of worship.  It’s always great to get to start the day in worship as it really allows us to appreciate the beautiful creation and friends that God has blessed us with here.  Following worship it was off to the cabins for clean-up.  The guys are motivated to clean well because the winner of cabin clean-up is rewarded with a pizza party at the end of the session.  And also because cleanliness is next to Godliness! 

Camp was buzzing as activities began this morning.  Everyone was excited to get to their new activities as today was another set of new activities.  Lots of adventuring was happening outside of camp as well.  Owen S. and Josef M. were some of the guys shredding out on a mountain biking trip.  Some of the older guys in Big Slaty and GreyBeard departed for the summit trip.  This is one of the biggest trips at camp as it is a two night backpacking and canoeing trip.  This awesome adventure is a great time to get to strengthen friendships as well as build new ones.  As the morning came to an end, campers headed down to the Tucker Inn for a much needed lunch. After the campers had their fill it was up to the cabins for the best time! Rest time! During this time guys have the chance to write letters, catch up on summer reading or take a much needed nap. Once rest time had commenced, the boys raced down to the trading post for some candy and free time.  Tether ball, thunder ball and many other classic camp games were going on all over camp during this time. 

The horn sounded across camp and it was off to afternoon activities.  In cooking class the guys learned their way around the kitchen and even whipped up some tasty cupcakes.  Up at Lake Doris, the kayakers learned how to wet exit and other rescue techniques.  Jacob P. an Alex S. worked hard and showed great progress in todays’ lesson.  Jacob A. mastered a T-rescue.  A critical maneuver when helping friends out on the river.  Up at Spencer’s green all sorts of sports and outdoor activities were happening.  At the climbing tower, Brandon C. managed to ascend to the very top of the tower and at airsoft Jack E. showed off his skills and abilities in airsoft. 

Soon after afternoon activities it was back to the Tucker Inn for a delicious dinner.  Once everyone finished up their dessert it was up to the Mike for one of the most popular evening activities, battle ball!  One of the most epic comebacks in battle ball history was led by Iroquois members Leo R. and Khari D.   I hears some people mention that it was equally incredible as “The miracle on ice.”  After battle ball, campers met with their cabins to hang out and wind down with some laid back activities like roasting s’mores or hanging out with the puppies at puppy camp. 

As another day a fun and adventure winds down here at camp guys lay in their bunks looking forward to another incredible day with their friends.  It is a blessing to see these campers grow and learn new things every day.  God is working in big ways here at Timberlake and it is amazing to witness how He uses this place to change these boys’ lives.

Winston Horn

Full Day of Fun

DSCN9940As the first full day of session 1B comes to a close, the boys of Timberlake are in their bunks, resting well after a day of trying new activities, rekindling old friendships, and making some new ones. From a counselor’s perspective, one of the most fun things to see at camp each year is the development of lifelong friendships between campers. Even though the boys only see each other for a few weeks each summer, one of the primary reasons they return year after year is friendship. While typical out-of-camp friendships can take a long time to develop, camp friendships are established so quickly because boys make friends through adventure. When boys can go on adventures together, they build lifelong friendships, and nowhere creates adventure better than Camp Timberlake.


After our boys awoke to the sound of reveille on a crisp Monday morning, they had their fill of biscuits, breakfast potatoes, and scrambled eggs before our traditional post-breakfast morning yell. Then, everyone sang a few lively songs at chapel, heard John Menendez speak on “Who is God?” and then cleaned up the cabins before heading on to their activities.

On the first day of activities, each class does a quick safety talk before laying the foundation and fundamentals for the rest of the session. In kayaking this morning, Sam G., Jake H., Philip W., and other aspiring kayakers tried out their boats for the first time, becoming comfortable above and below the water while learning to paddle efficiently. Throughout the rest of camp, the boys of Timberlake enjoyed trying new activities and returning to their favorite activities from previous years.


Following the first two activities of the day, everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch and thirty minutes of much-needed rest time before an hour and a half of free time. During free time, most of camp took advantage of the beautiful weather with a free swim and candy from the Trading Post. Meanwhile, Whit P. and Davis O. joined counselors Luke G. and Austin S. in a trail run on the Tomahawk Trail.


In their afternoon activities, the campers continued to learn safety and the basics of their classes while developing a passion for new activities. On the climbing tower, Henry B. and Carter B. fine-tuned their climbing skills in anticipation of several upcoming off-site rock climbing trips. In other parts of camp, Britt F. couldn’t get enough of his first airsoft class and Teddy O. continued to hone his mountain biking skills. After a pasta dinner, the dining hall erupted into roars following the announcement of the evening activity: “El Presidente.”


Like most evening activities, “El Presidente” is a game that is fought between our two tribes: the Seminole and Iroquois. In this evening activity, boys try to grab a spare shirt from the waist of boys in the other tribe while simultaneously protecting their own shirt. Before the game begins, tribal leaders assign roles throughout the tribe, with each camper worth a different number of points to the other team. The most important player on each tribe is their “Presidente,” whose identity is kept secret from the other tribe. Tonight, the Iroquois selected Ethan O. as their president and the Seminole chose Sam P. As part of the strategy of the game, each tribe attempted to confuse the other tribe and hide the identity of their president as long as possible. We are all eagerly anticipating the score announcement tomorrow at lunch.


After “El Presidente,” each cabin went their separate ways for a final activity before showers and bed. Every cabin has a favorite pre-bedtime activity, and tonight many cabins choose to enjoy the sunset alongside a fire and S’mores. While the joys of a warm S’more may fade after this session ends, the friendships made around these fires and at this camp will last for many years to come.


Robbie Edmiston


1st Session CIT Director


UNC-CH Class of 2016


Proud Seminole

Opening Day!



Dear Parents,

A great session of Timberlake is under way! Each night, a member of our staff will write a short article keeping everyone update on all that is going here at camp.Additionally we will post pictures twice a day featuring trips, daily activities and evening activities.  It’s one of my favorite aspects of our program, as it allows us an opportunity to provide a “one-way mirror” for family and friends to see the amazing things our boys are doing here at camp.

Opening Day is a great day here at camp because it encompasses many of the things that make Timberlake so special. Today I had the opportunity  to watch campers both new and old stepping into adventure during our evening activity, Sock War, and growing new friendships in their cabins and tribes. Tonight we had the honor to initiate new members into our two tribes.

Our new Timberlake Iroquois are:

Will B., William D., James D., Joseph D., Alex E., Jack E., Samuel G., Jason H., Davis O., Jonah O., Lucas O., Ethan O., Nolan R., and Evan Y..  

Our new Timberlake Seminoles are:

Alex A., Heath B., Carter F., Jackson I., Mac K., Jackson N., Larsen R., Jefferson W., and Lachlan W..

Thank you so much for sharing your sons with us this summer. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of young men, and to see them continue to grow and discover the ways that God has uniquely gifted each one of them. We have a great session ahead of us and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on each day’s activities.

Happy Camping!

John Menendez


IMG_7846Campers awoke to a beautiful morning here at Camp Timberlake, expecting today to be just like any other day at camp. Sure, it was the last day for many of our boys, but still, it seemed to be shaping up as a classic Timberlake Day. But, that presumption could not be further from the truth! For today, was TRIBE-A-PALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZA!! Tribe-A-Palooza is a day like no other here at camp—instead of having our normal daily activities, we play Camp-Wide “evening activities” all day long! It is a super fun special day that only happens once a session. We started off strong with a great game of sock war where the Seminoles and Iroquois clashed for the first of what would be three times today. Henry M. and Billy B. led their tribes to glory in a game that featured the Seminoles taking the flag three times. Tommy B. and Avery S. played a great strategic defensive game for the Iroquois while the Seminoles, led by Henry B. and Jack B., consistently attacked the Iroquois base.

While sock war was going on, there were a couple of trips taking place outside of camp, among them a great kayaking adventure down the lower green river. Archie G., AJ R., Carlton W., and Mason B. crushed it down the river, with Archie and Carlton successfully completing the very difficult combat roll.

Back at camp, the buzz of tribe-a-palooza was palpable in the air after sock war and we rolled right into some great games of BATTLEBALL! Battleball is so incredibly fun and the boys had a great time playing their hearts out for their tribes. Justin A. had an unbelievable sequence of plays for the Iroquois that got the crowd up on its feet as he single handedly took down 7 Seminole players.

During free time today, Jimbo D., Clark D., and Cort P. displayed their creativity and built some awesome paper boats that they proceeded to float down the waterfall beside beautiful Lake Doris. After free time and battleball, we had a great dinner of BBQ and then it was time for Little Chief.

Little Chief is an extremely important part of each boy’s camp experience as we get to recognize the boys for all of the diligent work they have put in over the last two weeks. We are extremely proud of each and every camper here as they have all brought a unique skill set to camp and have each added so much to everyone’s experience. We were thrilled to be able to recognize many campers who have accrued enough marks to earn promotions in the Little Chief system.

Here is a list of all the campers that earned new ranks and what those ranks are:

Scout: Henry H., Ryan C., Connor S., and Tyler F.

Guide: Eli C., Elliott J., Scott K., Garrett S., and Brent S.

Pioneer:  Mason B., William B., Nate S.

Ranger: Hugh S.

Tracker: Riley D., Avery S., Carlton W., Archie G.

Hunter: Carter S., Colby S.

Warrior: Gabe V.

Pathfinder: Henry S.

We were also very excited to announce the commendations from each cabin that can be earned from the camper’s peers through camper commendations or from their counselors through camper commendations. These commendations are a very big honor and we are so proud of each boy that received them. Those campers are:

Tomahawk: Counselor- Leyton H.

          Camper- Ren G.

Little Piney: Counselor- Jimbo D. and Elliott J.

          Camper- Elliot J. and Brent S.

Big Piney: Counselor- Ryan C. and Hugh S.

      Camper- Ryan C. and Mateo J.

Stompers Knob: Counselor- Teddy O.

          Camper- Reynolds J.

Little Slaty: Counselor- Chuck H. and Mason W.

          Camper- Henry B. and Carter S.

Big Slaty: Counselor- Jack B. and Aidan K.

          Camper- Jack B. and Thomas W.

GreyBeard: Counselor- AJ R. and Henry S

          Camper- Henry M. and Avery S.

After Little Chief we all played a super intense game of Commando, which is essentially the craziest water balloon fight this side of the Mississippi River, and then it was off to bed so our boys could dream about the day that it was and dream about what next summer will bring.

Signing off,

Brandon Chase

Program Director

Tar Heel

Proud Seminole


Thunder Thursday at Camp Timberlake

DSCN0196As the mist rolled over the mountain tops over camp, the men of Timberlake made their way down the hill towards breakfast for what was undoubtedly another great day at camp. This morning for breakfast the guys were treated to some eggs, hash browns, and biscuits. After breakfast, we had the morning yell led Big Piney Counselor James C. and he brought the THUNDER!

Chapel today was led by Counselor Davis B. and talked about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and why it means so much for us as believers. After cabin cleanup the guys headed to their first period activities.

In the first two periods of the day, a lot of guys earned bars towards marks for their promotions. In Paintball, Thompson B. got his gold! In Fencing there were two bronze bars that were given out to Jack A. and Connor Y.! Avery S. also earned his silver in soccer in the morning! Lunch was an absolute gem that consisted of, Stromboli, Caesar salad, and everyone’s favorite, s’more pockets! Also it was another victory for the SEMINOLES in yesterday’s activity of Stealing Skins! Congrats Noles!

During Free Time today, the guys had a Free Swim and in swimming, Hugh S., Avery S., and A.J. R. each earned their bronze bar in swimming. Also during Free Time, Connor S., Elliot J., and A.J. R., earned their bronzes in Archery!

In the afternoon, Nate S. caught a 10’’ Rainbow Trout on a fly fishing trip and Fennell M. also caught a Rainbow Trout as well! During Climbing, Hugh S., Elliot J., Carter S., and Eli C., all got their bronze bar! Finally, in Mountain Biking, Anthony G. and , worked on the pump track today and learned a lot more about downhill riding.

For dinner, we chowed down on some roast beef, mashed potatoes and broccoli with a lovely dessert of brownies! Tonight’s evening activity was The Great Escape and we will have the results of that tomorrow.

It’s important to remember with tomorrow being the last day at camp that each one of the guys here at Camp Timberlake is so special. We as counselors look forward to spending time with these boys and watch them grown into wholesome men and leaders of their peers. It truly is a wonderful thing to witness.


Max Hartman

Proud Iroquois

Big Slaty Counselor

Roll Tide