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More Than Just An Ordinary Monday

Monday morning has arrived! The storm last night left us with cool breezes and sunny skies this morning.  This is the best weather we have seen thus far this summer ~  you can’t ask for a better way to start the week than that! The boys started their day with a healthy serving of waffles and after our breakfasts we had the traditional morning ‘yell’. The yell gets the boys fired up for another great day at camp.

In Chapel we heard a great message from our very own John H.  John spoke about a mighty storm that his family experienced out on the ocean and related it to the passage in Mark 6 where Jesus calmed the storm.  This experience gave them great confidence in the power of prayer, as God showed Himself faithful to preserve their lives and taught them that can always depend on the Lord for help. After Chapel, the boys showed their skills in cleaning the cabins. This teaches the boys a sense of responsibility and discipline; this is all part of becoming better men, which we want all of our boys to learn. After they finished, it was onto adventure! First period was marked by determination and effort as the guys earn bars and skills. In climbing we worked really hard and had a lot of fun. Jonah P. completed a route on the boulder for a requirement for his bronze. Also Alex showed off his climbing ability by dominating the wall. It was a very windy day on Spencer’s Green but that didn’t stop the boys in team sport from playing a little bit of Ultimate and football.

The morning swimming class braved the cold water truly showed resolve in improving their proficiency at swimming. Instructor Chris B. taught the basics for Freestyle stroke.

Eli G. “killed it” in Archery today with an impressive 45 out of 60! Way to go!

After morning activities, it was time for lunch! Today we ate stromboli (a camp favorite) along with some fresh vegetables and an ice cream sandwich to top it off. After the food was devoured (the mountain air makes us HUNGRY!), the cabin cleanup scores were announced. Little Piney Won with a perfect 10 today! Congrats LP!

After lunch the boys get a chance to relax during rest time, which is the best time! They either read their favorite book or take a short nap before free time. During Free Time today archery was open so that the guys could continue to work on bars. Free swim!  The boys took full advantage at free swim by getting on ‘the blob’, the diving boards, canoeing, and kayaking,  You couldn’t ask for a better day for a free swim ~ the weather was absolutely perfect!

After free time the boys started afternoon activities. Backpacking was led by instructor Charlie R., who led them on a nature hike and showed them the different types of vegetation and trees that surround our beautiful camp.

Outside camp property, we had a group of guys paddle section nine of the French Broad with Black Mountain Expedition. Seth H. of Greybeard pushed his limits today and did a phenomenal job!  There was also a climbing trip that went out to Snakes Den. Daniel Y.  “crushed it “out on the rocks today with an impressive climb up a 5.9  route.

Enrique D. and Vikesh S.  did a great job in canoeing.  We have a couple of future Lewis and Clark types on the river!  Tim M. showed a lot of enthusiasm for his rocketry class.  He is well on his way to be a future astronaut. Malcolm R. showed off his dribbling skills in soccer today. What a great group of guys!

After our afternoon activities it was time for another delicious dinner chicken stir- fry along with a side of rice to quell their hunger.  A yummy slice of cake finished off the meal.

After supper,  our program director Matt H. got the boys pumped up for the evening activities, El Presidente! It’s one of Timberlake’s newest evening activities; a really fast paced game which both the Seminoles and Iroquois fighting hard for their tribes to move one step closer to winning the banner and bragging rights.

This was without a doubt one of the prettiest days at camp.  There is never a dull moment as the boys yearn for adventure and something new each day. Until next time…


Timmy Stiling

Greybeard Counselor

Iroquois Nation

First Day of Camp!

Campers awoke on this fine Sunday morning ready and eager to take on another terrific day at Camp Timberlake. The boys started off strong at breakfast, filling their stomachs with delicious cinnamon rolls and ice-cold glasses of orange juice, a Sunday favorite. After their bellies were filled they headed outside to the back lawn for the morning yell.


The morning yell was a mighty one, and from there the boys took off to chapel where they heard a message from the one and only Adam Boyd.  Adam shared that God loves each and every one of us and that he will never give us the silent treatment.  Chapel ended and the boys raced to clean the cabins. After the cabins were spick and span, the campers headed on to their morning activities.  The morning started out cloudy, but the sun was not slow to shine over camp. In the morning activities, the boys killed it at the upper climbing wall.  All of the boys got to climb/work toward their bars, and Daniel Y. got even closer to getting his silver.  In pottery, the campers got to get there hands dirty making pinch pots and coils, as well as throwing on the wheel. Throwing is a process of spinning clay and shaping it on a wheel to create a pot. Camper Michael L. did especially well throwing.  Up at wrestling, Counselor Andrew R. taught campers about the rules of wrestling were they then worked on stance and foot techniques as well as the double leg. To finish off the morning, camper Colby F. earned his gold in rifelry! What an achievement!


Morning activities ended and all of the campers ran down to the dining hall as the lunch bell rang.  There awaited endless trays of grilled cheese, curly fries, tomato soup, and rice crispy treats for desert.  The guys loved them!


Once everyone had finished eating and the cabin cleanup winners were announced, all headed up to the best time, Rest time! After a solid 30-minute rest time, the boys charged to free time where climbers Dash V. and Nico L. continued to work toward bars.  Timberlake fitness also took place during free time.  Here campers have an opportunity to exercise, work out, and get fit with Timberlake’s fittest counselors Davis B, Luke S, and Aaron H. doing pushups, sit ups, cardio, and sometimes running the Tomahawk Trail.


After a great free time of camper fellowship, it was time for the afternoon activities to begin! Over at Lake Doris the Canoeing squad worked diligently on learning new strokes.  Camper Conor B. especially stood out in canoeing, showing great improvement and being a fine example for the class. In kayaking, campers worked on improving their wet exits, hip snaps and strokes. In backpacking, campers learned about a few of the fundamentals of backpacking and were then challenged in a campfire-building contest.  Nico L. led the pack building the best fire and winning the competition!  Moving on up to Spencer’s Green, team sports played an ultimate game of ultimate Frisbee, dominated by Eric and Seth H.  Soccer was all good fun with campers working on bars and camper Bailey M. working toward his silver.


Once afternoon activities finished, the boys bolted down to the classic Sunday dinner, fried chicken.  After everyone finished up, Program director Matt H. pumped the campers up for evening activity.  As the dinning hall roared, he announced that upper cabins would compete in wonder ball (a competitive game of soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee into one, on a soccer field using a soccer ball) followed by a free swim, and that lower cabins would be chilling and having fun with a free swim!  Everyone loves to play wonder ball as well as swim at Lake Doris! Campers love getting to blob, jump off the diving boards, and grow friendships at the free swims!


The campers enjoyed another jam-packed day of great fun and activities at Timberlake.  Today was definitely one filled with growth, friends and adventure! Until next time!


Alex Johnson


Greybeard Counselor


Why do we run this website?


Why do we run this website?


Every year we labor to find an employee who has just the right blend of computer skills coupled with a background in photography.  This year we hit the jackpot with our two technology director, Max Hartman.  Max is an extremely talented photographer and is a communications expert who is excited about the opportunity to maintain our website and assist you in viewing what is going on here with your campers!


Each day we assign a counselor (or two) to roam around camp snapping pictures of what is going on.  We also get cameras out on the many trips that we take during each session.  Usually after the evening activity that counselor is given the task of writing an article to let you know what happened for that day.   You will see things like bar requirements earned (goals that the campers strive for in each of the activities), trips that went out, frogs that were caught (and by whom), tribal results for the evening activities, food that was eaten, evening trading post raids that happened (campers dressed like ninjas of course), and most recently campers who were initiated into their tribes.  Each camper went into the tribal teepee tonight and came out a proud new member of the Seminole or Iroquois tribe!  Here is a list of those initiated tonight:



Ryan Overstreet

Vikesh Sankpal

Edward Carey

Hayden Rigdon

Whit Parrish

Gabriel Goudie

Noah Westfall


Iroquois (I should mention here that this is also my tribe)

Benjamin Perez

Andrew Foster

Luca Tesoriere

Jake Miller

Zak Hernandez

Joseph Whelan

Kevin Janson

Parker Howard

Matthew DiBiase

Roth Weintraub



So why do we run this website?  Because we want you to be able to be caught up in the story of CampTimberlake!  By doing this we are giving you a one way mirror into what all we do here while camp is in session.  As you will see we have a lot of fun!  Chances are that you will see your boy on this website in the coming days, but if not,  please be patient with us.  It takes a while to get everyone on camera.  We are going to do quite a few “cabin shots” to try to help with this.  But I can promise that you will be able to know what all is going on here and in some cases before the campers even do.  If you are having trouble navigating it or logging on please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Thanks again for sending your boys to CampTimberlake and we want you to know how proud we are to have you in our camp family!


Congratulations again to our newest tribesmen.




Dan Singletary


Director of Camp Timberlake


The sun arose over Camp Timberlake this morning, awaking the campers again. For some, it was the second to last sunrise of their 2014 camp experience. Nevertheless, all awoke with energy and headed to breakfast, where they were treated to some pancakes and bacon. After eating their fill, the campers did the morning yell, and then headed off to chapel.


At chapel, camper Dane T. lead worship in order to finish his gold bar in guitar, bringing the group to sing camp classics such as “Give Me Oil” and “As The Deer”. Then Adam Boyd got up front and shared a message about surrender. He shared a moving story and told the men of Timberlake that God wants nothing less than the complete surrender of our lives to him. From there, the guys went to go clean their cabins. All of a sudden though, things changed up.


Tribalpalooza happened today. That’s right, the tribal event of all tribal events. Immediately after cabin cleanup, the day started off strongly with some epic battles of Sock War. Socks were tossed, people were put in jail, and flags were stolen. Soon after, lunch was served, which was another excellent meal – stromboli, which was quickly devoured. Then, two huge announcements came: the winner of Sock War from that morning, as well as the winner of Cabin Cleanup for the entire two week session. To thunderous applause, the Seminole tribe had won this morning, emboldening the spirits of the Seminoles for the next competition. And then the cabin cleanup winner was announced: Big Slaty! Their cabin, after two weeks of tireless effort and spotless cabin floors, won the glory of cabin cleanup, as well as a free pizza party tonight after evening activity. There was much rejoicing among those men as everyone left for the next good surprise, Rest Hour. 


Once the men of Timberlake had their fill of stromboli and hour-long naps, the next intense Tribalpalooza event started. Aquafest, a series of small games held at the waterfront of Lake Doris, a competition to see who has the the true Spirit of Poseidon. The fest started off with an intense freestyle swim relay, in which the Seminoles nabbed the victory. Next came the open-boat canoe relay, followed by the best dive competition. The highest score given by the judges was a 9.5, given to Seth H. for a nearly flawless one-and-a-half dive. Briefly after that was the paddleboard relay race, a rather slow but still intense event. The Iroquois won this relay by a horse’s nose, leading to the final event – bellyflop contest. There were some excellent bellyflops this afternoon. Several of the guys were committed to a perfect bellyflop all the way through the bitter end. Bailey M. came out strong with an 8.5 for a nearly perfect flop, body straight as an arrow with his arms at his sides. But the real winner came in the form of Hank B. today. With a large bounce, a mighty arc through the air, and a fully exposed stomach and fully extended spread-eagle position, a loud clap​ broke the silence of bated breath as he made contact with Lake Doris. He did not even flinch one bit before taking one for the team, and winning for the Iroquois with a perfect 10.


The men of Timberlake then moved on to free time, where many of the guys went to activities in order to try one last time for their bars. Up on Spencer’s Green, Beau A. ran an eight minute mile to succeed in getting his silver bar in soccer. Close by, Collins P. earned his bronze in wrestling. Also on the field, the rocketry guys got to shoot off their rockets into the skies. Ben A’s rocket, as well as others’, successfully made liftoff this afternoon. Finally came dinner.


Some excellent BBQ chicken was prepared, along with cheesy hashbrowns, and some cornbread. Everyone ate their fill, and then came the most exciting announcements of all. First, all the details of the wonderful TimberTool were announced, to great applause. Then the nighttime activities were announced. Little Chief ceremony first, followed by an epic game of Commando. The campers gathered, some of them painted up in their tribe’s colors, and then hiked up to the council ring for the ceremony. Here, the campers were honored who received commendations from both their counselors and their fellow campers. A handful of other campers were also given great honors – those of rank advancements in the Little Chief system. Here are the promotions that were received tonight.



Roman C.

Charles J.

Charlie B.

Carter S.



Zach F.

Will F.



Max B.

Charles S.



Hank H.

Brandon P.

Peyton W.

Harper C.



Ben A.

Matthew J.

William G.


These men were all given great honors tonight, showing both their commitment to camp as well as a commitment to doing well in all of their activities.


After Little Chief ended, all of the guys went up to Spencer’s Green to play Commando. Many water balloons were tossed, and some were launched far away towards the coveted targets. The campers must wait until tomorrow to know the winners of both this war and the competitions of Aquafest. As they all go to sleep tonight, some wait to be reunited with their parents, and others wait for even more camp activities for the next two weeks. It was a wild day, and a great way to finish out such a fun session at Camp Timberlake.


Davis Bateman

Big Slaty Counselor

Guitar and Pottery Instructor

Proud Iroquois

A Wonderful Timberlake Tuesday

The sun, for the first time in a few days was a pleasant surprise over Camp Timberlake this morning. With rain and a strong chill in the air putting a damper on some of our activities the past few days, today was nothing short of a spectacular day in Black Mountain!

Morning activities ran smoothly with lots of bars being earned and a ton of fun being had. Fencing is a great activity for the campers to participate in at camp because it is not typically an activity they can do at home, which is a big part of camp and what activities we teach. Counselor Drew J awarded Brandon P and Parker C bronzes in fencing class for meeting their requirements. Rocketry, along with many other activities were open during free time today to give campers the opportunity to spend more time on the activity of their choice to receive bars. There were seventeen bars earned today by launching successful rockets up at Spencer’s Green. A few notables include silvers bars by: Hugh S, Charles S, Andy L, Andres D, Mason J, William G and Michael L. These campers had to launch their skill level 2 rockets and recite Newton’s three laws of motion to receive their silver bar.

Backpacking had a fun day on the low ropes course where the objective is teambuilding and working together to achieve a task. The team led by JB G won the course competition in third period, plus an overall bright spot in Victor A! Kayaking during the chilly first period water played “Finding Nemo” games where Will C won “Mine Mine Mine.” Jack D won another game called “Fish are Friends Not Food.” In other kayaking news, there was an off-site trip to the Pigeon (class 3 river) where the gang took two laps around and according to counselor Andrew R (who went on the trip even on his day off, for fun) said “two laps on the Pigeon was a ton of fun.” Campers Hank B, Harris C and Eric H were the only ones on the trip but pushed themselves and each other to get better and dominated the day.

On a perfect day for climbing, the excellent climbing staff at Timberlake tested the camper’s on their newly learned skills and techniques by putting them through a time trial where Ian C “dominated” on the lower tower. Campers also tied knots and went for bars at free time! Even though the World Cup is over, Camp Timberlake still has a bit of the fever, and the only cure is obviously… More soccer. Soccer players today worked on goalkeeping and shooting. Bailey M actually led the goalie workout showing tremendous leadership and willingness to help out his fellow men on the pitch. Noah C was praised as well for his performance in shooting.

A mountain biking crew set their sights on the mighty Tomahawk trail during first and second periods where they biked over two miles! John S led the trip while George H took the caboose in an awesome ride.

Tomahawk, the youngest of the seven Timberlake cabins, took the cabin cleanup crown today with a perfect 10.0 on the grading scale! Meanwhile for the always highly anticipated evening activity, El Presidente was the game of choice by activity director Matt H where it was one of the closest battles of the session. Campers are ranked on a military scale from Sargent to 5 star general to EL PRESIDENTE. The president is typically hid somewhere in the boundaries and flags are pulled and depending on the rank of the camper is how the points are decided and tallied. The campers love this activity which is brand new here at TL this year and is already the second time playing it this session by popular demand.

So just another jammed packed day of growth, friends and adventure of all kinds at Camp Timberlake. Our days never fail to make an impact and provide the most fun and enjoyment possible through camp and the people that make it possible!

Counselor Will Hixson

Monday+No Rain= All smiles at Camp Timberlake

The general perception by most is that Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Regardless of your personal opinion on this observation, this is not the case at Camp Timberlake, especially on this specific Monday. Why, you might ask? Well, since Friday of last week, camp has been covered by a constant blanket of rain, dumping large amounts of precipitation upon these boys. That was until today, when the skies decided to take a break just long enough for the fellas to get some much needed activity time. The morning started off with a filling breakfast of circle eggs, sausage, cheese, and biscuits, followed by the classic morning yell, and a touching chapel by Director Adam Boyd. Cabin cleanup quickly ensued, as it has been a dogfight to see which cabin has the most consistent and efficient cleaning skills. As a proud counselor in the Cabin of Stompers Knob, it was truly wonderful to enjoy the success of a perfect 10.0 that our Stompers boys received. As the campers transitioned from cleaning mode to activity mode, much enthusiasm and anticipation was clearly evident thanks to the rain delaying many activities in the previous days. In Rocketry, many worked furiously in hopes of having their rockets completed for the free time launch occurring after lunch. One of the requirements to receive or move up in a bar (bronze, silver, or gold) is for your rocket to launch correctly. In Pottery, the guys spent time glossing and preparing their pieces of artwork to be casted and solidified. In Paintball, Ben A, Xavier J, and Jackson, all received their Bronze for showing both immense amounts of courage and leadership during their matches. As second period activities finished out, many of the boys quickly made their way down to the dining hall as word had spread that pizza was on the menu. Just when they thought lunch couldn’t get any better, BOOM, chocolate cookies for desert! It should therefore come as no surprise that the boys were looking forward to rest time after a solid lunch like that. With thirty minutes to digest, the boys were back at it again with some open free time activities. As mentioned before, the Timberlake rocket scientists showed off their building skills with shooting off during free time. Meanwhile, the camp climbers devoted their free time at the Traverse Wall in hopes of gaining more bars. Both Jared C. and JB G. made big steps forward in obtaining the coveted bars. Finally, over at Lake Doris, kayaking was open for the fellas to work on refining their t-rescues, rolls, and wet exits. Both Zeb H. and Brian S, with a counselor’s supervision, managed to get their rolls for the first time. Bailey M. was able to nab his offside roll, while Ty was able to utilize the free time to perfect his t-rescue. Followed by the hour and a half free time, the activities rolled on. In wrestling, Zeb H, Damian U, and Ian C all learned and accomplished their Double Leg Takedowns, showing much skill in doing so. At the Tennis courts, Mike P. won a game of “Jail” by hitting the ball over the net without having it caught. In Airsoft, Hank H. and Brandon B. both proved themselves for a Bronze bar promotion as they completely dominated in the games that they participated in. Clearly much was accomplished in the activities provided to the campers today, thus many smiling faces were to be found during dinner time as the boys “carbo loaded” on a healthy meal of spaghetti, meatballs, vegetables, and breadsticks. As the filling meal finished up, the announcement was made that tonight’s evening activity would be “Stealing Skins.” Essentially this game involves the each tribe attempting to protect their “skins” at their base while attempting to steal the other tribe’s skins. The plot twist in this evening event is that the counselors are also their own team facing off against both the Seminole and Iroquois, which just adds to the excitement. Following this event, the cabins will break off to have more bonding time through a various post evening activities. And so with a solid Monday down in the books, it’s clear that camp was once again at its best. While smiles were flowing, the beautiful thing about today and the days to come, are the relationships that are building and growing. In a two-week span at camp, many of the camper’s are spending that first week becoming acquainted and comfortable with the surroundings of camp life. But once you roll into that second week (as we currently are in) the results begin to become more evident. And that is why Camp Timberlake is great. Through working together, through playing together, through doing life together and so on, the boys slowly begin to grow. As a counselor, the thing worth more than any paycheck is watching a camper grow in some way, shape, or form. Growth at camp has many different shapes and sizes, but it’s here folks. I promise you that.

David Friedrichs

Stompers Knob Counselor

Battleball Beats the Rain

Campers awoke this Saturday morning eager to take advantage of another wonderful day here at Camp Timberlake. With most boys passing the halfway point of their session, everyone is determined to make the most out of each day he has left at this fantastic place. This morning started out in style with a delicious breakfast of sausage and French Toast, a crowd favorite. Dash V of Little Piney claimed to have eaten seven pieces of toast, which must be some sort of record for a person his size. After breakfast, everyone headed outside to the morning yell, where Counselor Rusty urged his fellow Timberlakers to seize the day and not let a little rain stop them from having the time of their lives at camp.

The boys heeded Rusty’s words and hustled off to chapel where they were treated to an outstanding message from Counselor Joe. Joe encouraged everyone with a message that our God is bigger than any problem anyone may have. After chapel, it was off to cabin clean up, and once the cabins were immaculate, everyone was ready for morning activities. Not a single camper let rain stop him from enjoying the activities today! In the morning activities, the boys tore up the archery range, with Jack G. leading the way by nailing a couple of bullseyes. In pottery, the campers were able to try their hand at “throwing” clay on the wheel. This is a process where a boy will put a ball of clay on a rotating wheel, and then use the spinning of the wheel to mold a piece of clay from a ball into a pot. The Sheehan brothers, Hugh and John, were naturals and earned the nickname, “The Potegies.” (Everyone enjoyed that awesome nickname!) Over at climbing, the campers scaled the challenging wall inside the Mike and truly started to learn the ins and outs of rock climbing. The tennis class took a break from playing tennis, and instead Counselor Charlie taught the class about the various rules of the game, surely a great life skill to have!

After morning activities, everyone was starving and the kitchen had cooked up just the thing, meatball subs. The campers devoured their subs with gusto, but, just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, the kitchen started serving S’more pockets. It is tough to quantify the extreme level of excitement generated when S’more pockets are served. Its as if the kitchen staff was handing out free XBox’s or something, it truly is incredible how pumped up the kids get. S’more pockets are just what they sound like, essentially a pre-cooked S’more, but instead of in sandwich form, they appear like they are mini Hot Pockets, only filled with marshmallow and chocolate instead of meat and cheese. S’more pocket dessert day really is a highlight of the session!

At the end of lunch, the much anticipated results of cabin cleanup were announced. This has been an awesome session for cabin cleanup, with nearly all the cabins scoring at least a 9 out of 10 each day. With such strong showings across the board, it takes an especially clean cabin to take home the prize as cleanest cabin of the day. And today, the youngest cabin of them all, Tomahawk was victorious for the first time this session, scoring a perfect 10! Tomahawk cheered while the reigning champions, Little Slaty, wondered what could have possibly gone wrong.

Once everyone had heard the scores, campers and counselors all headed up to the best time…. Rest Time! After 30 minutes of relaxation, everyone enjoyed an hour and a half of free time where climbers continued to strive toward bars in the Mike and countless other campers spent time strengthening the friendships they have made through this first week of camp. After free time, it was time for afternoon activities! Over at Lake Doris, the kayakers played a lot of kayak polo, which is just like water polo, except instead of treading water, players are paddling around in kayaks. Brian S, Jack H, Hank B and Harris C all stood out in kayaking class and served as terrific role models for the younger campers in their class. Up at Spencer’s Green, soccer and team sports class didn’t let the rain prevent them from having fun. The campers played a new game called Silent Football, which is nothing like it sounds like. Campers sit in a circle and use a variety of hand motions to pass an imaginary football, while not talking, laughing, or smiling. Obviously, it is incredibly difficult to keep a straight face when playing a silly game like that, which is the whole point. Campers loved seeing their friends crack smiles and laugh even though doing so would result in a stern, but light-hearted, lecture from the “Commissioner” of the game, Counselor Brandon.

Once afternoon activities finished, everyone ran off to a great dinner of chicken alfredo and anticipation started mounting for the announcement of the evening activity. Counselor Charlie donned the red helmet, whipped the crowd into a frenzy before shouting “BATTLEBALL!!” The announcement was met with loud cheers and the whole camp started looking forward to the games. Battleball, Timberlake’s version of dodgeball, is a crowd favorite and everyone was playing as hard as he possibly could to try and win the game for his tribe. The lower cabins and upper cabins each play amongst themselves, and this time, the Iroquois came out on top, winning both lower cabin games and one of the two upper cabin showdowns.

After the tribal contests, it was time for the grand finale, the staff vs. Greybeard. The staff easily dispatched the High Schoolers in the first game, and maybe we were a little cocky to start the second because the Greybearders came out firing. One by one staff members were going down, until, all of a sudden, it was down to the Hutzler brothers, Seth and Eric vs Counselor Andrew. The brothers took down Andrew to complete a stunning upset of the counselors! The Greybeard boys stormed the court and celebrated with their friends, a great ending for a great day! (Unless you’re on staff. Can’t believe we lost!) Thats all I have for you today and we are all looking forward to a relaxing Sunday tomorrow!

Brandon C.

Little Piney Counselor

Professional article writer

Rain can’t keep us down

The sun arose on this chilly North Carolina morning, shrouded in clouds and the slow and steady drop of rain. The precipitation could have dampened the spirits of camp Timberlake, but the men arose nevertheless and went forth excited to take on another day of adventure.


After a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, the guys walked over to the chapel, sang along to the classics “Blessed Be Your Name” and ”How Great Thou Art”, and then heard a good message from Adam Boyd. He spoke on the grace of God, and how we should not feel that we must try harder in order to earn it, or that we have failed in our attempts so far. Campers and counselors alike were heartened as they left, ready and able to take on the impending rain.


As most of the campers went back to their cabins in order to do cabin cleanup, a large group of campers left in vans to go on a rafting trip down the Nantahala River. The rest of camp cleaned, donned their raincoats again, and went to their first activity.


In activities today, many campers achieved some new and exciting things. Next to the camp craft hut, Parker C. earned his bronze in the backpacking activity, while the rest of the class learned many new knots and the 7 rules of Leave no Trace. Inside the Mike, away from the rain, Nico L. climbed the daunting overhang that stands as a challenge to many a climber. Jackson S. won the paintball shooting competition that went on in the woods.


Lunch approached, the rain still falling, the spirits of the men still indomitable. Everyone was treated to some pita pockets with Greek chicken as well as some warm and gooey M&M cookies. After everyone had eaten, it was announced that the cabin of Big Slaty had, yet again, won cabin cleanup with a perfect score of 10. It was also noted, to thunderous applause, that the Iroquois tribe had won in last night’s evening activity, Inferno.


The camp moved into rest time, where the falling rain was in fact a blessing to all of the sleeping campers who snoozed in the cool of the day. Some campers continued to sleep as free time commenced, but a few souls braved the rain to go to trading post and get some candy. Meanwhile, a group of counselors and campers met in the Mike to do what they like to call Timberlake fitness. It is a tough circuit style workout, challenging both the old and the young who are intense enough to work at it. Dripping with sweat and the victory of a challenge defeated, the men went back to their cabins and hung out for a while, just long enough to get dry and spend some time talking with friends, playing card games, or reading a book. Then it was time again to go out to their activities.


The kayak class got into the water to battle it out in some kayak water polo. Not far away, Elliot B. and Joe V. worked hard on their silver bars in swimming, and Ty M. and Charles J. worked diligently on their bronze bars. All swam with enthusiasm through the pouring rain. Also on the lake, both John S. and Brian S. came very close to completing their kayak rolls, and Bailey M. came close to his off-side kayak roll. Away from the rain, pottery classes started learning how to throw on the wheels. Daniel Y. especially showed lots of talent, making a difficult bowl on his first try. Guitar classes today were filled with lots of talent, with William K. and Eric H. making a lot of progress on learning their bar chords.


Dinner commenced as the weary but victorious rafters came back from a tough day on the Nantahala, treated on their return with a delicious meal of sweet and sour chicken and rice. The campers went from dinner on to the Little Chief ceremony. Here, among solemn silence and the entirety of the camp, campers were recognized for their commendations by their peers as well as their campers. They were also all recognized if any of them had achieved a rank advancement, a great honor that signifies hard work both in activities as well as service and humility among their cabin. From there, everyone retreated to the dining hall to play the new game of Minute to Win It. This involved many wild and ridiculous games that campers participated in as the rest of their tribe cheered them on. The winner, unbeknownst as the camp goes to bed tonight, will be revealed tomorrow at lunch.


The men then went back to their cabins, either to shower and go to bed, or continue on with another fun activity that their counselors revealed to them upon returning. Looking back on the day, mud and rain could have stopped the fun quite easily. Bad weather may halt or slow the rest of the world, but here at Camp Timberlake the fun and adventure is neither stopped nor slowed by it. As everyone dries off tonight and goes to bed, we all look forward to what tomorrow will bring.


Davis Bateman

Proud Iroquois

Guitar and Pottery Instructor​

A Day of Excitement

Today was a beautiful day at Camp Timberlake!  To start off the day Timberlake had french toast sticks and sausages.  Right after breakfast the Camp went out to do the morning yell, while the boys gathered together their gear and headed out to the Davidson River to fly fish.  During this excursion Aaron H. caught a nice rainbow trout.  After doing the yell the boys headed up to chapel. At chapel the boys sang three worship songs, did the Camp Hymn and Matt H. told a true story about how being prideful will ultimately fail you and how you should look upon the one who gives us our gifts, Jesus Christ.  After hearing the message the boys headed up to clean their cabin.  The scores received in cabin clean up were exceptionally great today!  So good that Big Slatty received the second perfect ten of the summer!

For the first time in camp history during first and second period campers were given an option to sign out of their classes and go on a Mountain Biking trail ride up on Tomahawk Trail;  The campers had a blast!  Jack D. continued learning leadership skills by taking the front of the group and telling encouraging words to ones behind him!  Andy Leshaw went on his first trip today and got closer to earning his bronze by completing the one trip requirement!  During this Mountain Biking adventure the other campers were in their first two activities.  During climbing Tyson M. climbed three of the four of the Upper Tower walls while Jack D. mapped out a route on the boulder at the Upper Tower.  In Swimming Charlie B. should himself to be a very proficient swimmer!  At fencing Damian U.  won a fencing match and continued to improve on his blade work and foot movement. In Backpacking Seth H. got his bronze, Nico L. received his silver, Victor A.  and Grant H. added to his knowledge of backpacking by building a fire from scratch on his own for the class! Finally during second period Christian S. had a sweet game winning goal in the wonderful game of Wonderball!  For those who are asking the question, “what is Wonderball?” Wonderball is a combination of soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball and a hint of rugby minus the physical aspect.  After the first two periods the mountain bikers finished the trail and all the campers had fifteen minuets to prepare for lunch.

At 12:30 the eaters bell was rang and Dan started the Adam’s Family prayer (this prayer is sang) then blessed our food.  Pizza was served at lunch which caused a frenzy because pizza is one of Camp Timberlake’s favorites.  After everyone ate, cabin scores were announced along with the Seminole’s victory in last night’s upper cabin evening activity, Wonderball while in the lower cabins Iroquous won last nights activity Battleball!  Right after lunch the campers and staff headed up to the best time rest time! This translates to a rest period of thirty minuets.  After Rest Time the campers head down to the Trading Post to get their favorite candy and drink.  This may vary from a Sprite to a Milkyway.  After Trading Post activities were opened up for campers wanting to get their bars in their activities.

Today in Climbing Baily Martin climbed the boulder working on the silver route.  During Free Time Dan N. also lead a work out session in the Mike and Big Piney played with Camp’s new Laser Tag guns in the Trading Post.  After Free Time Third and Fourth Period opened up!  In Rocketry Andy Leshaw got closer to earning his next bar in Rocketry.  During Archery George H. showed improvement in his technique.  In wrestling both Patrick and Brandon P. demonstrated a great double leg takedown on an opponent.  In Paintball and Airsoft there were some entertaining games were played by the campers!  During Soccer and Team Sports the two activities combined together and formed three teams and played Wonderball.  In the game Bow Adams’ showed off his goalkeeper abilities by blocking some well placed shots on frame.  JB G. vitalized his athleticism and helped score some crucial goals.  Harris C. almost scored some two pointer and overall the two classes had a great time playing!  It was also a great day in Swimming!  The weather was great, attitudes were awesome and the campers had a good time during learning new skills and free swimming!  In guitar Davis taught his class basic chords and Jack W. step towards his next bar in his class, Archie D. did well on bar chords, while Dane T. got closer to getting his Gold bar in guitar!  After third and fourth period the campers are given thirty minuets before dinner.  A group of campers threw the football outside the dining hall while Harris C. and a group of campers played several Tetherball matches by the Trading Post area.

At 5:00 the eaters bell rang as the campers filed into the dining hall.  After singing the superman prayer and Dan praying for the meal the room got louder as the campers excitingly yelled and screamed because the lovely kitchen staff made them chicken and mashed potatoes!   After stacking up the dishes and the councilors bringing them to the pass-through window and the staff announcements about trips going out in the next few days Matt H. rallies up the campers about the evening activity and announces Inferno!!

After the Evening Activity Greybeard went to Poker Night in the Enchanted Barn, Both Slatties’ went to a free swim and water polo,  Stompers Knob went to put the puppies to bed and Tomahawk played laser tag!  Following the post evening activities all the campers head up to their cabins to get ready to bed, socialize with cabin-mates and to hear a devo based on the chapel’s message and get get a good nights sleep so that they can be fresh for the next day!



Joe Boyd

Big Slaty Counselor

Proud Seminole



Another Great Day at Timberlake


As soon as the daily bugle greeted Timberlake at seven in the morning, it was immediately clear that today was not going to be like any other day. Campers and staff alike were woken up to an unusually cold morning, which meant one thing, a beautiful day at camp.


At breakfast, Timberlake was served a meal of scrambled eggs, home fries, and biscuits. The meal, a camp favorite, was universally loved, and provided everyone at camp the necessary energy to make it through the day. After the meal had ended, Timberlake walked back up the hill to Chapel. Today’s message in Chapel was given by Stomper’s Knob counselor Drew J. Today’s message focused on the incredible ability of Jesus to wash away our sins and renew us.


Once Chapel had ended, campers went back to their cabins for cabin cleanup. Every cabin was looking to dethrone the champions, Big Slaty, who had won cabin cleanup the previous day. Becoming the day’s champion would be no small task, and every cabin seemed up to the task.


One of the best things about Timberlake is the incredible trips that are taken out, and today, there was no shortage of great trips taken. After cabin cleanup, several groups met up and left camp, ready to conquer whatever challenges they would face outside of camp. Matteo A., Harper C., Zach F., Logan F., Cameron W., and Quinn F. all went on a waterskiing trip to Lake James, which is only about 45 minutes away. There was also a backpacking trip today with Victor A., Jack H., Joe B., Nathan M., Luc B., and Brian S. The boys hiked out of camp today on the Seven Sister’s Trail today, which follows a ridgeline in the Black Mountain/Montreat Area.


After the trips had left, Timberlake went their separate ways to morning activities. Over at the Tennis courts, Archie D. showed off his natural prowess at tennis by dominating backhands. In Paintball, Ben A., Peyton W., and Xavier S. all dominated, and each led his team to multiple victories, while on Spencer’s green Brandon P., Jack W., and Bailey M. all earned one step closer to their bronze bars in Team Sports by completing the football requirement of the bars. Even though they still have their basketball and Frisbee requirements, these three guys definitely completed a portion of one of the harder bars to earn at Timberlake!


Once the morning activities had ended, Timberlake once again met down at the dining hall for a meal. Today, campers and staff were treated to a delicious meal of chicken nuggets and fries. After lunch, two big announcements were ready to be made, the morning’s cabin cleanup and announcements, and the winner of last night’s evening activity, Ninja Training. Today’s cabin cleanup announcements were the first to be announced, and they had no shortage of drama. Today’s scores were some of the highest this summer, and it came down to two cabins, Stomper’s Knob, and Big Slaty. When all was said and done, Big Slaty emerged with a 9.99 to 9.90 victory over Stomper’s Knob. Next came the result of Ninja Training, and the entire dining hall was on pins and needles for the announcement. Program Director Thomas C. stepped to the mike to deliver euphoric news to one tribe, and devastating news to the other. “The winner of last night’s evening activity…” he began, “…is IROQUOIS!!!” Half the dining hall screamed in jubilation, while the other half hung their heads.


Next came rest time, one of Timberlake’s favorite times of the day, and after came free time. During free time, there is no shortage of activities, and every day, innumerable amounts of campers take advantage of this time to get better in their activities. In Archery, Ben A. earned his bronze, while Nico L. belayed his fellow campers at the Upper Tower on Spencer’s green. Also, Jack G. and Tom B. ran the Tomahawk Trail and moved one step closer to earning an elective mark in the Little Chief system.


After free time came the afternoon activities. In tennis, Bennett D. dominated Jail, and cemented himself as the camper to beat. George H. rocked the low ropes course in backpacking, while at the same time in canoeing, Matteo A., Damian U., and Hugh S. won a paddle race. All the way up the hill at the Mark, Josh K. taught fencing class how to perry, and on Spencer’s Green, Zach F. learned how to throw a backhand with a Frisbee in team sports. In Riflery, Mike P. shot sitting down in order to move one step closer to his silver bar. At the Upper Tower, Dash V. belayed everyone in his class, including Parker C. and Bailey M. who both moved one step closer to his silver bar. Finally, down at the lake, Ty M. learned his T-Rescue in kayaking and now can move on to learning his roll.


Dinner came next, and Timberlake was treated to Burrito Casserole, a camper favorite. The dining hall was nearly silent as campers and staff alike chowed down on a hearty meal. Once the meal had ended, the evening activity was announced and tonight’s activities are two of Timberlake’s best. Tomahawk, Little Piney, and Big Piney are in the Mike playing Battleball, while Stomper’s Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty, and Greybeard are up on Spencer’s Green playing a game invented by counselor Brandon C. called Wonderball. Wonderball is a mix of lacrosse, handball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee and has already become a camper favorite.


After the evening activities, Tomahawk and Big Piney will be having a dance party in the Mike, Little Piney will be playing Laser Tag, Stomper’s Knob will be enjoying the waterslide, Little Slaty will be putting the puppies to bed, Big Slaty will be having s’mores at the backpacking hut, and Greybeard, the oldest cabin, will be sleeping out at the Mark tonight.


Overall, tonight was a great day at camp that will certainly not be forgotten. It truly is days like today that push the camp experience to a whole new level, and provide a positive experience for each and every boy at Timberlake.


Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards

Big Piney Counselor

UGA Class of 2017

Tennis Instructor

Seminole for Life

Proud American