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Trips Everywhere…


Today was an awesome day in and out of camp! Colby F, Daniel L, Chase R, David T, Tom M and Thomas W. went fly fishing on the Davidson River and caught tons of fish! Harper C, Frederik E, Hank H, Alex A, Dubose T, and Logan B went water skiing on Lake James and Frederik killed it. In soccer Gresham C scored a hat-trick and the winning goal in 4th period. Joe B beat the entire swimming class today in a relay! Hank B, Daniel Y, and Jack D went on a climbing trip to the North Face of Looking Glass and all crushed it. Tim M, Tom C, and Tom B went on a mountain biking trip today to Dupont National Forest and had a blast ripping it up and swimming at Hooker Falls. Big Piney got a perfect 10 today in cabin clean-up for the second day in a row! We played an awesome game of The Great Escape to finish out the night. I love camp.

Evan Spurgeon

Little Slaty Counselor
Kayak Instructor
“War Eagle”

What About Next Summer?

During my first year at camp I made my parents proud.  They were proud of my independence.  They were proud that I could be a camper, which meant I could be almost anything (they knew this because they knew a lot about camps!).  The second summer I made my counselors proud.  They were proud because I learned to wrestle.  They were proud because I had stopped being afraid and had discovered a couple things I was good at doing.  They were proud because they were responsible for many of those changes.  My third summer at camp I made myself proud.  I was proud because I learned I could do much more than succeed at camp.  At camp I could practice being a better person than I could be anywhere else, and by my third summer I could see myself becoming that person for real.


My fourth summer my father bought a girls camp, and I was 12, and I thought camp could never be anything more to me than it had already been.  So I chose to work at Merri-Mac rather than return to my camp.  It was a bad decision.  I know this because every day I work with campers and staff who have been with us for ten and more years and I see something in them that fills the gap between being a great child and an exceptional young man or woman.    These are campers who make their parents proud, these are CIT’s that make their counselors proud, these are counselors who make themselves proud, and these are young people that I envy and admire.


Our goal is to make each summer the best of every camper’s life, and sometimes we come pretty close.   This is our goal but it is not our purpose, because it is not each summer that we are most interested in.  It is every summer, put together, that is our best tool in making children into exceptional young people.  I hope your camper will be able to join us for many summers to come.

Adam Boyd

Blue Skies for Life


Today was another great day to be at Camp Timberlake.  The sun came up early and there was a blue sky all day long.  The boys enjoyed some tasty pancakes on their first day of camp.  Following breakfast the boys ventured out of the tucker inn and headed to the back green for the morning yell.  The morning yell today was led by Charlie R. The morning yell consists of the boys yelling to another great day and adventure at Camp Timberlake.  Before the yell Charlie R will inspire the kids by a strong motivating speech.  After the yell Ben A, Tim M and Tom B went to Lake James to go Mountain Biking.  On the trail Tim learned how to corner turns, which promoted a lot of improvement in his biking.  Tom Bryan continued to improve in his down hill technique and pumping through flowing parts of the trail.  After mountain biking eleven miles the boys loaded up their bikes and drove over to the beach and ate and swim during lunch.  Another trip that had a good day was Kayaking.

The boys raced up to the chapel after the yell to ring the bell and then start chapel.  Chapel consists of three worship songs and a short message by one of the councilors or program staff.  After the locations of Team Sports and Climbing are told the boys headed up to the cabins to clean their respective cabins.

At 9:30 the boys headed to their first and second period.  Day one always starts with safety talks, but this did not prevent the boys from having a blast in their classes.  In swimming today the boys learned free syle and did some relay races.  The relay race today came down to the wire but thanks to Alex A his team clenched a win.  In kayaking today the boys demonstrated some awesome wet exits.  Because of this the boys will have a good foundation to build on.

At 11:30 the boys were released from their activities and had 15 minutes until lunch. Making there way to the Tucker Inn, everyone dined on grilled ham n’ cheese sandwiches, which paired with tomato soup, made for a yummy meal!  After lunch the boys headed up to rest time then free time at 1:00.  During this time the boys were able to get their favorite drink and candy and then play tetherball (a camp favorite), free swim or work on bars in their respective activities.

At 2:30 the boys went to third and fourth activities where pottery learned how to make pinch pots.  Also Chase and Cole R and Joe B shot well in Archery.  In Mountain Biking the boys learned how to change a flat and identify parts of a bike, next class they will learn how to do basic skills on the grass and see camps new berm and pump track.  At 5 p.m. the boys had the famous Sunday dinner, fried chicken and mashed potatoes and then elected tribal positions Iroquois elected Hank B as MedMan, to run things alongside the already established Chief Seth H. The Seminoles granted the Chief position to Grant H and Charlie D as his MedMan.  After elections the boys played inferno and participated in post evening activities with their cabins.

Joe Boyd

Welcome to 3B!



Good Evening Parents,

Every year we labor to find an employee who has just the right blend of computer skills coupled with a background in photography. This year we hit the jackpot with our social media director, Lauren Geerken and professional photographer, Dave Johnson. Lauren is a communications expert (also with photography skills) who is excited about the opportunity to maintain our online presence and assist you in viewing what is going on here with your campers and Dave has many years under his belt as a professional photographer and is guaranteed to improve the quality of what our families will see each day.

Each day we assign a counselor (or two) to roam around camp snapping pictures of what is going on. We also get cameras out on the many trips that we take during each session. Usually after the evening activity that counselor is given the task of writing an article to let you know what happened for that day. You will see things like bar requirements earned (goals that the campers strive for in each of the activities), trips that went out, frogs that were caught (and by whom), tribal results for the evening activities, food that was eaten, evening trading post raids that happened (campers dressed like ninjas of course), and most recently campers who were initiated into their tribes. Each camper went into the tribal teepee tonight and came out a proud new member of the Seminole or Iroquois tribe! Here is a list of those initiated tonight:

Seminoles: Benjamin C, Drake D, Brady D, William J, Daniel B, Henry L, Grant R, Jackson R, Lucas R, Alex R, Jeb S, Van S, Harry S, Henry S, Eiji T, Lucas Z, Bennett P

Iroquois: Seth B, Eli B, Brayden C, Gresham C, John C, Nick G, Ryland K, Caiden L, Kurt M, Zachary P, George R, Judah R, Marco S, Thomas S, Duncan S, Chase S

So why do we run this website? Because we want you to be able to be caught up in the story of Camp Timberlake! By doing this we are giving you a one way mirror into what all we do here while camp is in session. As you will see we have a lot of fun! Chances are that you will see your boy on this website in the coming days, but if not, please be patient with us. It takes a while to get everyone on camera. We are going to do quite a few “cabin shots” to try to help with this. But I can promise that you will be able to know what all is going on here and in some cases even before the campers do. If you are having trouble navigating it or logging on please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We are so grateful to have your boys with us this summer!

Dan Singletary




It was a beautiful Thursday at Camp Timberlake. The morning started off with revelry and a delicious breakfast of French Toast sticks and sausage and the announcement of the best day at camp…TRIBE-A-PALOOZA! We kicked it off with a classic game of Sock War and then moved in to a new camp favorite, PIRATE BALL! Soccer took their first trip of the summer with Hank R, Jack D, Mateo A, Jake L, Matthew D, Ben A, Nicholson B, Christian S, Beau A, Jack G, Jack W, and Charlie W to the Grey Eagle to play a few games of indoor soccer. Fly fishing took a trip to Davidson Creek today and fished it dry thanks to Sam H! Everyone had an awesome time. We rounded out the evening with Little Chief and and epic game of Commando. During Little Chief, commendations and promotions were given out to guys that show a little extra heart for camp and for each other.


Will G and Patrick M

Little Piney
Charlie W, Mason J, Jake T, Jack G, Alex W, and Rees R

Big Piney
  Will Henry A, Davis M, Noah W, Blake W, Mitchell G, and Drew S

Stomper’s Knob
Charlie S, Will F, Matthew S, Chancellor R, and Bennett B

Little Slaty
  Archie D, Parker C, Nathan M, and Jake L

Big Slaty
Brian S, Joe B, Ford L, Conrad A, and Bennet D

Grey Beard
Will G, Matthew J, Colby F, Ben A, Dane T, and Joe V


Patrick P, Drew S, and Mitchell G

Will G, Matthew D, and Will Henry A

Logan H, Bennett B, Alex N, Riley P, Chancellor R, and Will F

Brandon P, Enrique D, Josh K, Conrad A, Sean G, and Joe B

Will K

Matthew J and Will G

Congratulations to all the guys that got these commendations and promotions!

Evan Spurgeon

Little Slaty Counselor
Kayak Instructor
“War Eagle”

Have Fun at Christian Sleepaway Camp near Florida


The perfect way for your son to spend next summer is at a Christian sleepaway camp near Florida, like Camp Timberlake! At Camp Timberlake, it is basically guaranteed that your son will have the best summer of his life and endless hours of fun! Keep on reading to hear about some of the things your son will do if he comes to Camp Timberlake next year!

Beginning the first day, your son is guaranteed to make a bunch of new friends. A typical day at summer camp is filled with excitement, learning, and TONS of fun! Whether your son has been going to summer camp his entire life, or this is his first year, he will be welcomed into Camp Timberlake and can feel free to be himself. By participating in a variety of Christian sleepaway camp activities, boys will learn new skills and find something he is truly passionate about and continue once he is home at the end of the summer. Swimming, wrestling, fencing, climbing, guitar, soccer, and more are offered at Camp Timberlake. It doesn’t matter if your son has participated in these before or not, our amazing staff will help your son set and achieve goals while improving and having fun every single day! What could be better than that?!

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best Christian sleepaway camp near Florida, make sure to contact Camp Timberlake today! Call us at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour of the campgrounds today!

Workin for the Bars


Another day at camp has come and gone, and what a day it was! The morning started with baked oatmeal, bacon, and blueberry muffins at breakfast, and soon after we were in chapel listening to Austin S speak on “who is man?” After chapel, the boys worked hard cleaning their cabins–hoping to inch closer to the coveted pizza party prize. Activities started soon after, and lots of guys spent the day progressing in their bar achievements.

In kayaking, Joe B, Sean G, Jack H, Kennon  S, Ty M, and Zeb H all got their bronze bars, while Ford L got his silver bar! On the soccer field, Matthew D got his silver, and Will K got his bronze. Soccer plans to take a trip out of camp tomorrow to play indoors in Black Mountain! At the archery range, Brian S got his silver, and Hank R got his bronze bar. In Climbing, the boys were learning about climbing gear, and learned how to place cams in cracks at the lake, and Brandon P demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the climbing gear.

After morning activities, we ate a delicious meal of mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese while we learned that the Iroquois won Aquafest last night! After lunch and rest time, it rained HARD for an hour, but that didn’t stop a group of guys from practicing their fly-fishing casts at the lake! Also at the lake, surfing lessons took place, and counselor Carter B caught his first fish on the fly rod! A baby bass!

Afternoon activities were just as exciting as the morning’s. Pottery began glazing their creations, and the kiln will be running tonight. Joe B taught his swimming class proper butterfly technique, and Nicholson B earned his bronze in tennis class!

Tonight, the boys are competing for their tribes in the classic game of Dutch Auction. They’ll bring random items to The Mark and act out scenarios for a panel of judges! After, the cabins will split upfront their respective “post evening activities,” then it will be time for showers and bed! With session 3A coming to an end, we still continue to have lots of fun here at camp!


In Christ,

Ashton Clark

Tomahawk counselor

Who will win? Snoopy or Dolphin?



The men of Camp Timberlake woke to the bugle at 7am to a beautiful overcast morning. After racing down to the best meal at camp, geometry breakfast, we gathered on the back lawn and participated in the routine morning yell then walked to chapel. Our very own Dan Singletary spoke on the question, “Who is Jesus?” and explained that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. Finally after cabin clean up, activities started again fresh on the mountain.

It was a packed day all around with a lot of things happening! Matthew D. and Andres D. both scored numerous goals in soccer 4th period and Andres channeled his inner Lionel Messi as he scored the game-winning goal. Also up on Spencer’s green, Sean G. and Archie D. both earned their silver bars in fencing and many kids rappelled off of the tower in climbing class. Parker C. continues to work hard for his gold bar in climbing.

In canoeing, the valuable skill of deep water rescue was learned and Jake H. and Carson H. executed their “unswamping” maneuver very well. In kayaking, Hank B. and Ford L. both went on the Pigeon River today and played with some waves and rocked the rapids! In backpacking, campers were on the high ropes coarse today and they loved it! Will A. showed amazing accuracy in airsoft and shows real potential to be the next “American Sniper”. In riflery, Wade R. shot a .52 in a group to break the session record! In the other shooting sport, archery, JB G. earned his silver bar and his cousin Will G. is soon to earn it as well! Perhaps the most notable part of activities today is that the kiln finished and everyone in pottery class got to glaze their beautiful creations. Several campers continue to get close to their bronze bars in that class.

After a great cheese ravioli dinner, the campers headed to aquafest, a beloved evening activity here at Timberlake. Surely watery triumphs await the Seminoles and Iroquois at Lake Doris tonight! This has been your daily update on life at Camp Timberlake. Can’t wait to get up tomorrow and do it all over again!


In Christ,

Marshall Clark

Greybeard Counselor



Forever Friends



Here’s roughly the conversation my husband overheard about 10 seconds before he took the photograph:“Hey. I remember you.”

“I remember you, too.”

“Want to go up to the Archery Range?”

“Okay. Bye, Dad!”
This conversation, and the moment my husband captured on film immediately afterward, are the very essence of camp. You make friends, you have a blast together for a few weeks, and then you go away for a year. But as soon as you see each other again, you just pick right up where you left off.
My camp friends and I did this every year for the eight years. Then our camp closed, we grew up, and started living lives of our own, all over the country. Then, about 25 years after we last said goodbye as girls at camp, we were reunited when we took our sons to their own camp last year. And you know what? It doesn’t matter if it’s one year, or five years, or even twenty-five years, you still pick up right where you left off.  That, to me, is the sign of a true friendship, one that will stand the test of time.
Will my boy’s camp friendships last into his adulthood? Who knows. But what I do know is that the more times he and his friends raid the Trading Post, the more sock wars they wage, and the more sitting around and laughing about nothing that they do, the more likely it is those memories will be gleefully recalled whenever the boys get together again – no matter how much time has passed.

People ask me all the time why I send my boys away to sleep away camp, and the truth is that there are a hundred million reasons that are hard to understand, if you haven’t experienced them yourself. But of all the reasons, the most important to me is this: I want them to learn how to build relationships and make friendships on their own – without the bonds of parents, of school, of sports, of location, of background. That’s why I send my kids to camp. What skill is more important than learning to get along with anyone and everyone? All on your own? I kinda can’t think of one.

So, yes, it’s fun to learn archery, and it’s cool to know how to ride a horse. But to be able navigate a group of people and make your own way, before you’re even eleven? And have a blast doing it? Now, that’s really something, y’all.




Day Joe BoyCow Happy!!!

TL7-25articleIt was a beautiful day at camp, and as the sun broke over the mountains, every camper knew that it was not going to be an ordinary day. The bugle did not go off at seven in the morning, as it usually would, but instead, campers and staff were treated to breakfast in bed consisting of Nut-Dos and Chocolate Cow Juice.

At this moment, everyone in camp realized what had been rumored for the previous week. Today, Saturday July 25th, was Cowboy Joe Day, a day where we celebrate the immortal Cowboy Joe, who was a mighty fine cowboy and nut-do peddler who had a tendency to do some things backwards. So, in his spirit, we talk backwards, we wear out clothes backwards, and generally do most of the things at camp backwards.

Once breakfast had been had, Timberlake moved onto cabin cleanup, where the contest for the pizza party was heating up. Every cabin has a realistic shot at winning cabin cleanup for this session, and it showed in the ferocity for cleaning today.

Next came the Morning Activity, Ball-Battle, in which Jake T. shined for the Lower Cabin Seminoles, while in the Upper Cabins Seth H. and Ford L. led the Iroquois tribe to a victory.

After an hour of Ball-Battle, Timberlake moved onto activities, which in the spirit of Cowboy Joe, are done a little backwards today. Instead of staff teaching the activities, campers in the oldest cabin, GreyBeard, instead teach the day’s lessons.

Up on Spencer’s Green, Tom B. led climbing and belayed for the whole class period. Meanwhile, at Lake Doris, Grant H. taught the basic strokes during swimming class while Dane T. ran kayaking.

The end of the morning’s activities brought around lunch, where Timberlake was treated to a camp favorite, meatball subs and s’more pockets. The dining hall was nearly silent as campers and staff alike chowed down on the deliciousness that was today’s lunch.

Next came the best hour, rest hour, followed by free time and trading post. Free time is a great time for campers to compete in tournaments, and today was no exception, with Rees R. winning an Airsoft Tournament, and with it, free trading post.

Mid-afternoon soon came, and campers got ready for their afternoon activites. Up at the archery range, Drew W. led class and taught campers the proper form for holding the bow. Down by the backpacking hut, Colby F. taught camp craft and held a contest to see who could tie the best tarps, which was won by the Seminoles. In pottery, Kennon S. instructed campers on how to make pinch pots while Matthew J. channeled his inner rocket scientist and trained America’s future astronauts in rocketry.

However, the final, and best event of the day was still to be had. Ever since the wee hours of the morning, a crack team of chefs had been cooking pulled pork for the dinner cookout on Mackey’s Green.

The cookout really is one of the most remembered events of the summer, and it showed. The line to eat may have been long, but it was worth it, as no one left hungry and without a smile on his face.

As I write this, campers and staff are currently in the Mullet Games, an amalgamation of Hubcap Tossing, Watermelon Seed Shooting, Lawn Bowling, Counselor Skeet Shooting, and John Cougar Mellencamp. Once these are over, we’ll transition to the Evening Yell, and then to Chapel, which will be led by Program Director Brandon C. After that, Timberlake will seemingly get ready for bed, but instead will head up to Spencer’s Green for a nightcap of fireworks put together by Dan.

Cowboy Joe Day may be one of the wackiest days at camp all summer, but it is also one of the most cherished.

Night Good,

Charlie Richards

Orlando Magic Superfan

Tennis Guest-Instructor

Cabin Area Director

UGA Class of 2017

Seminole for Life