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Timberlake’s newest Seminole








A lot of our Timberlake family will remember the great “Sultan of Fun”, Stephen Owens, from a few years back.  He was our Program director, Intern, Assistant Director, and general expert in all things fun.  He and his wife, Brie, (also a bit of a camp legend at Merri-Mac) went through quite a long and emotional adoption process.  We have been praying for them now for about four years that doors would open for them to have a child of their own.  Well the doors opened wide for them with young Stephen Joseph Owens II.  (and they would need to swing wide because this baby is a bruiser!)  The Seminoles just got a real boost with some future talent for Sock war.  So happy for these folks and so proud to call them a camp family!

Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp

DSCN0301Summer provides children with a perfect opportunity to learn new things and try out new activities. One of the best ways of to do this without spending summer at home, is by going to a summer camp! At a summer camp near South Carolina, like Camp Timberlake, boys are given an opportunity to spend some time away from home with new friends and have endless hours of fun every single day.

However, there are a ton of different summer camps near South Carolina, making it extremely difficult to find the “perfect” one for your son. So Camp Timberlake has come up with a few tips to make this process a little less stressful for you!


One way to cancel out some of the summer camps is by crossing out the ones that you know your family won’t be able to afford. The price of summer camp ranges from one camp to another, so make sure to check out the rates & dates page to ensure whether or not a specific camp is in your price range. Also, before signing up for a camp find out if there are any discounts that your family may be able to qualify for.


How far away the summer camp is may influence your decision. With summer camps that are sleepaway, the distance may not play as big a role in your decision. But always make sure that you and your child are comfortable with how far away from home the summer camp is.


The easiest way to ensure that your son has a good time at summer camp, is by sending them to one that offers activities that he is interested in. Make sure the summer camp activities that he is interested in are offered at each specific camp. Also, find out how many times a week and how long he will actually be able to participate in these activities.


The summer camp staff are the people who will be supervising and spending the summer with your son. Make sure that you trust these people and know they are trained for any situation that may arise. If possible, have you and your son meet with a counselor and ask questions. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the camp, the summer camp staff is the number one source to go to.

Your Child

Since your son is the one who will be attending the summer camp, allow him to make the final decision. Narrow down your list to the summer camps that you are comfortable with, and have him choose one. Your list should include summer camps that meet all of your standards and will give your son the best summer camp experience possible.

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best summer camp near South Carolina, then look no further than Camp Timberlake! Call us today at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour of the campgrounds.

Finding the Perfect Summer Camp

IMG_7707Even though the summer may have just ended here at Camp Timberlake, have you started thinking about what your son will be doing next year? The earlier that you find a summer camp for your child, the less stress you will endure and the more money you’re likely to save! And who doesn’t want that? To make the process easier, our summer camp near Virginia has a few tips to help you find the perfect camp for your son or daughter next summer!

Like we said before, the earlier that you decide on a summer camp, the more likely you are to qualify for discounts. The price of summer camp may seem out of reach, but with referral, sibling, and early bird discounts summer camp can be affordable. If you’re worried that your son or daughter won’t enjoy the camp, make sure to do your research! The easiest way to guarantee that your child loves their experience is by choosing a camp that offers activities that they enjoy. Look through the summer camp activities and explore all of the options. See what your son or daughter is interested in doing at camp and make sure the camp specifically offers that. Don’t worry about how far the summer camp is from your home. While the distance may seem like a huge deal, it really isn’t. If you and your child are interested in a summer camp, don’t cross it off the list because you feel as though it is “too far from home”. Instead, go and visit the camp. See what the trip there is like, look at the campgrounds, explore the summer camp facilities, and see if you and your child are comfortable there. If you feel like it is the perfect fit, then it probably is. Finding a summer camp for your son or daughter may seem difficult, but once you finally find the perfect one all of the stress is gone and your child will have the best summer of their life!

If you’re interested in sending your child to the best summer camp near Virginia, then contact Camp Timberlake! Call us today at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds.

Why Summer Camp is Great for Boys


We can’t believe that another summer has come and gone here at Camp Timberlake! This summer was definitely one of the best here at our summer camp near South Carolina and we are already counting down until drop off day next year. And for those who weren’t already aware, sending your son to Camp Timberlake is one of the best decisions you could make.

  • Children Gain Independence

From the moment that you drop your son off at Camp Timberlake, he learns to be independent and how to take care of himself. For many children, going to summer camp is one of the first times away from home and their family for an extended period of time. With the help of our amazing summer camp staff, children will quickly adjust and gain independence that is very beneficial to their future.

  • Come Home with New Friends

By the end of the summer, your son will have tons of new friends that he made at summer camp. A lot of our campers say that they have met their best friends at Camp Timberlake and count down until they are reunited the next summer!

  • Participate in New Activities

Camp Timberlake offers a variety of summer camp activities that many children won’t have the opportunity to try out anywhere else. There are a bunch of options for boys to choose to participate in. We offer everything from fencing and rocketry, to soccer and kayaking. We are positive that your son will find something that he loves to do at Camp Timberlake.

  • Disconnect From Technology

We believe that all children need a chance to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the world around them. Instead of being connected to a cord or cell phone, children will have opportunities to explore our extensive campgrounds and summer camp facilities, probably even go on an adventure to see the great outdoors! Summer camp is a great place to get away from the stress that comes along with school, and instead have a chance to relax and reconnect with nature.

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best summer camp near South Carolina, then make sure to contact Camp Timberlake! Call us today at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour!


Tribapalooza Finale


Today was a bittersweet day at Camp Timberlake. Not only was it the last full day of camp for the 3rd session, but it was also our last full day of camp for this summer! The day started off with our campers getting to sleep in an extra hour and then were awoken to the smooth melodies of Kenny G and RANDOM DONUTS! After our helping of donuts and smooth jazz, the guys were treated to a fantastic chapel led by counselor Brandon C. Brandon answered the question Who is Man? and how that fits into the story of the Bible.

After chapel, we found out that today was Tribeapalooza! This is a day where we ditch the usual activities and play evening activities all day long. So the men headed on down for an awesome game of Sock War! Before Sock War a few guys hit the Tomahawk trail on a trailride with the horses. Those guys were Cole S., Sam H., Alex S., Phillip S. and Chase R. Following Sock War, we had a scrumptious lunch of pizza and cookies!! At the end of lunch we found out that Big Piney came out on top as the champions of cabin cleanup.

Next, we skipped our normal rest time and headed straight to Lake Doris for some Pirate Ball! After that we headed to the cabins for rest hour and free time. Dinner was splendid and consisted of beef, potatoes and broccoli, with brownies for dessert. Following dinner we had our Final Campfire and Little Chief ceremony. Grant H. Seth H. and Hank B. received Little Chief and the rest of the promotions are as follows:



Gus R.

William E.

Ryland K.

Jonathan H.

Gresham C.

Cooper B.

Bennett P.

Thomas S.



Sam H.

Finley B.



Connor B.

James W.



Edward C.

Chase R.

Drake D.

David T.

Daniel L.



Alex N.

Daniel Y.

Harper C.

Tom B.



Thomas C.

Joe B.

Tim M.



Kennon S.

Ben A.

Zander Z.


This was also the time where all of the guys shook the hands of each and every counselor and said their final goodbyes. The night is not over however, as we look forward to one last activity…COMMANDO!


This has been an amazing session and summer at Camp Timberlake. We hope that many of the young men that have walked these hallowed grounds had life changing experiences and adventures this year. I personally cannot wait to be back next summer for another great adventure at Camp Timberlake.


Growth through friends and adventure

Counselor Max H.


Little Slaty

Taco Tuesday Part 5


As reveille sounded, the boys of Camp Timberlake were greeted by another beautiful day in the mountains and a breakfast of sausage links, coffee cake, and breakfast pizza to fuel the action packed morning. Once breakfast was devoured, campers participated in the rousing Morning Yell, and then heard a chapel speech from our cabin area director Charlie R. He discussed how we have nothing to fear because God is always with us. After chapel, everyone headed back to cabin cleanup. With the end of camp near and the cabin clean up pizza party coming down to the wire, every cabin intensely cleaned their cabins. Though each cabin gave a valiant effort, Little Slaty was able to go from last place the day before to first place today. Well done gentlemen!


When the time for morning activities camp, all of the campers showed they were serious about earning bars for their progress and achievements. Down at the lake, campers kept counselors impressed with their skills. In swimming, Connor B. earned his bronze bar in swimming by executing freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly to perfection. Just on the other side of the dock, Alex A. and Jeb S. earned their bronze bars in kayaking. Up at the paintball course, Hank H. demonstrated superior bravery in his matches and completed the final step for his silver bar in paintball.


After an action-packed morning, the boys were excited to refuel at lunch. To delight of everyone, lunch was a camp favorite of Tacos in a Bag. Tacos in a Bag are quite the experience as you mix your taco meat and desired toppings in a Frito bag and then eat out of the bag. Eating to a happy fullness, the campers then took a short break from activities with rest time. Following rest time was the daily free time. During free time, Kennan S. hosted an airsoft tournament. Though the tournament was intense, Kennan S. ultimately was crowned champion of his own tournament and achieved his gold bar in airsoft. I know who I want on my team in an airsoft battle.


On the waterskiing trip, Jackson, Lucas, and Grant R. shredded the lake up on the wakeboard. They are one amazing wakeboarding family. Dubose T. turned in a fantastic performance on the kneeboard as well. Back at camp, Jeb S. earned his silver bar in airsoft. To earn this bar, he single handedly beat four other players. Also during the afternoon, the Greybearders returned from their Summit Trip where they had a blast canoeing, camping, and learning how to be a man of God. Throughout this two-day trip, Zander Z. and Tim M. stepped up as awesome leaders for their fellow campers. While all the guys at camp were eating well, the Greybearders were not left out on their trip. Trip leader Josiah B. cooked steak and omelet bowls for the trip and arranged for a return feast of grilled turkey legs, grilled corn, and potatoes.


Dinner did not disappoint, with a hearty meal of pasta, mixed vegetables, and garlic bread. As dinner approached a finish, every camper waited in eager anticipation for the evening announcement. The crowd went wild as we found out that lower cabins were playing a classic game in capture the flag while the upper cabins were playing ultimate basketball. All of the campers went to change into their tribal gear and then headed to their battle stations. Each game was intense with campers trying their hardest to win for their tribe. After the game was over, campers enjoyed various activities such as board games and smores with their cabins and then headed to bed knowing they needed rest for the last full day of camp tomorrow.


Andrew Peace

Monday Madness


After a relaxing Sunday and yet another cool night at Camp Timberlake, the campers arose to the sound of reveille and headed towards breakfast. The boys were greeted by a hearty breakfast of French toast and bacon before starting the day.

The campers went outside and did the Morning Yell, then ran their way up to chapel to sing some songs such as the well-loved “Banana Song” and “As The Deer”. They then heard a message from the Bible from our counselor Max H. before rolling into cabin cleanup and heading off to the morning activities.

Up at the archery range, Bryan S. shot some stunning groupings, and made his way 2 targets closer to the gold bar. Down at the lake, Duncan S. and Will G. practiced and executed a perfect deep water rescue in canoeing class. Nearby, practicing on trees and standing on the ground, Daniel Y. and Dash V. tied some climbing anchors and learned more knots necessary to secure a top-rope anchor, both of them getting closer to earning their gold bars. Down in the Enchanted Barn, the boys in pottery class were learning the basics of glazing, and were able to glaze their very own pinch pots that had just come out of the kiln.

At lunch time, there was no shortage of excitement over the Stromboli that was served. Everyone ate to their heart’s content and then some, and went off to rest time with full stomachs. The campers took a short but much-needed break from the days activities before jumping straight into free time. Some of the boys played Thunderball, others battled it out on the Tetherball courts, and almost everyone got some candy from the Trading Post. Also during free time, Nick G. hosted a fencing tournament up at the Mark, in which Jack G. took the victory. David T. also earned his silver in fencing today.

The afternoon was just as eventful as the rest of the day. Near the top of the hill and around the Mark was a busy place. On the wrestling mats, both Lucas Z. and George R. earned their bronze bars. Nearby in the woods, Enrique D. earned his gold bar in airsoft, the first gold bar all summer! Farther up the trails, mountain biking was tearing it up on the pump track. Geoffrey M. got better in his downhill position and continued working on the new table-top.

Dinner was another crowd-pleaser – chicken fajitas and chocolate churros. Then came the evening announcement…the crowd went wild, the Man in the Helmet ran laps around the dining hall and then screamed out “Ninja Training!” and the crowd went ever wilder. The campers went up to the cabins to change, and then played the epic and sneaky game of Ninja Training. They avoided stingers, organized group raids, and even had to decipher where the correct secret bases were. After the game was over, campers joined up with their cabins for various activities such as laser tag and cooking s’mores. Sufficiently tired from the full day, the boys went to bed and rested up to get ready for Tuesday.


Counselor Davis

One of the Best Days of the Summer!


It was another gorgeous day at Timberlake, and as the bugle rang at seven in the morning, campers and staff knew that today would not be any average day. Timberlake made their way down to the Big House, where they found a camp favorite meal, Geometry breakfast!  For those who have never experienced the wonder of a “Geometry breakfast,” let me explain it to you really quick. It consists of biscuits, egg patties, hash browns, and sausage patties. All of these ingredients are combined into a breakfast sandwich and then enjoyed.

Once all the Geometry had been consumed, Timberlake met on the back green for the morning yell and then went back up the Chapel, given by paintball and airsoft counselor, Winston H.
Today, he discussed how we are dirty and how Jesus cleans us off.

After Chapel, campers and staff went back to the cabins for cabin cleanup, where Big Piney attempted to replicate the previous day’s success with another victory. However, Little Piney and GreyBeard had a different look in their eyes today, as both of those cabins were trying to close the gap between themselves and first place for the pizza party.

Soon, it was time for the morning’s activities, and Timberlake made their way out of the cabins. However, today would not be an average days in the activities, as it was Staff Appreciation Day! Campers in the oldest cabin, GreyBeard, would be donning green Timberlake staff shirts and assuming the leading role both in activities and at meals. It really is an incredible experience for each and every GreyBeard-er to step up to the plate and showcase their unique gifts.

There was no shortage of these gifts on display this morning, as Timberlake went full force in all of their activities. On the Traverse Wall, Climbing class made a lot of progress learning knots while Dubose T. learned how to ascend a rope. Up on Spencer’s Green, Grant R., Rawson B., Robert L., Logan B., Freddy E., and Xander Z. all earned their bronze bars in Soccer. Maybe one day we’ll see one of them on the US Men’s National Team. On Lake Doris, Charlie D. and Henry S.
earned their bronze bars in Kayaking and demonstrated numerous skills that will be valuable as they take a river trip.

Soon, 11:30 rolled around, and with it, the conclusion of the morning’s activities. Campers and staff once again made their way down to the dining hall and found themselves treated to another favorite meal, mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese! The dining hall was nearly silent as everyone chowed down on their meals, replenishing their bodies for the events of the afternoon.

As lunch began to draw to a close, the focus shifted from the meal and to the scores of cabin cleanup. The competition for the session was beginning to heat up, as Big Piney had without notice fallen back to Earth and suddenly seemed vulnerable.
The scores were read off one by one by Grant H., and interestingly enough, the top three cabins today were the three lower cabins, Tomahawk, LIttle Piney, and Big Piney. Anticipation
filled the dining hall, and as Tomahawk was read off as the third place finish, both the Pineys grew in anticipation. The friendly rivalry between Little and Big Piney is well documented and a source for great competition.

Today, Little Piney got the best of Big Piney, as they defeated them in cabin inspection by the razor thin margin of 10 to 9.9. Even though Big Piney still finds themselves in the pole position, both Little Piney and GreyBeard are making runs at the pizza party and it really is anyone’s game.

After lunch came the best time, rest time, and once naps had been taken, Timberlake made their way to free time, where today, rockets were being launched on Spencer’s Green.
Gus R., Marco S., William E., Thomas S., and Eiji T. all successfully launched their level one rockets, and earned their bronze bars in Rocketry.  Jack D. also earned his gold bar by launching his level three rocket, while
Ben A. took another step towards his gold in rocketry by successfully launching his spare parts rocket. Once free time ended, Timberlake again went their separate ways to afternoon activities. On the tennis courts, Jack D. and Colby F. taught basic groundstrokes to the next great class of American tennis players, while up at the Mark, Chase R. fenced for his silver bar. At the lake, Bennett P. beat the whole class in a race and earned his silver, and down at the Camp Craft Hut Alex S. taught Backpacking where he led the class in the low ropes course.

Soon, dinner was upon us, and Timberlake once again met again at the dining hall for a delicious meal of jambalaya, cornbread, fried okra, and baked beans. It was a much needed energy boost for the rest of the night, which was soon to be announced.  Dinner soon found itself reaching its end, and murmurs started spreading around the dining hall about the evening activity. Would it be Ninja Training? Juggernaut? Another round of the critically acclaimed new game, Mission Impossible? Despite all the guessing, no one really knew what the event would be and was left on the edge of their seat.

It would be none of those, as we would soon find out, as Tomahawk counselor Nick B. announced that the evening activity would be Stealing Skins! Stealing Skins pits the two tribes, the Seminole and the Iroquois,
against a new adversary, the staff. It really is one of the best activities we play at camp, and it is sure to be a mega-hit.

All in all, it was a fantastic day at camp, both filled with old activities and new traditions. Staff Appreciation is one of the best days of the summer, and it is beloved by both campers and staff. With only four full days left in the session, today will be a difficult day to top, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to make tomorrow better than today.

Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards
Cabin Area Director
Guest Tennis Instructor
UGA Class of 2017

Cool breeze, warm hearts


Friday the 7th rolled in with a glorious morning as the sun shone down through the trees onto Camp Timberlake. A cool breeze blew through the windows of the cabins as reveille sounded off and the campers arose from their beds. We were all greeted by some Belgian waffles and sausage, and then the campers headed out for the Morning Yell. Next, our very own Ally G. gave a great chapel talk about how Jesus is our comfort and how he takes our burdens on for us. Then everyone was off to cabin cleanup and the morning activities!
In the rocketry hut, Van S. glued on his fourth and final wing to get his bronze bar. In the next room over, Phillip S. and Enrique D. continued to work on their pottery skills by practicing throwing on the wheel. Up at the lake, Harry S. was swimming the backstroke like a champion, and Joe B. and Charlie D. beat the whole class in a short sprint up and down the lanes. Across the pond, Ben A. and Zander Z. earned their bronze in kayaking.
Lunch was a welcome relief, and everyone enjoyed some meatball subs and crinkle-cut fries. Free time was also quite an exciting time. Kennon S. ran the entirety of the Tomahawk trail with a few counselors, getting one step closer to earning an elective mark for running. After some naps and Trading Post candy, it was back to the activities.Down by the Big House in The Glen, Ben C., Cole S., Will S., and Nick G. all had stellar performances on the high ropes course. Up near the Mark, a few campers were handily defeating their opponents in airsoft and paintball. Jonathan H. earned his silver bar in airsoft, and Ben A. was the first person all summer to earn his gold bar in paintball! Nearby on the climbing tower, the campers learned the basics of lead climbing. Dash V. and a few others were able to practice their new skills with a mock lead climb up the tower. High above camp in the Mark, wrestling was doing double leg take-downs, half nelsons, sprawls, and other requirements for the bronze bar. Alex A. and Rawson B. had an intense match which Alex ended up winning in overtime. Daniel L. also had a great class and was an attentive and eager learner.

After the activities came to a close, all of Camp Timberlake went down to enjoy a dinner of BBQ chicken and potatoes. Then the much-anticipated evening announcement came – the boys would be going to Little Chief and then to cabin night! Everyone painted up and then headed up to the Council Ring in order to attend the Little Chief ceremony. First, the camper and counselor commendations were given to those young men who earned the respect of their fellow campers or counselors by working hard and serving those around them. Here’s the list of all the commendations.

Will G, Judah R
Will S, Ben C, Harry S
Little Piney
Jack G, James W, Connor B
Will J, Fenn M, Brayden C, Ryland K
Big Piney:
Ben A, Jonathon H, Bennett P
Ben A, Gresham C, Adam G
Stomper’s Knob
Counselor: Edward C, Tyler J, Rawson B
Geoffrey M, Drew J, Edward C
Little Slaty
Counselor: Alex N, David T, Alex A
Camper: Alex N, Drake D, Alex A
Big Slaty
Tom M, Daniel L
Joe B, Charlie D, Brian S
Freddy E, Grant H, Tim M
Camper: Thomas C, Freddy E, Tim M,
Colby F
After that, the promotions for the next rank were given to all the campers, who then received the appropriate colored band to wear around their neck. After
earning bars in their activities, and also marks for commendations or other achievements, the campers may be eligible to be promoted to the next rank. Here are the promotions that were given out tonight!
Scout: Cole S
Guide: Fenn M
Ranger: Ben A (the highest rank in the lower cabins, a very rare and impressive rank to reach)
Tracker: Rawson B, Parker H
Hunter: Alex A, Thomas M, Phillip S, Hank H
After the Little Chief ceremony, each cabin went off on their own for cabin night. There was a variety of activities going on for all
the cabins, including laser tag, slip’n’slide, free-swim at Lake Doris, poker night in the Enchanted Barn, and many others. All of the boys enjoyed this relaxing and fun time with their close friends and cabin mates before heading off to bed, ready to enjoy

another great day at Camp Timberlake!


Davis Bateman

What does our web site have to do with our philosophy of camping?


Each fall we begin our search for three staff members with a social media and image background and a love for camp. We also hire an extra counselor so that we can pull one out of his activities and cabin each day.  His job is then to become our camp photographer and journalist.  He begins after our morning staff meeting taking pictures and notes of the day’s events and usually ends his day sometime after taps writing an article to be posted later that night.  Amazingly, all of this does nothing to change your son’s camp experience, in fact that is the point!

Instead we want to give our parents a one-way window into their sons’ summer.  As parents Ann and I want to know everything that happens with our own camper, but as camp directors we also know how important it is for him to develop a healthy sense of independence.  With this in mind we have developed Timberlake’s web site as a way to sneak a glimpse of his camp experience without changing that experience at all.

Chances are that you will find your camper in the photos, but the purpose of the site is not to show individuals, it is to tell the story of camp.  We want our parents to see everything that happens at camp.  We want you to know what the Morning Yell sounds like.  We want you to become caught up in the plot of Stomper’s Knob raiding Greybeard.  We want you to share the adventure of Little Slaty raiding the Trading Post.  We want this because these are the things that are making your campers smile and sing and lose their voices laughing and cheering!

Each morning before breakfast I sneak into my office to flip through the most current pictures.  My son’s picture isn’t always there, but each morning I learn something about camp that I never knew – yes this still happens.   The reason we have a website is because we want our parents to fall in love with camp the same way our campers do, so let us know how we’re doing.  Let us know what parts of camp you would like to see and we’ll make every effort to show it.


Great Camping!