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Cabin Night and Other Adventures


Another morning, another breakfast devoured by 120 eager mouths. Already the sun began to rise from the East while campers enjoyed the waffles and bacon this morning. The morning was full of activities and campers are already starting to earn a flurry of bars and accomplishments. This morning paintball class played an intense matchup ending with Henri P. earning his bronze bar. Soon after, Matthew J. and Joe V. could be seen running and jumping all around camp in order to complete the rigorous Deerslayer Challenge, a prerequisite for earning a gold bar in wrestling. After the grueling workout, campers must wrestle the counselor in the shallow portion of the lake, leaning on their strong technique instead of their quickly waning strength. It’s always a treat to see campers go for what is likely the most difficult bar at camp, and I am proud to announce that they both successfully earned their gold bar. Feel free to applaud from home! Another bar heavy hitter, Brandon P. is well on his way to earning his gold in riflery. That requires incredible precision. Riley P., Seamus G., Conrad A. are all very close to completing their silver bars in rifler as well.

After morning classes,  all of the campers ran down the hill towards lunch. On the menu was a camp staple: meatball subs. To no one’s surprise, the winner of cabin-cleanup was Little Piney. They are quickly pulling ahead from the rest of the pack to win the pizza party. After lunch we all walked back up the hill for a well-deserved nap during rest time. Quickly, it came time to jump back into the fold for afternoon activities. Drew S. and John H. hosted an airsoft tournament, one of many great ways to earn marks towards Little Chief promotions here at camp. Hosting a tournament requires the ability to plan ahead, follow through on challenging tasks, and speak in front of a crowd — no easy feat. Ryder D. learned how to “throw” on the pottery wheel. I’ve attempted this several times and can personally say that it is very difficult to get the clay to turn into something beautiful, but that is exactly what our excellent teachers are capable of doing. Keegan K. and Tommy S. skillfully navigated the single track trail on the mountain biking trip and are on their way to earning bars. An afternoon full of activities made the dinner of jambalaya  and corn bread even more delicious.

Tonights evening activity was a bit different than usual. Instead of one big game, each cabin broke up into little activities. Tomahawk, Big Piney, and Stompers all began their evening with a free swim. We even opened up the water slide. Little Piney had an awesome Pizza Party. Big Piney then went up to the Mark to camp out and eat s’mores. Little Slaty went to the cooking kitchen and played top chef, competing against each other to bake the best cookie. Big Slaty put the puppies to bed and went on a hike to the Shelter to camp out. In the morning, their counselors will surprise them with wood fire-cooked eggs and bacon. Yum! Greybeard took the biggest trip of all! They drove to turtleback falls and went to a park to grill burgers and hot dogs. Cabin Night is one of the best nights at camps because campers and their counselors get to have a lot of time together. Some of the best friendships are made on these nights!

Once again, Camp Timberlake is quiet while the sounds of the creek and the birds continue to move around us. Stay tuned for what happens tomorrow!

Thomas Carr



As campers and staff awoke to the bugle this morning, no one had any idea of what would be in store for the events of the day. Everyone made their way down to breakfast, and expected just another day at camp, but as the meal wound down, Timberlake was shocked.

To everyone’s surprise, Program Director Brandon C. donned the helmet normally reserved for the evening activity announcement, and at that moment, everyone knew that this meant one thing and one thing only. Today would be Tribe A Palooza.

For those that aren’t familiar with Tribe A Palooza, let me give you a quick run down. On a normal day at camp, we do just one evening activity, and it’s loved by everyone. But on Tribe A Palooza, we play three evening activities, making the day three times as fun.

So when Brandon donned the helmet, the dining hall went bezerk. Timberlake had been eagerly anticipating Tribe A Palooza, and it definitely showed. Campers and staff were jumping around, ready for the announcement of the activity, and when it finally announced as AQUAFEST(!!!!!!!) everyone was ready for one of the favorite evening activities at camp.

Once breakfast had ended, Timberlake marched back up the hill towards Chapel with a newfound anticipation for the day. Today, Camp Dad John K. told a true story about growing up, and never quite being the best athlete or student he knew, and read from the book of Romans. The overarching theme of it all was about how we may be good at some things, but are never going to be the best – Jesus is.

After chapel, everyone went back to the cabins for Cabin Cleanup. The race for the Golden Plunger and the pizza party that comes with it was heating up, and with everyone still in contention, every cabin was feverishly cleaning.

Soon, the cabins were cleaned, and Timberlake made their way to the lake for Aquafest. Aquafest is basically a giant potpourri of watersports activities, including swim relays, kayak and canoe relays, innertube water polo, biggest splash, best belly flop, craziest dive, and best blob.

At today’s Aquafest, everyone excelled, but a few people especially stood out. In the craziest dive competition, Owen W. did a one and a half dive that earned him a perfect 10 from all three judges. In the belly flop competition, Colby F. committed to the three A’s – angle, altitude, and attitude – and made a perfect “clap” sound as he made impact with the water, earning him adoration from his peers and the highest possible scores from the judges.

Once Aquafest came to a close, everyone made their way down to the Tucker Inn for a much needed Lunch. Today, Timberlake had a camp favorite, ham and cheese sandwiches. The dining hall was nearly silent as campers and staff chowed down on one of the classic meals, and heard the daily cabin cleanup scores – Little Piney continued their recent string of dominance with a perfect 10.

However, the focus of the meal wasn’t on the food itself. Instead, it was on the announcement of the next activity of Tribe A Palooza. So when Stomper’s Knob counselor Winston H. donned the helmet, the anticipation in the room was palpable and everyone went crazy for a second time and when the next activity was announced – EL PRESIDENTE!!!!!! – the dining hall erupted with excitement.

Before El Presidente, Timberlake made its way to the best hour, rest hour, and then to Trading Post and free time. But when 3pm rolled around, Timberlake made their way back to the Cabin Area for a rousing game of El Presidente.

A quick word on El Presidente – it’s one of the most loved games here at Timberlake. Each tribe appoints a President, two Five Star Generals, three Four Star Generals, and five Three Star Generals, with everyone else a Private. The goal of the game is to get the other team’s president, but the other tribe doesn’t know who they are.

The game started off just like any other, with some of the obvious choices being President and the higher ranks, but as the game progressed, strategy took over. Soon campers of all ages were made ranks, including Sam H. and Colby F. being named Five Star Generals for the Iroquois, and Conner M. being named the Seminole President.

El Presidente soon drew to a close and for a third and final time for the day, Timberlake met at the dining hall for a delicious dinner of grilled chicken. But this was no normal dinner, as the merry band of third session CITs were at their first meal of the summer. An ordinary announcement of their arrival soon turned extraordinary, as a simple round of applause turned into something spectacular. For whatever reason, the applause just wouldn’t die, and when all was said and done, the applause had lasted a total of 31 minutes, a new Camp Timberlake record.

The applause eventually drew to a close, and the attention soon turned to the announcement of the evening activity. For a third and final time, the helmet was donned, and the nightly fun – Little Chief and Jedi Ball – was announced.

A short time later, Timberlake hiked up to the Council Ring, ready to hear about the progress everyone had been making over the past week. Tonight’s promotions were:

  • Scout – Charlie H., Hays L., Patrick M, Davis P., Charlie W., and Alex W.

  • Guide – Jonathan H., Issac L., and Blake W.

  • Pioneer – Will G. and Rees R.

  • Ranger – Jack G. and Jake T.

  • Tracker – Will Henry A., Gus R., and Luca T.

  • Hunter – Carson H., Nathan M., Charlie S., and Peyton W.

  • Warrior – Parker C., Jack H., Hank H., and Brandon P.

  • Pathfinder – JB G.

After Little Chief was Jedi Wars, and was a smash hit. The goal of Jedi Wars is to rescue Yoda – a counselor painted in green – and then to destroy the Death Star. As I’m writing this, the Seminoles and Iroquois are locked in Galactic Combat in the last competition of Tribe A Palooza.

Sometimes, it’s fun to break from the routine of camp, and Tribe A Palooza is a great opportunity to do just that. Spending a whole day in competition is something we don’t get to do all that often here at camp, and when we get to, it’s an awesome time.

Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards

Part-Time Archery Instructor

Part-Time Tennis Instructor

Orlando Magic Superfan

Seminole Chief 1F 2011

Spreadsheet Aficionado

SMMCS Class of 2009

WPHS Class of 2013

Cabin Cleanup Lover

Cabin Area Director

UGA Class of 2017

Proud Seminole

Hey Hey Whaddya Say: Let’s Go Timberlake!






Today was an extremely fun filled day at Camp Timberlake. We started to morning with the beautiful sounds of Reveille, and trotted down to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast of Baked Oatmeal, Coffee Cake and Sausage Links. At the end of breakfast, we heard words from our beloved counselor Nick L. at chapel and sang everyone’s favorite chapel song, “The Banana Song”. When chapel had come to a close, the entire camp rushed into their cabins to clean furiously in pursuit of the Golden Plunger.

After every single cabin was squeaky clean the Timberlake campers headed to their activities. We had a stellar time during activities. On the lake, campers in canoeing worked on switching positions in a canoe and the 3 basic principles of canoeing. Just down the down from canoeing is the kayaking class, where Thomas H., Jack H., and Seamus G., all earned their Bronze bars today…Huzzah! Right next to kayaking is the amazing swimming class. Today in swimming, the excited campers worked on their breaststroke, and JB G. earned his Silver Bar. Way to go JB! We aren’t doing triple backflips in our lake activities, but we might get there one day!

Just a short, hop, skip, and jump away from the lake at the Rocketry Hut, all of the Rocketry classes started building their rockets. These rockets have to be so structurally sound that they can be shot high into the Troposphere. Let me tell you, these rockets are looking fabulous! Just across the hall from Rocketry is the class that lets our creative juices flow, Pottery. These young artists work hard to make beautiful but functional pieces. The pottery classes made slab mugs during class today, and those babies are just about ready to be fired in the kiln! Tristan J. also built a beautiful bowl. You have to see it to believe it…that thing is FLAWLESS!

We also had some amazing trips go out today. Jack D., Will K., Harper C., Charlie D., Jack W., Tom B., Conrad A., Nathan M., Santiago S., and Sean G. all went to the Black Mountain Disc Golf course for Timberlake’s first every Team Sports trip! On the wetter side, Jack B., Bennett D., Pablo D., Carson H., Bobby H., Jake K., Matthew S., Phillip S., Noah W., and Joey W. all shredded some rafting on the Pigeon!

I’m getting hungry just thinking about all of this excitement.  Speaking of food (one of our favorite things here at Camp Timberlake), we had a delicious lunch of Pita Pockets with homemade chips, with awesome cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle for desert. Once all the campers’ appetites were satisfied, we all went to the best time, REST TIME! This was a much needed rest for many of the campers. Once we had all rested up, we enjoyed some delicious Trading Post along with Tetherball, Thunderball, Tennis, and other activities that had been opened for campers to earn bars. After an amazing free time, we all headed to finish the rest of our daily activities.

In the cooking kitchen, our young master chefs made fried rice and egg rolls. We also had some amazing happenings up on Spencer’s Green this afternoon. All of our Climbing classes met at the upper tower, which is a huge top roping, artificial rock wall. All of the campers who ascended the wall were brave, but Thomas W. began to work on his Bronze Bar requirements for climbing. Right behind the rock wall are our Team Sports and Soccer Classes. Team Sports worked on their throwing motion and catching techniques for football, and played a short game to put their skills to the test. Over in Soccer, Brian S., and Kennon S. both got their Bronze Bar! Just up the hill from Spencer’s is The Mark. The Mark is one of the most amazing views at camp, and is also where wrestling class is held. During Wrestling today, the campers learned top and bottom referee’s position, and Matthew J. and Joe V. worked toward their Gold Bar. After the amazing afternoon of camp, we all headed down to the Tucker Inn for a delicious dinner of taco casserole and enchiladas, all topped off with ice cream for dessert.

After dinner we headed to the Lake for PIRATE BALL!! During pirate ball we have kayak and canoe polo, water polo, raft races, treasure hunting, sword duels (fencing) and water balloon launching. It was a hard fought battle, and many points were scored, but we have to wait until tomorrow to find who won! After we decided to become Land Lubbers again, cabins headed to various s’mores fires, free swims, and other awesome post-evening activities. Although this is the end of another amazing day at Timberlake, we are excited for tomorrow to come!

I hope that you have enjoyed this recap of the day at Camp. Much fun was had and many chants were chanted. We can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store!


Dylan “D Scary” Scaringelli

Greybeard Counselor and Proud Seminole

Appalachian State ‘15

Hungry for the Gold


As the breakfast bell tolls for the second time (with the first toll signaling the arrival of the plate setters), a stampede of campers charge into Tucker Inn finding their now familiar seats only three days into camp. After singing Doxology and praying for the food the campers were seated awaiting the arrival of a delicious plate of eggs, potatoes, and biscuits brought by their counselors. Bellies full the campers gather at the Volleyball court to yell into the morning, a tradition unlike any other, signaling the real start of a typical Camp Timberlake day. As the kids rush off to chapel we were treated to songs led by Morning Activity Director Davis B. and Replacement Morning Activity Director Thomas C. for the last time (the latter who is leaving for Medical School). We next had the pleasure of listening to Ryan N. who gave an anecdote about a Stormy Petrol, relating the story to the lesson bad things sometimes happen for good reasons. It is then off to the cabins where the campers compete for the cleanest cabin with todays victors being the cabin of Little Piney who are on a winning streak of two days.

Moving onto morning activities, Matthew J. earned a gold in team sports, watch out Olympics we got a kid here and he’s hungry for gold. Ryder D., Baran D., and Davis P. are making a run at being the new Three Musketeers with each of the three earning a bronze in fencing. Ben A. received his bronze in riflery and JB G. is on his way to attaining a silver in riflery as well. Knot tying masters in training Alex W., Sam A.,    Tim H., Logan H., Charlie W., and Christian S., embark on their bronze bars in climbing which includes knot tying, climbing the boulder, and climbing the upper tower. Jack D. earned his Bronze in paintball, which has allowed him to receive a bronze in all of his current activities. Henry H. won a 1 versus 1 against Logan H. in airsoft getting him one step closer to bronze. Hunter S., Seamus G., Brandon P., Zeb H., Jack H., crushed the Lowergreen kayaking trip; this trip allowed Hunter S. and Jack H. to complete a combat roll. There was a hard fought race practicing the 6 strides the campers learned in canoeing, with Drew S. and Sam H. winning the race. Peyton W., Issac L., Alex N., and Aubrey S., went on a trip to Graveyard Fields and hiked and swam under a waterfall an adventure they are sure to remember.

Today was also a day of great staff development as Ryan N. our climbing instructor went out of his comfort zone to teach kayaking to help cover for the instructors who led the kayaking trip. Zach T. our resident tennis instructor also grew, helping out and watching campers during the white water rafting trip. The campers caught Zach T.’s excitement as he cheered through every white water no matter the size.

After a dinner of Chicken Divan, and steamed carrots the campers gather together to play a “firery” game of Inferno. The tribes compete transferring cups of water to try and put out the fire of their opposing tribe while simultaneously completing tasks to earn logs to keep their own fire going. This Inferno, however is not like the Inferno of old, it is Inferno 2.0 with the added challenge of building up a second fire to burn away a string hanging above a wheel barrel. With those two tasks complete the tribes are allowed to shoot waterballoons at a fire on the fire dock in order to win the evening activity. Stay tune tomorrow to find out the deciding victor of INFERNO 2.0!

This is Jackie Lin signing out.

Go Heels!

Stompers Knob

3rd session cabin cleanup winners pending…


Old Paint, New Men






As the mountains echo with Camp Timberlake’s morning reveille played by our very own Clark D. we start another day in the always gorgeous Black Mountain. This morning happened to be an extra meaningful morning for those who were just initiated the day before.



These young men have officially been initiated as they wake up this morning with paint still on their faces. Yes, they must sleep in their paint!  For you are not fully initiated members until the colors go from your skin, into your blood, and into your very soul!


As we make our way from breakfast to the morning yell and up across the lake to chapel, we roll in our patent pending, applause-O-meter to find out which one of Timberlake’s newly initiated will be crowned with glorious title of “Ugliest Camper” (camper with the most paint remaining on their faces). As the rest of the camp is screaming their hearts our for their believed to be ugliest camper, the young man from across the pond, Henri Francois-Poncet was finally crowned victorious after astonishingly breaking our applause-O-meter!


In chapel, Director John Menendez delivered a powerful message about the never-ending comfort of God, our father. This message is extremely important for everyone to hear on the first day of activities as kids will be meeting new friends though growth and adventure that they may not have experienced before. Today will be a day where campers will be challenged grow and succeed.


The camp returns to their cabins to briefly clean their cabins in hopes of winning the golden plunger. They are also given their daily schedules where they will participate in four different activities every day.


Breaking developments in activities:


Yes, we’re only a few hours into camp and a Gold Bar has been awarded in archery! Possibly setting a record for fastest Gold Bar earned in a session, Brian S. achieved his gold in Archery!

Joey W. did a great job leading his swimming relay team to victory showing great form in the butterfly.


Dash V. and Jack D. both excelled on the climbing boulder today. Even with the scorching heat they fought through adversity and were both able to climb the “vise grip” route on the boulder.


Wrestling was blessed with the presence of former collegiate wrestler and Timberlake legend, Mike D. Mike was extremely impressed with the campers today and was quoted as saying, “The tenacity on the mats was jaw dropping, these guys had a drive to become better and it shows with how ferocious they were in every bout.”


Before our evening activities of capture the flag and ultimate basketball begins, the tribes split up and elected their leaders for Chief, Medicine Man, and two lower cabin Lookouts.




Chief: Ben A.

Medicine Man: JB G.

Lookouts: Jack G., Will G.




Chief: Joe V.

Medicine Man: Kennan S.

Lookouts: Andres D., Charlie W.


These young men, especially the Chiefs, have an enormous responsibility to gather and organize their tribes every night for the evening activity that the tribes compete in.


As the day comes to an end and the sunset glistens over the elegant Lake Doris, we remember how thankful we are to experience and express refinement every day as we honor Jesus.


Ryan Nick

Tomahawk Counselor

Climbing Instructor

Canoeing Instructor (in training)

Proud Seminole

THE Oglethorpe University class of 2015

Division 3 intermural flag football MVP runner up

An Extraordinary Routine


This morning at camp began like it does so many other mornings. A few minutes past reveille, the dining hall doors were already crowded with eager eyes and hungry mouths anxious to begin their day. I often wonder how many campers sit in their beds in the moments before those bugle sounds ring throughout camp, awoken by their own excitement. Camp has only just begun but already the newest campers are falling into the daily rhythm. The campers and staff were excited to see french toast and bacon on the menu for breakfast. Our own Charlie R. gave the chapel talk this morning, using a hilarious anecdote from his childhood involving the selling of Boy Scout’s popcorn and a mischievous dog! The campers AND staff walked away thinking about what it means for God to be our Father.

After cabin-cleanup, the campers went off to their morning activities. Our backpacking class worked on demonstrating their understanding of “Leave No Trace” principles, extremely important training for our future wilderness leaders. After mastering that, the campers moved on to the low ropes course using ingenuity, critical thinking, and teamwork to maneuver the difficult courses. Soccer class worked on basic bronze-level skills leaving several campers, including Brian S. very close to achieving their first soccer bar. They all need to master those skills for the big Tribal Soccer game coming up later this session! The banner is on the line! Tennis also had a great second day of class. They learned basic forehand and backhand technique. They also played some really fun games like “King of the Court” and “Jail”. When I grew up learning to play tennis, it is these games that really improved my technique and helped me enjoy the sport! Games can be work too (at least at camp).

After morning activities the campers Patrick P. and Isaac L. could be seen rushing down the hill towards lunch. We feasted on chicken sandwiched and mac and cheese as well as a delicious black bean soup prepared by our top-notch kitchen staff. Little Piney, one of our youngest cabins, won cabin-cleanup! To be expected, they ran circles around the dining hall in excitement. After lunch we all headed to a much-needed rest time followed by a sunny free-time. Jack G. and Will G. faced in an epic game of tetherball, will the big brother winning (as they always do). Soon enough, after plenty of thunder-ball and tetherball matches, the campers hurried off to their afternoon activities.

The kayaking and swimming classes got to cool off in the lake in the afternoon. Swimming class worked on freestyle technique and played a big game of water-polo while kayaking went through the safety talk. Hunter S. and Jack H. had some good-looking kayak rolls on the lake today as well. J.B.G. has only two laps of his butterfly stroke left before he earns his silver bar in swimming. Mountain Biking took a quick trip to a local favorite spot, Lake James, where Henry S. “shredded” the trail. Pottery class started on their own pinch pots, the first step towards getting on the wheel!

After eating through a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, the Director of Evening Activities announced that the camp would play a classic game: BATTLEBALL. For those that don’t know, battleball is like dodgeball but better, partially because it has a better name but also because the entire camp plays at the same time! The upper-cabin seminoles dominated in their matches. Luckily, the lower cabin iroquois pulled through for their chief and held their own by winning all their match-ups. It’s a rare day to see an evening activity end in a tie, but it certainly foreshadows an increasingly tumultuous battle for the banner. After the game, everyone went back to their cabins to finish off another great day at camp with showers, toothbrushes, and cabin devotions. Tune in tomorrow for more tribal updates!

Until then,

Thomas Carr

Program Director

Opening Day for Session 3!


Dear Parents,

A great session of Timberlake is under way! Each night, a member of our staff will write a short article keeping everyone update on all that is going here at camp.Additionally we will post pictures twice a day featuring trips, daily activities and evening activities.  It’s one of my favorite aspects of our program, as it allows us an opportunity to provide a “one-way mirror” for family and friends to see the amazing things our boys are doing here at camp.

Opening Day is a great day here at camp because it encompasses many of the things that make Timberlake so special. Today I had the opportunity  to watch campers both new and old stepping into adventure during our evening activity, Sock War, and growing new friendships in their cabins and tribes. Tonight we had the honor to initiate new members into our two tribes.

Our new Timberlake Iroquois are:

Owen Willers, Charles Willers, Camden Dickinson, Oliver Marinac, Ryder Dickinson, Hays Lindsey, Baran Derebail, Timothy Hultman, Jake Kadet, and Hugh Francois-Poncet

Our new Timberlake Seminoles are:

Thomas Whaley, Alexander Walker, John Michael Farrell, Jack Boggio, Charles O’Bryan, Bobby Head, Pablo Diaz de Castillo, Richard Hemm, Ian Westfall, and Grant Streck

Thank you so much for sharing your sons with us this summer. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of young men, and to see them continue to grow and discover the ways that God has uniquely gifted each one of them. We have a great session ahead of us and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on each day’s activities.

Great Camping!

John Menendez

Mid Season Staff Meeting

_46A2359After two weeks of training, and six weeks with campers, our staff is coming back from a well-deserved day off. They’ve been doing amazing things, and we want them to keep improving, so tonight we did a bit more staff training. But it was very different than the training we did at the start, because they are very different people now. In the last six weeks each counselor has spent 144 hours as instructors, guides and coaches. That is three times the hours required for credit in a master’s level course. They are in the middle of being primary influencers in the lives of 1,451 campers and team members with 210 counselors. In short, they are now the experts, so staff training was a little different tonight.

We sat them by cabins and had them answer three questions. As a cabin,

1. What do you want to stop doing?

2. What do you want to start doing?

3. What do you want to keep doing?

We then sat them by activity staffs and asked the same questions before we reshuffled them again and had them share the best things they heard. Finally, we asked them to write their answer to one of the toughest leadership questions I know. “Knowing what you now know, what would I do differently?”

The point is that our counselors are now among the leading experts on leadership in a camp setting – they are really good at what they do – and they are really good at making each other even better. That is why I am so proud of the work they have done, and proud to introduce them to the campers coming tomorrow.

Adam Boyd

The Grand Finale


You know a relationship is real when the goodbye is hard. Tonight, I was honored to watch many of our boys become overcome with emotion at the thought of leaving this place and the friends they have made in just a few short hours. The bonds made here are real and they are lasting and they will never fade and that is a testament to the incredible quality of campers that have called Camp Timberlake home over the last two weeks.

Today was a fantastic day here at camp, full of great laughs, food, skits, and activities but the real good stuff happened tonight. Tonight we celebrated all the incredible accomplishments of our wonderful campers through our Final Campfire Ceremony. The Final Campfire is a great time to be able to acknowledge our campers hard work in activities and kindness towards others in the cabins.

We had many boys receive commendations for humble leadership in their cabins. Commendations are voted on by the campers to select some of their peers and are selected by the counselors of each cabin. The recipients of tonight’s commendations were:


Counselor – Harrison B., Aubrey S.

Camper – Harrison B., Will R.

Little Piney

Counselor – Wells F., Andrew R., Nolan S.

Camper – Grant R., Logan R., Andrew R.

Big Piney

Counselor – Benjamin B., Max B.

Camper – Preston C., Daniel V.

Stomper’s Knob

Counselor – Benjamin C., Andrew C., Lucas R.

Camper – Harry H., Lucas R., Ford S.

Little Slaty

Counselor – Trey D., Marco I., William L.

Camper – Davis M., Matthew R., Hunter S.

Big Slaty

Counselor – Seth B., Jack R.

Camper – Reed F., Jake L.


Counselor – Cody S., Karl V.

Camper – Blake C., Charles D.

            We also handed out promotions to boys who have progressed in the Little Chief system. The Little Chief system is our promotion system that rewards the boy’s leadership and proficiency in activities and in cabin life. The promotions awarded tonight were:

Scout: Harrison B., Nash K., John K., Nikheil P., Grant R.

Guide: Andrew R., Aubrey S.

Tracker: Marco I., Spencer M., Jay S., Ford S., Marcelino S.


Nicholas G., Jeb S.


Reed F.

Little Chief:

Trey F.

            We couldn’t be prouder of all of these boys and are so excited to see what they do next. If the Fowler’s are reading this, I want you to know how incredibly proud we are of Trey. He has been a joy to have at camp this summer and I am so thrilled that he got his Little Chief tonight. He truly earned it and myself and tour whole staff are so happy for him.

            Obviously every camper cannot earn commendations or promotions every time we have these types of ceremonies, but that does not at all mean that each and every one of our boys are not growing into the men that God has created them to be here at Camp Timberlake. We have seen growth through friends and adventure every day here in the mountains and we cannot wait to tell all of you about the stories from the last two weeks when you come to pick up your boys tomorrow. That’s all I’ve got for you tonight. Safe travels!

Brandon Chase

Program Director

Winston-Salem Enthusiast

Tar Heel


Tested Article Writer



Today is arguably the best day we have here at Camp Timberlake! Its crazy, wacky, and different than any other day we’ve got and it really gets counselors and campers alike excited like few other things can. It’s Cowboy Joe Day and the theme of the day is backwards. The schedule is backwards, we wear our clothes backwards, we talk backwards, and we even drive our golf carts around backwards. It is organized chaos in the truest sense, and it is glorious.

The best part of the day is in the morning, where campers are treated to an extra hour of sleep. Little do they know, they are about to be woken up in a way they never have before. Myself, Director John M., Program Director Davis B., CIT Director Houston M., Head of Climbing Colby S. and Cabin Area Director Danny N. begin our rampage through the cabins armed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, chocolate milk, and a megaphone. This is how it goes down: the five of us charge in blowing whistles, yelling out of the megaphone, and throwing doughnuts and milk cartons at each and every camper and counselor. In keeping with the backwards theme, we scream “DAY JOE BOY COW HAPPY!!!” It is truly a sight to behold and it is so fun to see the combination of excitement, bewilderment, and a tinge of fear on the camper’s faces as they realize what is happening.

Once the rampage is over, campers get to enjoy their nut doughs and milk chocolate (catch the backwards words there?) in peace before putting on their backwards clothes and heading down to the evening activity (in the morning).

Spencer G., Preston B., Connor G., Nathan G., Wait M., Nolan R., Hunter S., and a host of others turned in extremely impressive performances in a great game of morning sock war. What a better way for boys to start the day then to get to throw some socks as hard as they can??

After sock war, it was off to 2nd period, where campers were working hard towards bronze silver and gold bars in each and every one of their activities. There were some great performances to report in activities. Mathew D. earned his bronze bars in wrestling and fencing. Spencer M. fenced his way to silver, and Trey D. shot his way to a bronze bar in airsoft. Earning bars is a great way for a camper to demonstrate proficiency in activities and we are so proud of those boys and many others who have earned bars over the last several days.

Once those activities had finished up, it was time for a great lunch of turkey and stuffing!! Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, and the day only got better (at least for the counselors) with the announcement of REST HOUR instead of the usual 30 minutes. Trust me, the extra 30 minutes makes all the difference, especially on Cowboy Joe Day. Some normalcy was restored after rest hour with the customary trading post and 3rd and 4th periods.

After activities, we all got to enjoy a delicious cookout of pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce. Truly one of the best meals of camp as everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful food. After dinner, we get to have the evening yell, today led by campers Scott R. and Karl V., instead of the traditional morning yell and then headed up to night chapel and vespers, which is always a great time full of energy. Counselors performed some hilarious skits includging another legendary performance from ACTION JACKSON AND VERTICAL JONES, WHOSE STUNTS ARE GONNA SHAAAAAAAKE YOUR BONES!! Once chapel was over, it was time for a crowd favorite: THE STATE FAIR! There is lawn bowling, bucket tossing, seed spitting, potato sack racing, innertube sumo wrestling and the always popular counselor skeet shoot. That is where we as counselors are moving human targets who run faster than we have ever run before as campers get the chance to pelt us with paintballs from a high-powered paintball gun. If that is not dedication from the staff, I do not know what is.

And as if the day couldn’t get any better from there, we ramped it up another notch and sent our boys to some phenomenal post evening activities where the boys got to further develop relationships with their counselors and fellow campers. What a day is was here at camp! We are sad that this special group of boys will be heading home in a couple short days, but we are incredibly proud and excited about what they have accomplished here in this wonderful and magical place. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!



Brandon Chase


Program Director


Proud Seminole