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And Then There Was One

Today was the last full day of the First session here at camp, and boy was it packed full of fun! We had an awesome group of guys return from a backpacking trip to Catawba Falls, which had Edward N., Wyatt S., Hudson S., Luca T., and Zach S. who were under the wonderful guidance of Counselors Daniel P. and James M. On another note, Mason B., Aiden K., Keegan K., and Mike A. went on a super awesome climbing trip to Grandmother Boulder…and many climbs were made.

While those campers were having a blast on their trips, there were some pretty exceptional things happening back at Camp! Starting at the lake, Tyler K., got his Silver Bar in swimming, and Witt S. made some amazing strides! Down in the rocketry hut, Jack B. taught a whole rocketry class which clinched his Gold bar. Out on the archery range Will S. shot an apple. Wow, what a feat! Up on Spencer’s Green we had some exciting activities going on as well. Team Sports and Soccer classes combined and played a few exhilarating games of Soccer and Wonderball, while the climbers learned to rappel at the upper tower. Just a short walk away in the Mark, the Wrestling classes were hard at work. Will S., won an intense game of Toe Tag, and the Greybeard cabin had a wrestling tournament that Jack E., won.

At lunch today, all enjoyed a hearty meal of pizza, and at dinner we enjoyed a delicious meal of brisket, potatoes, and broccoli. The kitchen definitely did a stellar job today! We also want to give congratulations to the campers and counselors of Big Slaty for their victory in the Cabin Cleanup contest…enjoy your pizza boys!

Sadly, this is the last full day of the First Session of the summer. It has been an incredible whirlwind of fun, friends, and excitement. As this session comes to a close, we are took time to reflect on our experiences here at camp during our Final Campfire, and honor Jack E., Quinn M., Ben B., and Grant M., and they receive the highest honor at camp, Little Chief. Following the Final Campfire, we played an awesome game of Commando, and much fun was had.

It has been a great First Session here at Timberlake!

Until Next Time,
Dylan Scaringelli
Greybeard Counselor and Proud Seminole


It was a beautiful morning at camp, and as the sun broke over the leafy foliage of these North Carolina mountains, two great indian tribes, the Seminoles and the Iroquois, were ready to conquer another day at Timberlake. However, this day would not be like the others, as the two tribes would soon battle it out in Tribe-A-Palooza, a day filled with nothing but evening activities. No one knew of this glorious day before this day, but as soon as Program Director Brandon C. donned the ceremonial helmet at breakfast, every camper and counselor knew what would await them.
The dining hall roared as everyone grew excited at the realization of what today would hold, and as soon as the activity, Sock War, was announced, all the pent up energy in the room released at once.
After the announcement came the morning yell, and then came chapel, where CIT Director Davis B. talked about how afraid we are in the world, but also how God is there for us when we do feel that fear. Then came cabin cleanup, and each cabin cleaned with a fervent passion, as first place in the race for the Golden Plunger, and with it a pizza party, was up for grabs.
As soon as cabin cleanup ended, Timberlake made its way down to the Enchanted Barn for Sock War, one of the most revered games at camp. In Sock War, the Seminole and Iroquois compete to bring the flag back to their side, similar to Capture the Flag, but must avoid being hit by a sock and being taken to jail. Once in jail, they can only re-enter play through a jail break, which could come in a few seconds or a couple minutes.


Sock War began, and the two tribes set out in what would be a competition to remember. Iroquois Medicine Man Will A. led several raids for the flag, but unfortunately, all of them were thwarted by Jack B., Henry B. and the rest of the Seminole defense, which may well have been the ‘85 Chicago Bears. Just like that Bears team proved, defense wins championships, and thanks to that stringent back line, the Seminoles were able to walk away from Sock War with clear eyes, full hearts, and a victory for their tribe.
Next came lunch, and everyone was eager to rehydrate and refuel for the afternoon’s activities. The meal was a favorite, mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese, and the dining hall was nearly silent as the hungry campers chowed down on their meals.


After lunch, it was off to the best hour, rest hour! There were screams of joy from the counselors and campers as they all realized there would be an extra 30 minutes of rest on this most tiring day of Tribe-A-Palooza. After everyone had taken their power nap, it was off to yet another favorite part of the day, trading post. Really, what’s not to love about trading post?? Campers all run down as fast as they can, grab some candy, and get to share it with their friends, new and old. It is such a fun time for the staff to truly invest in the lives of their campers and this unstructured time often turns into some of the best camp memories.


After trading post, campers flocked to several different activities in a quest to earn bronze, silver, and gold bars. Each bar represents a different skill that has been mastered in one of camp’s incredible activities. Spencer G., Leo R., and several others took to the basketball courts, and passed, shot, and dribbled their way to their team sports bars. Over at the rocketry hut, Roy M., Jack B., and several other brave rocketeers moved one step closer to liftoff of their rockets. Mason B. also crushed it at the enchanted barn working on his pottery.


Once free time was over, it was time to resume tribal activities! Stealing skins was the activity this time, the only activity at camp that pits the Seminoles, versus the Iroquois, versus the staff! Despite being vastly outnumbered, the staff clearly dominated the competition on our way to glory!!!! (Ok, I’m biased, and I’m pretty sure we lost….)  Gabe V., Hudson S., Parker B., and Nick B. all stood out as impact players during this tiring, and super intense game.
Once stealing skins came to a close, dinner awaited our hungry campers who were leaving it all out on the field. Everyone was treated to a great meal of chicken tenders, while the older campers were lucky enough to chow down on some turkey legs that were being prepared for the boys just getting back to camp, after the once in a lifetime Summit Trip.
As dinner wound to a close, everyone was eagerly anticipating the announcement of the final activity of the day. After Counselor Thomas C said “Annnnnd Now.” Brandon  went to grab the customary red helmet, but Brandon had a trick up his sleeve. In an unprecedented move, he threw the helmet aside, ran to the program office and put on a pirate hat. After he made his re-entrance to the dining hall, Pirate Music started blaring as he ran around like a true Scallywag. He ultimately screamed “PIRATEBALL!!!!!!!!!!” and a new game was born. Pirate Ball is truly something that has to be seen to be believed, and you should ask your son about it when you pick him up, because it was an instant classic game.

After the game, the lower cabins got ready for bed, while the older kids set out around camp to enjoy some s’mores that capped off yet another unbelievable day here in this incredible place. We look forward to seeing all of you super soon for closing ceremonies!


Charlie Richards
UGA Class of 2017
Proud Seminole
Guest Tennis Instructor
Cabin Area Director
Article Co-Master

Tuesday at Timberlake

Campers and counselors awoke to a cool morning at Camp Timberlake. After a great breakfast of egg, sausage, and cheese biscuits we headed to chapel where Dylan S. lead the famous camp song: The Banana Song. The Camp Hymn could be heard throughout the entire camp as campers young and old sang proudly of the place they love so much. Chapel concluded with Dan S. telling a story of parasailing in Mexico and reading a passage from the book of Joshua.

Immediately following cabin clean up, campers headed off to their first two activities of the day. It was a big day on the waterfront today as Witt S. got his silver bar in swimming while Henry B. and Owen S. got their bronze bars in kayaking. Earning his sliver bar in kayaking was Ben B. Showing their advanced skills in kayaking, Quinn M., Jack E., and James B. earned the prestigious gold bar. Some campers had the opportunity to strengthen their paddling skills on the Tuckaseegee River in Sylva, North Carolina today. Cameron S., James B., Harrison C., and Ben B. were all attendees on this full day kayaking trip. Counselor Austin S. lead a fly fishing trip with a handful of campers to the Davidson River where they caught a ridiculous eight fish! Brothers Nick B. and Parker B. had a great time learning the ins and outs of fly fishing.

The best part of the day came at lunch time when the kitchen prepared an all time camp favorite, Tacos in a Bag. For dessert, we were served some amazing rice crispy treats that tied the whole meal together. After lunch, we all headed back up to the cabins for a much needed rest time in which we were given the opportunity to reflect on the first part of the day and savor the incredible lunch we had just been served. After the 30 minute rest time, free time began and Will A. put on a clinic at the tetherball courts.

As 2:30 rolled around and 3rd period began, Haze M. went for his silver bar in tennis—which is no easy feat. He hit a beautiful forehand to the back left corner of the court to seal the deal and he was awarded a much deserved silver bar. Moving on to 4th period at Spencer’s Green, the soccer class and team sports class combined to play Wonderball. Henry B. scored a great goal using his head to take the lead for his team. After a great Italian dinner of ravioli and garlic bread, counselor Carter B. announced tonight’s evening activity: GREAT ESCAPE!!! A game in which the campers run around camp searching for clues that will ultimately lead them to a flag hidden somewhere on camp property.

After our evening activity, we headed to our respective cabins to shower and spend time hanging out with our fellow cabin mates and counselors; enjoying the little amount of time we have left with each other. Before bed, a short devo brings the whole day into perspective and we are all so thankful for this place we get to call home for a couple weeks each summer. It is truly a place for growth through friends and adventure and that growth is ever so apparent in each and every camper on a daily basis.


Peter Dade

Proud Seminole

Chilly Monday

The men of Timberlake awoke this morning excited about the day ahead of them, despite the unusually cold temperatures. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausages, everybody headed off to chapel for singing and a story from Danny N. After chapel and cabin clean up everybody went to their activities. In soccer, Wyatt S. looked like a midfield maestro as he controlled the game on offense and defense. Khari D. also impressed as he showed great dribbling and shooting skills. No surprise given his two goals and two assists during last night’s game of tribal soccer. Perhaps we’ll all see Wyatt and Khari leading the US to a victory in the 2030 World Cup Final. In Paintball, James B. got his silver after effectively refereeing for the entire class. This was another impressive day for James as he also won a 1v4 match earlier this week. In Airsoft, Gabe V. earned his bronze and showed amazing bravery and force as he eliminated four opposing players in a five second span. AJ R. showed that he had the potential to be the next “American Sniper” as he consistently made long range hits on his opponents. In Kayaking, James B. did a great job covering his goal in Kayak water polo as he blocked a superhuman amount of shots on goal during the game. Fun fact, 29% of the world is covered by land and the other 71% is covered by James. In wrestling, Ben B., Wyatt S., Simon C., Lucky O. and Garrison B. all got their bronzes which required that they were all able to fluidly perform a double leg takedown, sprawl, stance, and referee’s position.

For lunch, the men of Timberlake enjoyed a mouthwatering meal of Stromboli and vegetables along with the absolutely amazing cookies on a stick, which are obviously better than any cookies not on sticks. After eating it was announced that Little Piney had won cabin clean up inspections. I’m a Little Piney counselor, so this victory should have been good news for me, right? Well, the victory was bittersweet. We Little Piney counselors had made a deal with our campers that they could push us into the lake (clothes, shoes, and everything) for every time they win cabin clean up. After the best time (rest time), most people headed down for free time and trading post. Some people headed up for Day 2 of the intense and competitive Fencing Tournament which ends tomorrow. After free time, the afternoon activities were underway. In Tennis, Aidan K. crushed his forehand and backhand hitting while Miles B. also had a great day, earning his bronze. In Riflery, Harry B. shot very accurately as he took a step closer to making his bronze in the class.

As I write this article, Cabin Night is underway. Instead of doing a camp wide evening activity, every cabin has their own activity to do. This is a great time for each individual cabin to bond. The activities include laser tag, swimming, slip n’ sliding, s’more making, and storytelling. And as we get ready to wrap up the day, I can only hope that the rest of days here at Camp Timberlake are as good as this one was!


Little Piney Counselor Ian












There are a thousand stories that happen at camp every day, and one of them is the story of those telling the story. Each day before breakfast our media team begin planning their day. They look at the schedule to make decisions about where to film, how to distribute four cameras to counselors and then they head out to take photos themselves. Their day ends around 10:00 pm editing and posting the best moments of the day. Each of them are professionals and each of them get excited every time a parent understands camp a little better. They love camp, and they work hard to help tell the story – so thanks to Lauren Geerken, David Johnson, Phil Mollenkof, Sunday Grant and Wendy Perry for sharing so many camp stories.

– Adam

Prepare Your Son for Christian Camp near Georgia

Whether it is your son’s first summer or third summer away at Christian camp near Georgia, the days leading up can be stressful. It isn’t unusual for boys to be apprehensive about leaving for Christian camp for the summer. As some of our first sessions come to a close at Camp Timberlake, we would like to offer some tips to prepare boys for the upcoming sessions!

  1. Tour the Campgrounds- If you and your son haven’t already, take a tour of Camp Timberlake! Sometimes getting a chance to see where all of the Christian camp facilities are and where boys will be living will ease the pre-camp stress. Touring the campgrounds will give boys a chance to become more comfortable with their new surrounding.
  2. Ask Questions- If your son has any questions about the summer, see if you can meet with a member of the Christian camp staff. Allow him to ask any questions and voice any concerns he may have about what is to come this summer. Show him what a typical day at Christian camp consists of and how he will be spending his summer at Camp Timberlake!
  3. Reassurance- Remind your son of all the fun he is going to have at Christian camp! Talk about all of the different Christian camp activities he will get to try out, all of the new friends he is going to make, and all of the stories and memories he is going to come home with at the end of the summer!

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best Christian camp near Georgia, contact Camp Timberlake today! Call us at (828)-669-8766 to ask any questions, get more information, or schedule a tour!

Sunday Funday

Campers and counselors alike were treated to an extra hour of sleep yesterday, to kick off another terrific Sunday here at Camp Timberlake! Sunday is one of everyone’s favorite day’s at camp, and this edition certainly was right up there with the best we’ve ever had. Everyone was feeling well rested as they made their way down for dinner, where the camp was treated to a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Robert D and Grady R crushed 14 cinnamon rolls between the two of them, attempting to set the all time Timberlake record. After breakfast, the campers headed outside for the morning yell, but this time, with a twist. They were first instructed to perform an angelic harmony, conducted by Counselor Daniel P, which turned into a thunderous yell led by fearless leader, Charlie R. Once everyone had screamed their heart out, it was off to chapel, where it again works a little bit differently on this day of rest.

Each cabin had submitted prayer requests at breakfast, and after everyone sang some favorite camp songs, counselors took turns praying for the individual requests of their cabin. Then it was off to cabin cleanup, where each cabin is working diligently toward the BIG PIZZA PARTY, awarded at the end of every two weeks to the cabin with the highest average cabin cleanup score. The rumor is that GreyBeard, the oldest cabin, is leading the cabin cleanup standings, so parents, those teenage boys can clean! Once everyone was finished cleaning those cabins, it was time for two of the very best hours at camp. In between 10-12, campers have the opportunity to compete in several classic Sunday activities. Those activities are, frog catching, dam building, sandcastle building, fly-fishing, and Sunday at the Masters, Frisbee golf edition.

Unfortunately, the frogs were too elusive for our band of eager frog catchers, however, there was much success to be had over in dam building. The lower cabin boys really took to dam building with a fervor matched only by their love for sock war. Jimbo D, Benjamin L, Bryce B, Charlie H, Thomas I, and many others joined forces to build one of the biggest dams camp has ever seen! Harrison C joined the party by snagging a fish on Lake Doris in fly-fishing. Tom P and Matthew L were all over the fly fishing circuit, having a great time trying their hand at angling.

Once those activities came to an end, campers and staff were treated to yet another camp favorite, fried chicken! The dining hall fell almost silent as everyone was enjoying the great meal the dining hall had whipped up.

After lunch and some fun in free time, it was time for the much-anticipated cookout on Spencer’s green. There, everyone ate their fill of burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings, and just when the day could not get any better, the weekly tribal soccer game kicked off. Jack B, Khari D, Hunter S, James B, and Jack B, were outstanding performers in the match, with Khari scoring two beautiful goals for the Iroquois. It was the perfect way to wrap up another truly magical Sunday here in this incredibly beautiful and special place. Nobody can wait for what the next day has in store!


Brandon Chase,

Program Director,

Article Master.

Successful Saturday

Campers awoke this morning buzzing with motivation after last night’s Little Chief ceremony.  At the ceremony, campers were awarded commendations and promotions towards the highest honor at camp, Little Chief.  Afterwards we counselors pulled each camper aside individually to commend him on how he has grown during his time at camp.  As a former camper, I can say that this experience is one of the most heartfelt moments at camp.  Looking back after a fun and successful day, I believe these talks helped spur the campers on to do incredible accomplishments today at camp.

The trend of excellence started early in the day and continued on through our evening activity.  Greybeard started this trend by earning a perfect ten in cabin-cleanup.  However, the most impressive aspect of cabin-cleanup was that the lowest score of the day was a 9.6, which is close to a winning score some days.  However, the campers did not only clean well, but they ate well.  Today the kitchen staff served us the glorious s’more pockets.  For those of you unfamiliar with s’more pockets, let me describe the scene when the campers found out we were eating this awe-inspiring dessert:  Campers screamed, riots emerged, and the Tucker Inn itself would have gone up in flames had the counselors not quickly ended the chaos by delivering the marshmallow-filled peace offerings to the campers.

Amazingly, the s’more pockets were only the beginning of amazing events today at camp. Britt F.  hosted a doubles tennis tournament during free time, which was a huge success with campers of all ages participating.  Also during free time, Matthew L caught a coy in Lake Doris with our fly-fishing instructor, Counselor Austin.  This afternoon, Jack E. earned his gold bar in wrestling, the most difficult accomplishment in any activity at camp.  To earn his gold, Jack E. had to complete a task known as the deer-slayer. Jack is the first camper to finish deer-slayer and earn his wrestling gold in three years.

The campers had many successes within their activities as well today.  Tommy B earned his bronze bar in pottery.  The Backpacking classes learned how to safely light a camp stove, a vital skill for camping trips the boys will hopefully take in the future.  Team Sports classes improved their shooting form and passing for basketball.  Geoffrey M and Will S conquered the climbing tower on Spencer’s Green.  Rocketry put finishing touches and prepped for their launch day tomorrow.  Kayaking classes took a break from their usual routine of learning rolls and rescues to play an exciting game of kayak polo.  The day is now wrapping up with an intense game of battle-ball that will not only contain the usual Seminoles vs. Iroquois matchup but also the much anticipated Greybeard vs. Staff game.

After the staff inevitably wins the Greybeard vs. Staff game (sorry, I’m slightly biased), the boys will go to bed tired but happy after a long day full of excitement, fun, and growth.  The campers had a great time growing friendships and learning in their activities, and the staff loved being a part of all that the campers did.  We are so proud of the campers, and cannot wait to see what they will do tomorrow.


“Dr.” Tom Landers

Shrouded in Mystic Loveliness

As the men of Camp Timberlake woke up to start their day this morning, they were greeted with much appreciated cooler weather. For breakfast, we ate scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns and biscuits. With our appetite satisfied for the next few hours, we proceeded to our traditional morning yell and chapel. In chapel today, Max H. talked to the camp about “Who is Jesus?”  After chapel, a normal yet exciting day at camp took place. 10 Greybeard campers left after chapel for an overnight backpacking trip in Pisgah National Forest. In backpacking, the campers learned how to build a fire and Hudson S. roasted the perfect marshmallow for s’mores. In second period tennis, the campers worked on their serves and their backhands. Taylor C. demonstrated excellent form for the backhand.


After second period, Timberlakers rushed to the dining hall for lunch. The campers enjoyed chicken pita pockets and M&M cookies for dessert…yum! During free time, Will S. finished his level 2 rocket and began building his level 3 rocket for his gold requirement. Thomas I. and Callum B. killed it in fourth period soccer with their skill and their sportsmanship. Just a walk up the hill from soccer, Will S. was demonstrating excellent wrestling technique. Billy B. in pottery came one step closer to getting his bronze bar and Thompson B. made a very creative new pinch pot.


As the day’s activities winded down, the campers enjoyed a hearty helping of jambalaya with baked beans. Dinner was very filling and as everyone was busy eating their ice cream, the dining hall exploded with cheers and yells of excitement to hear that the evening activity was Little Chief AND El Presidente! Two activites for the price of one! Our Little Chief ceremony is held at the Council Ring and it is where we recognize the campers who have received commendations from their fellow campers and their counselors. It is also where we recognize campers who received bars in their activities, being promoted in the rankings and taking one step closer to Little Chief, the last promotion any camper can achieve.


Campers who received promotions tonight include:

Scout: Maxwell C., Zachary R., Wyatt S., Zachary S., James K.

Guide: John A., John C., Jimbo D., Britt F., Luca T.

Pioneer: Jack B. and Hudson S.

Tracker: Garrison B., Simon C., Taylor C., Rob C., Aidan K., Keegan K., Parker K., Geoffrey M., Graham R.

Hunter: Miles B., Nicholas B., Morris D., David F., Braxton S., Cameron W.

Warrior: Willem S.


As the sun begins to set over the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and another awesome day of camp comes to an end, our campers are exhausted but ready for the next day and the adventures it holds for them!


In Christ,

Carter Boone

Go ‘Noles

Stompers Knob Counselor

Team Sports Instructor

University of Alabama Class of 2019

Back on Schedule

After an exciting Cowboy Joe Day yesterday that finished off with a grand firework show, we returned to our regular action packed schedule. The day started off with delicious breakfast of strawberry-banana french toast sticks and bacon. As always the kitchen staff knows how to feed a camp full of hungry boys. Following breakfast, the campers were truly awakened by another rousing morning yell. Today, Jacob delivered our chapel talk before the campers made their cabins squeaky clean.

Today in activity periods, campers soared to new heights and earned their bars. In rocketry, Will C. started working on his level 3 rocket. Once he puts the finishing touches on and gives the rocket a custom paint job, he will launch it and earn his gold bar. Billy B. continued to hone his skills in pottery by throwing on the wheel for the first time. He is well on his way to becoming an expert potter.

In the midst of the activities, campers enjoyed their daily free time. Along with drinks and candy from the Trading Post, the recent trend of playing spike ball for the entire free time continued with campers competing against each other and counselors. Spike ball is now one of Camp Timberlake’s most favorite free time activities.


Returning to classes, the archery range saw Callum B. and Calvin T. earn their bronze bars. Calvin T. finished off his bronze by shooting his 5th grouping. In order to be great climbers, climbing class worked hard today on learning the Figure 8 Follow Through and Double Fishermans’ Prusik Knot. Simon C. excelled at learning the Figure 8 Follow Through knot. Once the knots had been perfected, the class climbed on the traverse wall. Hudson L. rocked it on the traverse wall!

While everyone at camp enjoyed their activities, James B., Jack E., and Harrison C., crushed it on the kayaking trip to the Pigeon River. This is the largest kayaking trip we take here so that means these guys are expert paddlers.  After a day full of activities and a kayaking trip, we devoured a dinner of Asian food. Dinner gave us the energy required to compete hard in our tribal competitions. The older campers competed in our very own game of Wonderball while the younger campers competed in the classic game of capture the flag. After competing fiercely for their tribes, all of the campers were worn out and ready for a relaxing night.

As the sun set over Timberlake, another memorable day of camp was in the books. As always we are thankful for this day and excited for another day of growth through friends and adventure.

Go ‘Noles!

Andrew Peace

Stomper’s Knob Counselor

Waterski Instructor