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Seminoles on a mission!




Timberlake has been blessed with a lot of great men over the years, and it is always exciting to watch them leave camp to go and make a powerful impact on the world.  One such man is former camper, Seminole Chief, Little Chief, CIT, counselor, and Program Director, John Menendez.  He is working with Amigo’s for Christ down in Nicaragua as a missionary.  One of the biggest goals of his work is supplying poverty stricken areas with clean water and leading teams from the states into these places that need help.  Above is a photo of three proud Seminoles on one of these mission trips (Ken Menendez, John, Peter Dade, and Steven “Sporty” Menendez).  We are proud of John and the work that he is doing down there!  To see more on Amigos for Christ you can visit this link.

Timberlake counselors are all about some football

This week we have had some interesting connections between our beloved Timberlake counselors and the sport of football.  Here is just one of them:


You always know that Charlie Richards is going to be where the action is and this time he is taking selfies with Tim Tebow.  Charlie and his selfies!  Two great guys taking pictures.

The next example is a news report about Kansas University’s football program with a commentary by our own, Danny Nick, about the surprise firing of Charlie Weis after their weekend loss to the University of Texas.

Well done, Danny.

Director Dan

This Moment is Full


Two nights ago, I rode my bike to Adam and Ann’s, our Merri-Mac Directors, home to pick up my lost phone. Misplacing my phone turned out to be the best mistake I made this week. Ann and I chatted, snacking on homemade cookie dough. She poured me a glass of water. I felt a little sweatier and out of breathe than I wanted to let on. “How’s life as an intern? This week been good?” I felt loved.

While leaning on my bike at the fencing pavilion, my neighbors Daniel and Anne, Merri-Mac Assistant Director, invited me in for some supper. “We’re leaving tomorrow so feel free to sleep in our home, eat our food and watch our Netflix.” Eating on tasty baked chicken and the best sautéed squash and zucinni, I felt revived as rest washed over me.

On my walk home, I stopped to visit with my newest neighbors, Dan and Annie Singletary, Timberlake Directors, where I ate second supper. I munched on chips and guacamole from Olay’s, a local favorite in Black Mountain, listening to friends and family of the Singletary’s offer help and company as they transition into the move. When I left I heard, “Come back tomorrow. Anytime really!” I felt apart of their family. I felt sincerely welcome.

I was full on more than just food as a friend and I rode the camp golf cart back to the Big House. We reminisced about the past summer. I felt nostalgic, full on the past and present moments I experienced at camp.

Not many 25 year olds are fortunate enough to transition into a community like the one I became apart of this fall. Life right out of college, and even a few years down the road, can feel meaningless, even lonely. And yet here am I. A very clear product of God’s grace and the good gifts He promises. I’m blessed to be living at camp, surrounded by people who care for and love those they work with.


What’s my job exactly? “Camp Intern.” I schedule Adam and Dan’s home shows, help Ryan with BME retreats, recruit staff, and, sometimes, even carpool. I love it. There’s nothing I love more than to be the support staff who helps her friends make camp what it is: a wonderful place for kids to grow and learn. In turn they support and wrap their arms around me. No matter if I accidentally bought two plane tickets to Costa Rica, or backed the camp van into a tree, or was late picking their son up from soccer practice. This gracious acceptance for my weaknesses and faith in my strengths keeps me going when the days are long, and the computer screen gets fuzzy.

When I’m asked how’s your job? I often respond with “Let me tell you who I work with.” Those who direct Merri-Mac, Timberlake and Black Mountain Expeditions are not just in the business of promoting kids. They are in the business of promoting people, like me. I know I’m profoundly blessed to work with individuals who deeply care about providing a safe adventurous place for children.Those of you who’ve worked at camp know what I’m talking about. It’s one of the reasons why working at camp is my favorite job.

Interested in working at Camp? Come experience the love here at this camp. Come work at a place where you can safely learn about yourself alongside your campers. Come work with people whose greatest joy is to equip others. Humble people, who live out their faith daily, run this place. It’s inspiring. It’s life giving. It’s wholly fulfilling.

This season of my life could be spent in a less meaningful, less service-oriented, less fresh air and less outdoor environment, but I get to spend it here, dwelling in this place, with these people, for this moment.

And this moment is full.


written by Intern: Sadie Roebuck 


The men of Camp Timberlake awoke this beautiful Tuesday morning eager to take on another great day. Today started with a wonderful breakfast of egg casserole, coffee cake, and sausage, and as the meal wound down, everyone was getting ready to head on out to the morning yell when Director Dan grabbed the microphone and exclaimed, “ANNNND NOW!” Campers looked around in shock and confusion as Counselor Chris donned the red helmet and started to sprint around the dining hall. See this practice is normally reserved for the end of dinner to announce the evening activity. But this was breakfast! What could this mean?! Well, everyone’s questions were quickly answered when Chris yelled “TRIBEAPALOOZA!!!!”

Tribeapalooza is unlike any other day here at camp. Instead of normal activities and periods, campers compete all day in a series of heated tribal competitions that can have a huge impact on the winner of the banner. Everyone was super fired up after the announcement and then hustled out to the morning yell, where each boy got even more hyped up with Counselor Rusty’s impassioned speech that urged the young men to seize this wonderful opportunity. Once the campers were about to burst of excitement, it was time for chapel whereCounselor Danny gave a great message about how Jesus loves us even through our inadequacies. Once chapel was over, it was time for a crowd favorite, THE SOCK WAR! The Seminoles and Iroquois engaged in three intense rounds of sprinting around trees and chucking socks at one another until, finally, the Seminoles emerged victorious. Nico L. really stepped up his game to lead the ‘Noles to a much needed win. After sock war, the boys headed up to an even more fun activity…. PACKING TRUNKS!! (If only).                                                        Once trunks were packed up, everyone was treated to a great lunch of pepperoni and cheese pizza. As the campers and counselors started to clean up the tables, the lunch fun was just beginning. First, the boys were introduced to the mother of all pocket knives, THE TIMBER TOOL! The Timber Tool is just about the coolest thing there is if you are a young boy. It’s got two blades, some pliers, a can opener, a mini-saw, multiple screw drivers, and the crowd favorite, a pointy thing! The crowd erupted at the revealing of the famous pointy thing, with some shirts being ripped off in all the excitement. This Timber Tool is available to kids who early enroll online by Friday at midnight (shameless plug). After the Timber Tool announcement, it was time for another momentous declaration, the winner of the two-week-long cabin cleanup competition. Everyone knew it was close, but nobody could have guessed the final outcome. When the dust settled, the two youngest cabins, Tomahawk and Little Piney tied for the championship crown, setting off a celebration that had to be seen to be believed! (The younger the kids are, the better they clean cabins. Who knew?) Those two cabins will enjoy a pizza party tonight to reward all their hard work!

Once those two cabins of boys had calmed down, Counselor Peter put on the red helmet and announced “TRIBAL TOURNAMENTS!!” as the next camp-wide activity that would take place after rest hour and free time. After everyone (except the younger cabins) enjoyed a relaxing hour of rest, campers ran down to free time, which was followed by the aforementioned tribal tournaments. The tribal tournaments consisted of a 5-on-5 basketball tournament, a climbing completion, an archery tournament, and a swim relay. The action was fierce all over camp. In the basketball game, Chet L, Tim M, Grant T, Paul W and Andres D led the Seminoles to the win. Over at the climbing tower, Clay J, Daniel Y, Nico L, Randolph P, and Ben A all competed hard, but again, the Seminoles won the day. The Iroquois had better luck at the archery range where some sharp-shooting led the ‘Quois to the win, but the Seminoles, led by Alexander Z, channeled their inner Olympic swimmer to take first place in the relay.                                                                                        After the tournaments had finished, it was time for a spectacular dinner of sweet and sour chicken, followed by Counselor Will throwing on the helmet and ultimately screaming out, “IT’S THE FINAL CAMPFIRE!” The clever play on words evoked the camp to start humming the words to “The Final Countdown” until it was time to leave the dining hall and head up to the ceremony. The Final Campfire is the culmination of the Little Chief system here at camp, during which many campers are recognized for their outstanding achievements at camp over the last month. The greatest honor anyone can receive is, of course, the honor of Little Chief. Today, three worthy young men received the honor, Bailey M, Mike P, and George H. These three men have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout their many years as a camper, and they were greeted by a standing ovation upon the announcement of the award. After many boys had earned promotions and commendations, the whole camp joined together to sing the Camp Hymn for the final time, eliciting several outpourings of emotion from campers and counselors who have poured their heart and soul into this truly life-changing place. It was an extremely touching moment for all involved and one that no one will soon forget. Once the ceremony was over, it was off to the giant water balloon war known as commando, which the boys are playing as I type! I know I speak for all the counselors when I say it has been an honor serving your sons this session and we cannot wait to greet you all upon your arrival either tomorrow or Thursday! See you soon!


Brandon Chase

Little Piney Counselor


Finishing Well

Here at Camp Timberlake, we don’t do mediocrity. Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary. This morning your boys woke up in an exceptional place. They woke up in a cabin with exceptional counselors. They experienced exceptional teaching in adventure sports and activities. They were encouraged to excel, encouraged to reject passivity, encouraged to watch out for their friends. Exceptional is expected at Camp Timberlake. And we’re excited to share with you some of the highlights from the day.


Counselor Brandon got our morning started off right with an exceptionally rousing morning yell in which he challenged the boys to make this day a day which they would long remember. He challenged them to shake off the temptation to coast to the finish line; instead, we were exhorted to take full advantage of our time at Camp Timberlake to make this day, this glorious day in these mystic mountains, the best day of our lives thus far. And that is exactly what we set out to do.


The boys raced to chapel where they were led in worship by the dynamic combination of counselors Josiah and Andrew. After belting out the last few notes of the camp hymn, we were fortunate enough to hear from Adam about how God is the one who provides for us and how He is the only one who can satisfy our deepest desires.

After chapel, many of our future NASA engineers headed to Rocketry to put the finishing touches on their rockets because the last rocket launch of the summer was scheduled for free time today. Based on the appearance of this latest batch of rockets, I’d be willing to bet that a couple of them made it into orbit this afternoon. Elsewhere at camp, wrestlers polished many of their more advanced moves and enjoyed several exciting games of three musketeers where they employed the techniques that they have learned this summer. Others headed to Camp Craft where they were able to partake in another camp favorite, the low ropes course with a side of s’mores. No better way to cap off a summer of backpacking and team building than with sticky fingers and full stomachs.


Spirits were high at lunch today as palates were titillated with the fine delicacies of mini corn dogs and mac & cheese. Nothing like a little protein complemented by complex carbs to keep the boys going strong. And of course, the chocolate chip cookies for dessert were greeted with unanimous approval. After the tables were cleared, our friendly cabin area director, Rusty W, announced the cabin cleanup scores. Little Piney and Tomahawk waited with bated breath as Rusty approached the end of his countdown, hoping that there would be some separation in the race for the pizza party. Tomahawk prevailed for the second day in a row, but their slim margin of victory has left the race dead even between the two youngest cabins. May the best cabin (Little Piney) win!


Knowing that camp is unfortunately drawing to a close, the boys were very eager to finish rest time and earn bars in their favorite activities this afternoon. Paul W and Roth W were both able to achieve a silver bar in Team Sports by displaying a dazzling array of athletic feats involving frisbees, footballs, and foot-speed. Just above the action on Spencer’s Green, Max M, Roth W, Alex A, and Jonah P all earned bronze bars in wrestling. After a successful rocket launch, Nico L, Andy L, and Alex S received their gold bars in rocketry.


Activities resumed this afternoon with campers aspiring for glory at the waterfront. Some kayakers played an intense game of kayak polo while Thomas M, Frederik E, Tim M, Paul W, and Ethan H completed the requirements for their bronze bar. Brian S also displayed proficiency in a number of more advanced techniques to earn his silver bar. The open boaters were equally ambitious, and Malcom R and Geoffrey M got their bronze in canoeing. The swimmers were across the pond, painting a beautiful masterpiece with their masterful strokes on the water. Jake H and Randolph P earned silver, and Alex A and Scott S both met the required times for their gold bars, the first golds awarded in swimming this year! I know that was a whirlwind of accomplishments, but that is just a taste of the kind of growth we have experienced this summer.


As the day comes to a close at Camp Timberlake, your boys are being challenged in an epic game of Battleball (camp’s version of dodgeball). One of our most popular post-dinner activities at camp, Battleball is a game skill, wits, and calm under pressure. Every cabin cheers on their own, and the competition is a veritable dogfight. Every boy has a chance at glory – it is not always the strong that win.


We will try to report back to you tomorrow on the outcome of Battleball, but for now, know that your boys continue to grow alongside their best friends, building relationships that will last a lifetime. And we remind you unabashedly that Camp Timberlake is the best place on earth. Thank you for sharing your boys with us and letting them grow and mature in our camp community.

One day at a time.



Andrew Renshaw



Waking this morning reminded me of the chilly fall days that are so often loved by those who are residents of Western North Carolina. With the crispness in the air and the bugle ringing to wake us from our deep slumber, campers and counselors rose from their bed ready for a delicious breakfast.

As we rolled into the dining hall we were welcomed by the fragrance of French toast and sausage complimented by a full grits bar.  If you have ever had grits you know it is a delicious meal, but if you have ever had it on a day with a slight chill in the air you realize the love for warm food.  It warms you deep to your chest.  The food was filling and satisfying making us ready for the many activities the day offered.

Today during chapel we were offered again a chance to lift our voices to God in praise with songs and to hear a word brought by our very own Charlie R. a counselor for Big Piney.  He told us of his climbing adventures and related them to the Lord taking care for us in many situations and Him being “the way, the truth, and the life” found in John 14:6.  I can’t imagine a better way to start my day then worshiping God, and this is something we at camp put into practice every day in chapel as well as in the way we conduct our cabin.

One way we show our worship for God is in our cleanliness.  Each cabin goes to great efforts in the morning to clean their cabin to make it spotless for the day.  This is an ongoing process we do daily and will eventually end in a cabin being rewarded with a pizza party.

As activities commenced the weather bolstered spirits. After a warm summer, the chill in the air brought smiles to campers’ faces and allowed them to play harder.  Some activities such as Kayaking worked on skills such as braces and rolls to help them in the river, while activities like backpacking worked on skills that will help them in becoming better friends.  Backpacking did our low ropes course.  Low ropes are a set of obstacles that campers must work as a group to complete.  These skills will help them become better at communicating and problem solving.

In other activities campers worked on their bars.  Tyler J. and Ben P. earned their bronze in air soft, while camper Enrique D. worked hard to earn his silver in the activity.  Other campers such as George H. and Frederik E. were rewarded for their efforts in riflery with silver.  Colby F. pushed hard in riflery to obtain his gold bar and his efforts came to fruition today.

Not only did campers work hard on bars, but some decided to brave the cold for a trip of a lifetime.  They went with Josiah B. and Cody F. on a canoeing trip on the Tuckaseege River.  This is a fun trip for anyone wanting to put their skills to test on white water.  Mike P., Emiliano G., Malcom, and Scott S.  all went on this trip and returned with smiles on their face (after a quick nap on the ride back I am sure).

After the first half of the day, campers enjoyed one of my favorite meals at camp: meatball subs.  As I chow down on a sub, I wondered if this meal could get any better, and I was bewildered by the fact that it could.  We finished our meal with a nice glass of milk and warm chocolate chip cookies.  With food on our stomachs we continued with our lunchtime routine: announcements.  These announcements varied from the news that the Iroquois won stealing skins (last nights evening activity) to the wonderful news that the camp store would be open for campers to purchase camp gear and clothing.  But the greatest news of all was who won cabin clean up: LITTLE SLATY (my cabin).  It was a pleasant surprise for us.

Thirty minutes of rest progressed to free time and trading post.  During this time some campers chose to partake in a fencing tournament.  This tournament was a great success because it allowed the opportunity for Kennon S. and Tim M. to earn their gold.  There was a great showing for the match between campers who used their skills to do their best.

With the days chill still in the air, activities such as Team sports allowed campers like Brian S. to perfect his ultimate Frisbee skills.  Fencing allowed Michael B. and Ben P.  to earn their bronze.  Climbing used its time to open our new tower where we climbed, bouldered (at the new boulder), and even worked on rappelling skills. It was a fun filled day.

As I am writing this Iroquois and Seminoles are battling in an epic relay called Juggernaut.  This tournament allows campers to test their skills in each activity from climbing to mountain biking.  The competition is in the air, but the weather is perfect for it.

I hope this article finds you well and gives you another small glimpse into life here at Timberlake.

God bless,

David Parker

Little Slaty Counselor and Climbing Instructor


Friends and Family,

There are days at Camp Timberlake when the shimmer of Lake Doris in the morning light ignites an ancient love in the heart of boys and men for all things outdoors and beautiful. There are days at Camp Timberlake when our staff and campers are so entranced by nature, so captured by the palpable glory of the blue sky and mountains, so intent on straining that last full measure of joy from each waking moment with friends and brothers, that the outside world, the humming hive of busyness and traffic and electronic distraction, is drowned in wonder and play. There are days at camp when we wake up invigorated and go to sleep satisfied.

Today was one of those days at Camp Timberlake.

Today, from the first pitch of reveille to the last chime of taps, your boys grew in character and excellence. Today, the young men of Camp Timberlake took one small step toward manhood and one giant leap toward uncommon maturity. Every intricate detail of this Friday at Camp Timberlake was orchestrated for a common purpose: growth through friends and adventure.

We are proud of our staff, we are proud of camp, and we are proud of the impact that camp has had on your boys in the past 24 hours. There simply is no better place on the seven continents for young men to spend their summer than Camp Timberlake.

I do not have the time or space to expound on the vast array of accomplishments, growth, and leadership that we have seen in your boys today. Believe me, I wish I did. But let me invite you instead to share in a few snapshots.

This morning the eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns were spot on. The kitchen has been incredible this summer. Then Ryan “Rusty” Walden, our resident William Wallace, led the boys in a raucous morning yell. Legend has it that on a clear day the morning yell at Camp Timberlake can be heard in eastern Tennessee.

For the morning and afternoon, our heroic staff instructed the campers in everything from fencing to climbing. In swimming, Alex A. impressed the swimming staff with his stroke and speed, earning his bronze and silver bars. Earning two bars in one activity in one day is notable. Jake H. and Randolph P. also made good progress toward their silver bars in swimming. Watch out, Phelps.

Up on the Spencer’s Green, the team sports action was hot. Ultimate Frisbees and football were the sports of choice today, and a number of campers earned their bronze bars. In climbing, Dash V. made excellent progress toward his silver bar, dashing up the climbing wall under the supervision of Andrew M. and David P., our instructors. Tim M. worked on his roll in kayaking and others prepared for a trip to the Tuckaseegee River on Sunday.

At Camp Timberlake, we also give your boys the opportunity to work with weapons in a safe environment. Needless to say, boys particularly enjoy activities involving weaponry. During free time today there was an archery tournament won respectfully by Colby F., reportedly in training for follow-on work in Sherwood Forest.  In airsoft, Enrique D. and Grant T. earned their bronze bars.

This evening, after dinner, we took a moment to step back and recognize our young men who have made progress toward Little Chief. We gathered as brothers around a campfire, sharing a solemn, sacred time of reflection on our mutual and individual growth as men and as a community. I wish you could see the pride on the boys’ faces as they receive commendations for their leadership, hear Director Dan’s encouragement toward excellence, and feel a firm pat on their shoulder from their counselors.

As the night winds down, so does this snippet from a day in the life of Camp Timberlake. The younger cabins are sleeping, resting up for another full day tomorrow. The older cabins are fellowshipping around s’mores and board games, etching memories that will last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see what your boys will do tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what they will do next year. And we can’t wait to see what your boys will do in a decade, when the seeds of confidence and character planted by a summer at Camp Timberlake will come into full bloom, when the boys we see today have become strong, courageous, and humble men who care deeply for their families, work diligently in their vocational callings, stand up for justice in their communities, and establish a living legacy of passion for life tempered by wisdom.

One day at a time.


from all of us at Camp Timberlake –

Lawson Kuehnert

Cabin Area Director

Chilly Days at Timberlake

As God painted another perfect sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, the boys awakened to a camp favorite breakfast of French toast and bacon. The mass amounts of food consumed quickly transformed to shots of pure energy as our young men released one of the loudest morning yells ever heard this side of the Mississippi (or at least this side of Tweedle Creek). While most campers stayed here on property today, we also did have a good amount that went out to have some fun in the sun, on the water. Today we had trips that went out to the Pigeon River for white water rafting and Lake James for water skiing.  From the morning yell, we transferred said energy to another great morning of chapel where many songs were sung and Mr. Adam Boyd, one of the co-owners of Camp Timberlake!, gave a talk on mans’ inability to please God solely through works on this earth. From chapel, our campers exited to what may in fact be the most competitive part of a day at camp, cabin clean up! In fact, todays cabin clean-up was even more exciting than usual, as the littlest cabins came through with the biggest scores as Little Piney finished in first place, followed by Tomahawk in an extremely-close second place. Next began what I like to consider the “classiest” part of a day at camp. As usual, all of today’s classes involved the perfect combination of first-class instruction and plenty of time for DBD (dudes being dudes.) In addition, today we also had some campers who deserved special recognition for achieving bars in their activities. Starting with team sports, we would like to congratulate both Randolph P. and Tim M. for achieving their bronze bars. Staying on Spencer’s Green, we would also like to congratulate Bailey M. for mastering long passing to achieve his silver bar in soccer. Moving down to the lake, we also had two more bars handed out in canoeing, where both Mike Provosty and Teddy O. achieved their bronze bars in recognition of their hard work. Lunch brought with it another big camp favorite… PIZZA DAY! Again I was amazed with just how much of the stuff that my table of thirteen year old boys was able to polish off in a mere thirty minutes! (It was more than most counselors could.) After the cheer “Thank You Kitchen!” rang throughout the dining hall, it was time to announce who had won our intense evening activity from the night before, The Great Escape. To the shear elation of some, including myself, and shear disappointment of others, the mighty Iroquois were announced as the winners and moved one step closer to claiming the ultimate prize, the third session banner. After all of this excitement it was time once again for the always needed, yet rarely respected rest time, which led into a rainy, yet still extremely enjoyable time at the trading post and  activities around camp for free time. After two more awesome periods of instruction, the entire camp was prepared a rare treat for dinner, a whole hog BBQ with all the fixings, smoked by our very own Program Director, Matt Hansen. As evident by my many references within this article alone, I think it is safe to say that Timberlake had no shortage of great meals today. After multiple trays of BBQ were demolished by one hungry group of campers and staff, we all headed outside where a regular article writer, Charlie Richards, announced tonight’s evening activity, Inferno! Tonight the mighty Iroquois and the powerful Seminoles will wage battle by attempting to put out each other’s fires with individual cups of water, carried by each tribesman. However, the challenge does not end there as each tribe is able to send its members to complete specific tasks throughout the competition to earn additional logs which keep the fire burning longer. With the beginning of Inferno comes the end of my summery of another great day at Timberlake. I hope that all the family and friends at home are having an equally fun time at home or wherever you may be. I cannot wait to meet all of you next week at what I am sure will be another great day of closing ceremonies, so with that I would like to wish everyone at home a good night from Camp Timberlake.

God bless,

Matthew Murphy

Counselor in Training (Little Slatey)


Day Joe Cowboy Happy!

Today was not a normal day at Camp Timberlake. It was every camper’s favorite day at Camp Timberlake. Cowboy Joe day. The morning started off with a much needed extra hour of sleep followed by campers awaking to deafening whistles and sirens. Counselors donned in their best backwards attire bust into the cabins throwing nut-dos and cowjuice everywhere. After this quite unusual breakfast in bed, the campers got dressed up and headed down for a morning game of battleball. But again this came with a twist. Not only did the campers get dressed, but they did so wearing their clothes completely backwards.

As everyone walked down for battleball, you could see Andres D. and Connor B. attempting to walk to the tennis courts  backwards. We opted for a more laid back non-tribal version of this camp favorite game considering that is pretty hard to catch and throw a ball while wearing you shorts as a shirt (Perfectly modeled by the always great Andy L.)

Rather than putting out the chaos that is Cowboy Joe day, we decided to just throw some more fuel on the fire by also making today Staff Appreciation day. Personally staff appreciation was my favorite day as a camper. Greybearders get to have a taste of what it is like to be a counselor. They serve the food at meals, teach activities, and even lead devotions for the cabins at night. But I think the Greybeard campers would all agree that the best part of staff appreciation day is the chance to wear their counselor’s staff shirts around camp all day. Staff appreciation day allows Greybearders to really take a leadership role at camp giving them a sneak peak of how great it is to be a counselor at Camp Timberlake.

Despite the chaos of the day, campers still attended their activities and continued to thrive in them. Frederick E. got his silver in paintball thanks to Grant T. who actually taught paintball today. Harris C. was the Greybearder assigned to teach kayaking and boy did he do a great job. Harris helped Tim M. work on his T-rescue, a much needed tool in the sport of kayaking. Klay J. did an exceptional job teaching soccer as Scott S. and Nico L. really showed off their skills in class today.

We had two big trips go out today. A kayaking trip to the pigeon and a fly fishing trip! Seth H. completed his first combat role on the Pigeon and both Eric H. and Bailey M. showed poise and confidence on the river. Kennon S. and Jesse C. both caught wild brook trout and pulled together for really the best Fly Fishing trip of the summer!

Taco in a bag for dinner had the campers jumping for joy. The ingenious idea of making a delicious taco by stuffing taco fillings in a bag of Fritos has always been a camp favorite. The amazing breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts plus Taco in a bag really overshadowed the always underrated lunch of Turkey and Dressing. But all in all camp had a great day of eating.

After dinner, campers surrounded Grant H. as he led the camp in the evening yell. Everyone then headed up to chapel to worship.  Tim M. led the camp in chapel today on his guitar. It is really amazing to see the whole camp rally around a camper as he leads everyone in worship.
The day ended with Great Escape! A tribal event where groups of campers search for counselors who give out clues to the whereabouts of the flag.

Today was an exciting day, full of fun and traditions. The boys will now get a good night’s sleep and rest up for another great day at Camp Timberlake!


Alex Deal

Stompers Knob Counselor

Trips Returning and Bar Earning

 Campers awoke this beautiful Tuesday morning eager to take on another spectacular day here at Camp Timberlake. The weather was cool and crisp as everyone headed down for breakfast to chow down on a meal of baked oatmeal, coffee cake, and the always-delicious bacon. The kitchen was nearly overwhelmed by requests for more bacon, causing one kitchen worker to exclaim, “How do boys love bacon this much?!” After breakfast, campers were treated to an inspiring morning yell from Counselor Danny. Danny implored the boys to avoid the “Invisible force” and to fight against the forces of evil to make this day the best day of camp yet. Campers heeded his words as everyone hustled off to chapel where they heard an encouraging message from Counselor Brandon about how Jesus is greater than any sin.

Following chapel, the boys feverously cleaned their cabins to try to capture the coveted award for cleanest cabin of the day. Once the cabins were sparkling, everyone dispersed to morning activities where campers worked hard to earn bars and have a lot of fun. In archery, campers took aim some high scores, and were able to deliver. Bailey M. earned his silver bar by shooting a superb score that would have made the great Robinhood proud. Over at Lake Doris, it was a busy day in canoeing. The campers learned that “loose hips=safe ships” and that “conoenication” is key to keeping everyone on the same page. (Please hold your applause for that awesome pun).  Grady S. is a phenomenal canoeist and appears to have a chance to earn his gold bar in canoeing, truly a rare feat.

Once morning activities finished up, campers ran down to lunch and were greeted by one of their favorite meals, chicken sandwiches. Everyone loaded up a sandwich with his favorite fixing and ate up! There was even a side of French fries with the meal, making today’s lunch one of camp’s favorite of the session. Once everyone had eaten his fill of food, it was time for the announcement of the cabin cleanup scores. It is really quite amazing how excited boys get about these scores. The revealing of the winner is quite the big deal day in and day out. Today’s announcement was filled with drama as the surprising cabin of Little Piney tried to defend their shocking victory from the day prior.

It came down to Little Piney and perennial favorite Big Slaty for the top two spots with the older of the two cabins, Big Slaty, earning the victory. Once the hoopla ceased, it was time for the best time… Rest Time! Everyone (except the lower cabins) enjoyed a peaceful 30 minutes until the boys were dismissed for a great hour and a half of free time during which a couple fierce games of tetherball and Thunderball broke out. Seriously, just give these boys something with a ball and they can be entertained for hours. Once free time ended, everyone was ready to go for his afternoon activities.

Around the time afternoon activities started, a double-overnight backpacking tripped returned from the mountains. It was quite the adventure! Campers Grant H, Brian S, Mike P, George H, Grant T, and counselors John Christian and David set out on Sunday from the mountain of Greybeard and hiked 6 miles to Pinnacle Mountain. On Monday, everyone awoke at 8:00 and made preparations to hit the trail at 10:30. Once they got going, the group made it to Commissory Hill by mid afternoon and camped at the base of Mount Mitchell that night. Today, the trip ended with a 2 hour hike up Mount Mitchell and everyone got back to camp by 2:30. There were many bars won on the trip as Grant and Brian got their gold bars, Mike got his silver, and George and Grant earned their bronzes. A day-trip to go fly-fishing also went out today and Kennan S caught two fish and Jesse C. wrangled one in. The trip ended with a sweet visit to a swimming hole where all enjoyed a great time.

In afternoon activities, team sports and soccer class combined to play an epic game of Wonderball. Hank B, Seth H, and Eric H led their team to a thrilling 13-11 victory, bagging the game-winning goal at the final whistle.

Once activities were over for the day, it was time for a fantastic dinner of penne pasta and meatballs with a sweet cherry cobbler for dessert. As the meal was winding down, the anticipation started building for the announcement of the evening activity. Counselor Rusty donned the red helmet, ran around the dining hall like a maniac, and ultimately yelled “NINJA TRAINING!!” His words were met with a huge roar and everyone ran our to start preparing for the full-speed and sneaky game that separates the strong from the full-blown ninja warriors.

That’s all I have for you today! All the counselors here are having a great time hanging out with your sons and we are so pumped we still have another week with them.



Brandon Chase

Little Piney Counselor

Professional Article Writer