Should I call, visit, or send?

Part of the magic of a great camp experience comes from the fact that we are a closed community. During their sessions our campers live their whole lives on this property, with these friends; they become completely immersed in the drama and story of camp. This is the most fundamental ingredient of a great camping adventure and this is the reason we strongly discourage our parents from calling or visiting their campers. Of course if a phone call absolutely needs to happen then please know it can, but our experience with this has shown it to be unhelpful for the boys’ growth at camp.

A Mirror to Camp

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Instead, we work to create a one way mirror to allow you to see what is happening at camp without changing their camp experience. We do this by daily publishing hundreds of photos to our web site, as well as a newsletter. If you are still concerned you can also call your child’s counselor, or the Director. We will work very hard to let you know how your camper is doing but it is important that you understand that your camper can only have their best camp experience if their session is as uninterrupted as possible.

Care Packages?

We ask that campers not receive care packages while at camp.

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