Staying Connected

Timberlake offers three ways for parents to stay in touch with their child’s daily activities – newsletters, one-way email, and online photos. These services are provided through our partner, CampMinder.

Set up your account to get started.


Timber Tales is our newsletter which is written daily during each session. Counselors write a daily update on the events in camp. The scoop on the cabins, tribes, and sporting activities will be covered. This will allow parents to share in the joy of camp accomplishments.


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CampMinder provides our email solution for parents. Our e-mail is delivered daily with the regular mail call. Please send as many e-mails as you like, but remember that constant communication with your son while he is away at boys’ camp can promote homesickness.


Each day, photos from the previous day’s activities will be uploaded for parents to view online. The images can simply be browsed through, downloaded at a reduced resolution, posted to facebook, or for a minor charge, high quality prints can be purchased.


Other common questions are answered on the Parent’s FAQs page.

How do I set up my account?

In order to read the daily newsletter, view photos or send an E-Mail, you must have an account.

When will my email be delivered?

Each morning the campers’ emails are printed out and put with the day’s mail, which is delivered each day before dinner.

What happens to email sent during the last 24 hours of a session?

Please do not send emails during the last 24 hours your child is at camp! E-Mails sent in the last 24 hours of a session will not be given to your camper until they check out. Normally, email is printed out every morning and handed out before dinner at mail call, but on closing day this would occur after your camper had already checked out! Because of this, we make every effort to place emails sent in the last 24 hours in the check out folder you receive before leaving.

Can I email the camp office and have the office forward the message to my child?

Due to the large volume of emails sent on a daily basis, we can only deliver emails sent through our provider, CampMinder.

Who takes all the photos?

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Each day a different camp counselor at Timberlake takes the digital cameras around camp and takes photos. After the evening activity, and once the campers are in bed, the photos are uploaded to the Internet site to be viewed. There is less than a 12 hour turnaround from when the photographer finishes shooting for the day and when they are viewable online.

Why haven’t I seen my camper’s photo?

The counselors try to take as many quality photographs of as many campers as is possible. Due to the number of campers and the limitations of life at camp, we cannot guarantee that any particular child will be photographed during the course of the Summer.

What About Care Packages?

We ask that campers not receive care packages while at camp.

Everything Else

If you need to contact Timberlake, you can email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

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