Meet Our Staff

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CIT Director/ Program Director

Winston Horn

Name: Winston Horn
School: Ole Miss
Major: Recreation Administration
Campus Involvement: Youth Ministry/Camping
GPA: 3.5
Hometown: Clarksdale, MS
Activities teaching: MTB
What are you looking forward to about camp: Looking forward to another summer full of adventure in the blue ridge mountains
Years at camp: 6th summer
Certifications: CPR/First Aid
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NEXT: Margaret Patton
Program Director

Molly Callaway

School: Western Carolina University

Major: Middle Grades Language Arts Education 

Intended Occupation: Middle Grades Language Arts Teacher

GPA: 3.8

Campus Involvement: RUF, CMLA

Hometown: Thurmond, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: Getting to experience camp with the kids!

Activity(s) Teaching: Program Director

Years at camp: 6

Certifications: CPR and First Aid, Lifeguard, AD

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NEXT: Shawn Feagin
Assistant Program Director

Margaret Patton

Name: Margaret Patton

School: UNC

Major: Anthropology

Intended Occupation: Teach Abroad

GPA: 3.5

Hometown: Opelika, AL

Campus Involvement: RUF

What are you most looking forward to about camp: Being outside and meeting new people

Activity(s) Teaching: Assistant Program Director

Years at Camp: 15 years

Certifications: CPR, Lifeguard, First Aid

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NEXT: James Belt
Senior Cabin Area Director

Shawn Feagin

Name: Shawn Feagin

School: University of Tennessee

Major: Physical Education

GPA: 3.5

Intended Occupation: PE Teacher

Campus Involvement: Crew, Campus Rec.

Hometown: Peru, IL

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Dominating thunderball

Activity(s) Teaching: Kayaking

Years at Camp: 3rd year

Certifications: N/A

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NEXT: Lucie Christian
Junior Cabin Area Director/ Kayaking

James Belt

Name: James Belt

School: Clemson University

Major: Biological Sciences

Intended Occupation: Physician

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: Clemson Outdoor Program, Clemson LIFE, FCA, PhiDE, Spikeball Club, Intramurals

Hometown: Florence, SC

What are you looking forward to about camp: I look forward to seeing everyone have fun in the outdoors while growing in their relationships with each other and the Gospel

Activity(s) Teaching: Kayaking 

Years at camp: 12

Certifications: WFA, Lifeguard, CPR

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NEXT: John Jeffery III
Waterfront Director

Lucie Christian

Name: Lucie Christian

School: Rhodes College 

Major:  Economics and international Studies

GPA: 3.6

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

What are you looking forward to about camp: Running free swims and finally being able to nail a backflip on the rope swing!

Activity: Waterfront Director

Years at Camp: 12!

Certifications: Lifeguard, CPR/First Aid

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NEXT: Alex Atherton

John Jeffery III

Name: John Jeffery, III

School: Wofford College

Major: Psychology and Sociology & Anthropology  

GPA: 3.26

Intended Occupation: (Military)Psychologist 

Campus Involvement: Bonner Scholar, Student Body Vice President, (RUF), Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Orientation Staff, Resilience Project Team Member, Wofford College Ambassador

Hometown: Northeast Columbia, South Carolina

What are you looking forward to about camp: Being at Timberlake! Developing Lifelong friendships and growing in faith with the community around me! 

Activity(s) Teaching: Improv

Years at camp: First Year!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid 


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NEXT: Eunicea Custis

Alex Atherton

Name: Alex Atherton

School: Williams College

Major: Math and Econ

GPA: 3.8

Intended Occupation: Investment Banking

Campus Involvement: Swim and diving team, finance club, outing club, FCA

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Watching the kids grow and develop

Activity(s) Teaching: Kayaking

Years at Camp: 7th year

Certifications: Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid,

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NEXT: Bennett Kesler

Eunicea Custis

Name: Eunicea Custis

School: Spartanburg Community College

Major: Art and History

Intended Occupation: Historian or Photographer

GPA: 3.3

Campus Involvement: N/A

Hometown: Paterson, New Jersey

What are you looking forward to about camp: All the hiking 

Years at camp: First Year

Certifications: N/A

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NEXT: Henry Broshar

Bennett Kesler

Name: Bennett Kesler

School: Furman University

Major: Spanish

Intended Occupation: Teacher

GPA: 3.4

Campus Involvement: RUF Worship Team, Jazz Combo

Hometown: Nashville, TN

What are you looking forward to about camp: Getting to see all the campers and staff members that I got to meet last year

Activity(s) Teaching: Guitar

Years at camp: 2nd year

Certifications: CPR, First Aid

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NEXT: Cooper Denning

Henry Broshar

Name: Henry Broshar

School: App State

Major: Sustainable Technology

GPA: 3.7

Hometown: Asheville, NC

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Watching the kids learn and grow

Activity(s) Teaching: Kayaking

Years at Camp: 12th year

Certifications: Lifeguard, CPR

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NEXT: Jonah Obrecht

Cooper Denning

Name: Cooper Denning

School: Belmont University

Major: Audio Engineering Technology with a Minor in Computer Science.

Intended Occupation: Live Audio for Worship

GPA: 3.35

Campus Involvement: Stage Manager for Belmont University’s Showcase Series.

Hometown: Maryville, TN

What are you looking forward to about camp: Passing on my experience on relationships with God and friends that I was able to have while attending camp. 

Activity(s) Teaching: Guitar

Years at camp: 12

Certifications: First Aid and CPR

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NEXT: Greer Hon

Jonah Obrecht

Name: Jonah Obrecht

School: FGCU

Major: Art

Intended Occupation: Illustration

GPA: 3.9

Campus Involvement: N/A

Hometown: Naples, FL

What are you most looking forward to about camp: Meeting my campers and having them love camp the same way I do!

Activity (s) Teaching: Pottery and Archery

Years at camp: 5th year

Certifications: CPR, First Aid


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NEXT: Grant Hemsley

Greer Hon

Name: Greer Hon

School: Savannah College of Art and Design

Major: Photography

Intended Occupation: Photojournalist/ Unit Still Photographer

GPA: 3.9

Campus Involvement: SCAD Serve

Hometown: Holden Beach, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: Meeting new people and getting great photos!

Years at camp: First Year

Certifications: First Aid and CPR

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NEXT: Ty Goodson

Grant Hemsley

Name: Grant Hemsley

School: University of Mississippi 

Major: Business Management

Intended Occupation: Either pursue something with law or find a firm that fits me and work in a management position. 

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: VP of Fly Fishing Club, ΒΘΠ fraternity 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m looking forward to being back in a beautiful environment at one of my favorite places in the world! Looking forward to witnessing all the growth about to take place this summer. 

Activity(s) Teaching: Climbing/Misc… 

Years at camp: 14

Certifications: CPR + First Aid, Lifeguard 

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NEXT: Tommy Schweitzer

Ty Goodson

Name: Ty Goodson

School: Montreat College

Major: Exercise Science

Intended Occupation: Personal Trainer

GPA: 3.4

Hometown: Longdale, NC

What are you most looking forward to about camp: Teaching kids about fishing

Activity(s) Teaching: Fishing

Years at Camp: First Year

Certifications: CPR

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NEXT: Colby Short
Mountain Biking

Tommy Schweitzer

Name: Tommy Schweitzer

School: Auburn University

Major: Finance

GPA: 3.4

Intended Occupation: Finance

Campus Involvement: Greek life

Hometown: Tampa, FL

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Making camp fun for the kids!

Activity(s) Teaching: Mountain Biking

Certifications: Wilderness First Aid

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NEXT: Jean Marc Ragsdale

Colby Short

Name: Colby Short 

School: Appalachian State University 

Major: Sustainable Technology 

Intended Occupation: Something to do with Renewable Energy 

GPA: 2.36 

Campus Involvement: I’m not involved with anything on campus this year.

Hometown: Archdale, NC 

What are you looking forward to about camp: Getting to lead the experience I was lead  when I was a camper. 

Activity(s) Teaching: Climbing, Mountain Biking, Paintball 

Years at camp: 3rd year

Certifications: None

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NEXT: Josh Krispin

Jean Marc Ragsdale

Name: Jean Marc Ragsdale

School: Toccoa Falls College

Major: Undeclared/ Sports Management

Intended Occupation: Coaching/teaching activities in missional context

GPA: 3.773

Campus Involvement: Intramural soccer, beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tech team for chapel, prayer and worship nights leadership team

Hometown: Kempton Park, South Africa (2000-2015), Vienna, Austria (2015-2019) 

What are you looking forward to about camp: People! Getting to know both the counselors, and the campers

Activity(s) Teaching: Paintball

Years at camp: First year

Certifications: CPR Basic Life Support and First Aid

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NEXT: Caleb Owen
Field Sports

Josh Krispin

Name: Josh Krispin

School: UGA

Major: Entertainment Media Studies

Intended Occupation: Director

GPA: 3.7

Hometown: Valdosta, GA

Activity(s) Teaching: Evening Activities, Field Sports

Years at Camp: 11th year

Certifications: CPR, First Aid

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NEXT: Leo Schiavinato

Caleb Owen

Name: Caleb Owen

School: Appalachian State University

Major: Leadership Studies and Community Engagement

Intended Occupation: Outdoor Education or Global Development

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: RUF, clean water non-profit, intramural sports

Hometown: Asheville, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: To be a part of giving the ultimate camp experience that I would love as a camper.

Activity: Backpacking

Years at camp: First Year!

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR

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NEXT: Michael Wallace

Leo Schiavinato

Name: Leo Schiavinato

School: University of Oklahoma

Major: Business

Intended Occupation: Undecided

GPA: 4.0

Hometown: Serra Negra, Sao Paulo

What are you most looking forward to about camp: Teaching the kids how to play tennis

Activity(s) Teaching: Tennis

Years at Camp: First year

Certifications: CPR, First Aid

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NEXT: Abdiel Cruz

Michael Wallace

Name: Michael Wallace

School: Cedarville University

Major: Industrial and Innovation Design

Intended Occupation: Transportation Designer

GPA: 3.17

Campus Involvement: N/A

Hometown: East Haddam

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am looking forward to fellowship with the campers and other staff members as well as the fun activities available at camp. 

Activity(s) Teaching: Riflery 

Years at camp: First Year

Certifications: CERT (community emergency response team), Ohio volunteer fight fighter

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NEXT: Scottie Huger

Abdiel Cruz

Name: Abdiel Cruz

School: Benemerita Universidad Autonomade Puebla

Major: English Language Teaching

GPA: 3.8

Intended Occupation: Pastor

Hometown: Ajalpan Puebla, Mexico

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Teaching kids about the bible and Jesus

Activity(s) Teaching: Riflery

Years at Camp: 2nd year

Certifications: CPR

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NEXT: Clint Shannon

Scottie Huger

Name: Scottie Huger

School: Florida Southern College

Major: Nursing

Intended Occupation: Travel nursing with a speciality in emergency medicine

GPA: 3.29

Campus Involvement: Theta Chi Fraternity and on the social chair, Southern Ambassador (Tourguide for the school), Intramural participant and referee, on campus job (working at the health and wellness center), Student Government Senator, club hockey team manager, Student Nursing Association

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am looking forward to creating a fun atmosphere for campers as well as create a safe learning environment for all the campers

Activity(s) Teaching: Swimming / Team Sports / Lifeguarding / Cabin Counselor

Years at camp: This is my first year

Certifications: Lifeguard / CPR / AED / First Aid, Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Instructor, Administering Emergency Oxygen

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NEXT: Ben Rader
Mountain Biking

Clint Shannon

Name: Clint Shannon

School: College Of Charleston 

Major: Early Childhood education

Intended Occupation: to work with Elementary to middle school-aged children in a after school or Group home setting.

GPA: 3.0

Campus Involvement: COFC Quidditch team

Hometown: Charleston, SC

What are you looking forward to about camp: To see friends and creating new ones, and build bonds with my fellow counselors and campers. Also being able to see each one of my campers grow more spiritually as well as myself. 

Activity(s) Teaching: Mountain Biking 

Years at camp: 2 years 

Certifications: First aid, CPR, Youth Mental Health First Aid

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NEXT: Natalie Custer
BME Climbing/ Senior Cabin Area Director

Ben Rader

Ben Rader School: Montreat College

Major: Outdoor Education

Intended Occupation: Climbing/mountaineering/alpine guide

GPA: 3.85

Campus Involvement: Climbing wall route setter, Montreat Adventure Club, Volunteer outdoor adventure guiding with William’s Place (home for men recovering substance abuse)

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am excited to reconnect with old friends, spread the love of Christ to my campers, and teach campers about climbing.

Activity(s) Teaching: BME Climbing

Years at camp: 3

Certifications: CPR and first aid, Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

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NEXT: Seth Brahney

Natalie Custer

Name: Natalie Custis

Major: Elementary Education

Intended Occupation: Teacher

Campus Involvement: RUF, Sorority

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Activity(s) Teaching: PAWS

What are you looking forward to about camp: Making new friends and memories, winning the banner

Years at Camp: 9th year

Certifications: Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid

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NEXT: Thomas Williams

Seth Brahney

School: Appalachian State University

Major: Chemistry (Forensic Science)/ Pre-Med

Intended Occupation: Forensic Scientist

Hometown: Macon, Georgia

What are you looking forward to at camp: Passing the impact so many counselors had on me on to the next generation of campers. 

Activity: Fencing

Years at camp:12

Certifications: CPR/First Aid


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NEXT: Archie Dees
Rocketry/ Fencing

Thomas Williams

School: Clemson University

Major: Computer Science

Intended Occupation: Something in Game Design

Hometown: Barnwell, South Carolina

What are you looking forward to at camp: I am looking forward to showing campers everything that makes camp great!

Activity: Rocketry

Years at Camp: 10th year


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NEXT: Adam Viener

Archie Dees

Name: Archie Dees

School: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Major: Journalism

Intended Occupation: Athletic Department Personnel

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m looking forward to growing personally and spiritually with our staff and campers.

Years at camp: 11th year

Certifications: CPR and First Aid


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NEXT: Carson Hays

Adam Viener

Name: Adam Viener

School: University of South Carolina

Major: Business

Intended Occupation: Military and/or marketing

GPA: 3.95

Campus Involvement: Don’t know yet, but I plan on doing ROTC in college and joining club running

Hometown: Richmond, VA

What are you looking forward to about camp: Having the opportunity to give an excellent experience to campers that was once given to me while also helping them grow in their faith.

Activity(s) Teaching: Fitness

Years at camp: 7

Certifications: Lifeguard

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NEXT: Michael Brown
Disc Golf and Swimming

Carson Hays

Name: Carson Hays

School: Southern Methodist University

Major: Business Analytics and Management

Intended Occupation: Undecided

GPA: 3.4

Campus Involvement: SMU Club Ultimate Frisbee, Hilltop Scholars Honors Program, CRU Christian Organization

Hometown: Miami, FL

What are you looking forward to about camp: Making camp as fun as it was for me when I was a camper

Activity(s) Teaching: Disc Golf and Swimming

Years at camp: 10th year

Certifications: Lifeguard and CPR/ First Aid

34 43
NEXT: Alex Torres

Michael Brown

Name: Michael Brown

School: Toccoa Falls College

Major: Outdoor Leadership and Education

Intended Occupation: Overseas Missions and Outdoor Leadership

GPA: 3.8

Campus Involvement: Adventure Bound Treasurer (club), Library help desk, HVAC assistant, intramural sports (soccer, ultimate, softball, spikeball, volleyball), service and outreach with equine therapy.

Hometown: I don’t have one, I call Toccoa, GA home

What are you looking forward to about camp: Finally being about to be with kids

Activity(s) Teaching: Backpacking and maybe some paddling

Years at camp: First Year

Certifications: WFR 

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NEXT: Jack Belt

Alex Torres

School: Ave Maria University

Major: Communications

GPA: 3.6

Campus Involvement: Football Team

Hometown: Miami, FL

What are you looking forward to camp? Getting to know the other counselors and interacting with the campers!

Activity Teaching: Fishing, Field Sports

Years at Camp: 1

Certifications: CPR, First Aid, AED

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NEXT: Marco O.

Jack Belt

School: Clemson University

Major: Biology

Intended Occupation: Dentist

Hometown: Florence, SC

What are you looking forward to at camp: Being able to teach campers new skills and show them how to grow and connect with God. 

Activity: Kayaking

Years at camp:11

Certifications: Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid

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NEXT: Zach Lancon

Marco O.

Name: Marco Oyarzo

School: Montreat College

Major: Outdoor Recreation

GPA: 3.2

Intended Occupation: Undecided

Campus Involvement: Soccer team

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Making this place beautiful all year


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Zach Lancon

Name: Zach Lancon

School: Montreat College

Major: Outdoor Recreation

GPA: 3.6

Intended Occupation: Undecided

Hometown: Jackson, MI

What are you looking forward to most about camp: Learning new things and meeting new people

Years at Camp: 2nd year

Certifications: CPR

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